Wednesday 27 February 2013


          One of my daily habits is to read the daily news and update myself with what's happening around me. Consequently doing this daily routine gives me various feelings such as awe, joy, sadness, compassion etc. My sharing with you today dwells on my attention to all children who are greatly affected by the sad plight of poverty. It is a plight which is beyond their control. I am moved with pity and compassion to reflect on this reality in life. 

            Yes indeed I am understanding the sufferings and limitations of these poor children. I am moved with compassion to hear these displaced children's condition. Being in contact with underprivileged children before when I was still a member of  the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, I understand it clearly that they are deprived of enough resources to attain efficient education. There are those who  are deprived of food and shelter thus they stay in a drop in center. Some of them are living on these city streets which at times tend too risky for them. 

         The craving of my heart is to constantly offer compassion to them- bringing them light and hope. I know that there are plenty of people who offer compassion to them like the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Yet it will continue to be my heart's desire that more people will learn to endow compassion to these underprivileged, poor and deprived children. Extension of heart to them could be in any form and some of these are as follows:
  • sponsoring them to school
  • offering prayers for them
  • guiding them the right direction to life through free counselling
  • accompanying and offering them food, school materials, etc
  • many more that you could ever think of.
          Hence may you and me unceasingly involve these children to our daily concern and at the same time, we will extend to them our own way of sharing our compassionate hearts to them.

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Monday 25 February 2013


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How To Keep A Successful Marriage

          One of the most essential relationships that we can ever establish is that of marriage. It's the bonding together of two people in a relationship promising to make the other happy all throughout this union. It constantly remains a source of motivation and admiration when I witness any ceremony like golden wedding anniversary and the like. Awe and wonderment come into my mind merely to realize that these two persons, both husband and wife, have been together in a union for 50 long years.

          Meanwhile it is but true as well that there is the other side of the coin. This is the other aspect which at times, left so many anguished hearts. No one could ever deny the fact that there are many marriages that fail to last long. Confronted by these two conflicting realities, I am therefore asking myself this question, " What then are ingredients to a successful marriage?". And of course, bountiful inspirations come up into our minds.

          Thus I am so inspired to share with you some wonderful insights coming from an author named ELAINE GEORGE on her contribution to the site wherein she made mention of the following as some of the realities of a successful marriage:

By Sharron Goodyear, published on 18 January 2009

" FOR A GOOD RELATIONSHIP * Total commitment from both partners is essential * Marriage is hard work * Difficulties are inevitable and must be dealt with * Conflict is inevitable but healthy, and enables growth to occur, once resolved * It is essential to maintain emotional intimacy even if physical intimacy declines * By changing your behaviour in response to your partner, we heal our partner and ourselves"

Source: Elaine George (

          I suffice it to say that in marriage, it all boils down to the fair contribution of both couple to consistently share positive energy to dance even when there's no background music, when the going gets rough and tough. Indeed marriage is a give and take relationship. Allow me to share with you this quotation I got: Make the Other Happy (from: You're Stronger Now Than On Your Wedding Day by: Judy Serrano)..... this is a primary consideration of any marriage...think of the other partner's happiness more than that of your own. 

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Sunday 24 February 2013

EVeryday is a GIFT

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My Forum Discussing Relationships

I know that basically human beings are dealt into various types of relationships. There are those that involve husband and wife, others may fall into the category brother-sister, while some are into friend to another friends relationship. However the main ingredient among all these relationships is that every person interacts with others. And on these interactions so many varied feelings, reactions, actions and the like are produced. There are relationships that bear fruits of joy and there are those which result to sorrow. Others tend to imprint their treasured relationships in their hearts while some knowingly or unknowingly buried their own on the deepest part of themselves.

Moreover constant exchange of time with others result to a form of relationship that later on becomes a treasure or the other way around. Time therefore becomes an essential element to the building up of relationships. One needs to manifest to the person he/she cares that time is therefore allotted in the midst of the relationship. If there is a void in time, this results to its withering thus everything that has been started is gone. Another essential element to a relationship is space. It refers to the ability of any person to preserve the need of every person to provide a private space so as to retreat and positively look back on the succeeding events in his/her life.

Privacy does play a unique role in any form of relationship. Human beings need to savor the idea of being alone with oneself. Through this, one is given the opportunity to look deeper into one's heart and check what then are the pros and cons on this event in his/her life.

Everyday it is included in each news that certain relationships are wasted... are lost exactly because of some factors like selfishness, distrustful, envy, low self-esteem and many more. On the contrary there are also those which blossom and bear much fruits. Thus the success or failure of any relationship lies on all persons affected and participated on them.

Finally the enormous challenge for every human being is that any established relationship should be nurtured, shared, and keep on its highest place----inside the heart of each one. Let this be a constant reminder for each one that any form of relationship must be kept on a highest degree.

Hence it is my constant desire that every human person becomes a bearer of truth for others by means of direct in touch with his/her relationships.

Come and share your being a gift to others... let us do this by exchanging notes on our various levels of relationships

Article Source:

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Saturday 23 February 2013

Earning Online The Right Way

With today's online marketing trend, I am also encouraged to try my luck on this present popular activity. Since I started writing posts online, I read lots of resources and authors and I am so pleased to have come up with a mentorship by Jomar HIlario.

Jomar has been so supportive in my blogging journey. He has taught me through various links insights and methods on improving my blogging activity. Moreover, he has already shared several resources to me. Indeed through his help, I would say that my way to further learning is consistently a lifelong process. There is such an enormous world to this idea of learning. Just to give everyone a background of who my guide is, here are some information about him. He is one of the Philippines' famous internet marketer and a workshop speaker.

He is also known as a version of Tim Ferris (of 4 hour workweek fame) of the Philippines. This is mainly due to his works on the present trend on internet marketing technologies. He is so generosus enough to share his expertise to assist those who have the passion to earn online. Furthermore, he is a writer for Didache/Gabay Catholic Devotionals as well as on Fish Magazine (Christian Music and Technology). Personally I would express to Jomar my sincerest gratitude for his assistance to me in my own journey towards the world of blogging.

Thus so as to share with you his works, I am inserting here a link to one of his topics. Hope you will also learn many things from him.

Thursday 21 February 2013

Daily Decision Making

Everyday, we find ourselves in situations in which we need to make a decision. Commencing from the moment that we wake up from sleep up to the last waking moment we have on each day, we are already in a decision making state. " What will I wear today?" "Shall I attend the meeting or not?" "Will I go to the concert tonight?" so on and so forth.

In fact, one famous blogger, Jocelyn K. Glei, mentioned in one of her works that " We make hundreds, if not millions, of micro-decisions every day – from what to focus our energy on, to how to respond to an email, to what to eat for lunch. You could easily argue that becoming a better (and swifter) decision-maker would be the fastest route to improving your daily productivity."

Thus, we exercise our capacity to reach any decision, no matter how trivial or significant that could be, in any moment in our life. Some of these conditions could even make a remarkable impact on others' life while some may just affect the person himself/herself. However, I would say that a significant part of decision making is the owning of the consequence of that decision, no matter what will it be. It's either that there could be victory in a particular decision such as when we earn successes when we decide to put up a business or it could be the other way around like when we stumble in our goal to succeed.

To emphasize further, let us not "cry over spilled milk" and may we never put any blame on anybody if a decision outcome comes out negatively. Hence, I would also solicit from anybody any comment or ideas on how you perform any decision making everyday as well as how you face the consequence to whatever decision you have made.

Wednesday 20 February 2013


          Every human being believes how essential money is to his/her life. In fact, there exists a constant tug of war between the pros and cons of money in one's life. Others may say that "money is the source of all evil" while some may proclaim that without money they would not survive.

           Personally I believe that it relies on each one of us to portray the significance of money in life. No one among us could survive without having money in his/her own pocket. We cannot have efficient education if we don't have money to pay for our tuition. Moreover, we can only acquire healthy food on our table if we can purchase them from stores. And by purchasing them means that we are spending money to acquire something.

           I myself would like to spend my money on things which could improve my everyday living. One among this could be by purchasing materials from that can assist me in augmenting my personal development. have bountiful resources to share with you and me like any of the items below:
           Every now and then they also have promotional items to cater to our needs. And by taking into account their years of existence in the business, you and me could claim that indeed satisfaction is one of their foremost considerations on the part of their clients. In my own interest, I would like to purchase from them media materials such as e-books and the like. Convincingly, I can enrich myself most notably with the latest innovations in terms of self development. Through reading materials from Amazon, I am acknowledging the wisdom of gifted individuals (authors) and coupled with their optimism, I am aware that I will also grow into a further accomplished person.

Sunday 17 February 2013

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Promotion of Amazon Products

As Amazon Affiliate, it is with great pleasure that I would stay focus on this post and its succeeding posts my promotion of Amazon products ranging from book, movies, music etc. Hope you can find time to relax and purchase any of these items. Relaxing and recharging activities re invigorate us all to prepare wholly for incoming days and events. Enjoy and be renewed.

Saturday 16 February 2013

My Relationship Marketing Strategy

         Creating a forum is my relationship building strategy. Being a newbie on this endeavor, enthusiasm still engulfed me and makes me think that sooner or later, I will succeed in building up relationships through interactions with my forum participants. Consequently, it was sometime last year that I created one entitled "Convergence of Hearts"  and basically, I subdivided it into various categories which I believe are attractive to my readers like "Husband and Wife Tandem"- a place where both husband and wife are accorded with the chance to express their feelins, joys and pain of being in such a role, "Secret of a Successful Marriage"- sharing positive ingredients in a successful marriage, "A Wife Talks"- an avenue for wives to share their own journey  as a full time wife, career oriented wife etc. The colors and shapes of basic relationships are my main concerns here. Its web address is
          Thus to enable me to market my forum, my own strategy is to allow myself to become a participant in some other forum so as to establish varying relationships with participants. It is by way of exchanging views and soliciting ideas that I strive to attract more contributors to my forum. I firmly believe that whatsoever topic that caters on a relationship is an efficient tool in building my forum market. Through our numerous relationships, the readers can contribute incredibly ideas, opinions, insights and even criticisms to add to its flavor . Everyday we continue to improve our day to day relationship no matter what form does it take.

         Finally it is with enthusiasm that I invite all those readers who come through with this blog to check out my mentioned forum beforehand. May we continue to nourish each other by exchanging our resources and gifts as persons.

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Significance of Dreams in our LIFE

             I once had an opportunity to study dreams and their significance to our lives. There are numerous interpretations by the way from one dream to the other yet at the end, it always goes back to the dreamer himself/herself to check the dream's relevance to his/her present stage. Understanding dreams therefore varies from one perception to another.

           " Interpreting our dreams goes back to ancient times- to around 3000 BC. The Egyptians of that time saw the dream-world as an extension of their reality and sometimes recorded their dreams in hieroglyphics. Dreams were seen as prophetic, as signs of warning and advice. 

          The ancients looked on dreams as messages from God; they considered all dreams to be extremely  significant. Men and women who had vivid dreams were thought to be blessed. 

Many cultures believe that while we are dreaming your soul is wandering. If you are woken up too suddenly your soul may not return. Alarm clocks are feared instruments. "  (from The Dreamer's Dictionary through Pennon Publishing)

          Thus may we all nourish ourselves by knowing the relevance of our dreams to our waking life.

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Friday 15 February 2013


             Life is made up of various chapters. As we move on from one chapter to another, we also encounter different situations that give us either of the two: growth or regression. As we gather experiences day by day, it is also part of the process that we face off with types of problems. Problems come in various forms, some are light while others are stress creating. Others may evolve as distractions while a few can change one's life significantly. On the other hand, we also vary in our own attitude towards problems. Others may think of them as negative while there are those who will take them as spices of life. Just like whatever favorite recipe that you and me would have in our life, this particular food is composed of spices that add flavor to its taste.

            Personally, I firmly believe that the most effective way of facing problems is by positively acknowledging them as spices of life. And as spices, they tend to make our life more colorful. Realistically, I know that it never come that easy especially when someone is confronted with huge problems. However, if considered as spices and overwhelmed, they will result to any of us being molded into a more healthy individual especially in terms of emotional wellbeing. It is also given that no one among us wants to be confronted by any huge problem yet if put into such a situation, treat such a problem as a spice of your life.

Sunday 10 February 2013

Every Day is a GIFT

          Actually, this is the title of my blog. Gift is something that is freely given. And that's exactly the point which I would like to share with everybody else. Consider each day a gift and since this is a  gift, this is best remembered as something that is also pass on to others. We have so much to celebrate each day. 

          Varied experiences, new chapters of our life, ups and downs etc. -----name it and it is there in our everyday life. However, it's a sad reality that many people tend to let each day pass without even thinking of all that transpires that day. We grow as human beings for many reasons and one of them, I believe, is through the daily events in life. 

imagecreditBy Worakit Sirijinda, published on 16 March 2011

          We are formed by them and by those people we constantly interact with. A cousin named Wilmie once said that "....waking up everyday is surely a gift for it gives me the opportunity to see all creations and appreciate them." 

          Yes, it is so true. We only need to see and be present on every event so that we will also learn to appreciate each one of them. Share today's blessings and be blessed. 

Being Grateful

              People come and go in our life. Everyday we meet people everywhere. Some just say hello, others make certain impressions while a few imprint insoluble marks in our hearts and in our minds. Many instances in our life's chapters, certain individuals have extended their hands to us in a gesture of goodness and compassion. They make conscious efforts to hold and assist us to get up when we fall down.  They sometimes over extend themselves up to the extent that they tend to forget their very own needs just to lead us the way.

              Thus in those instances in our life, have we question ourselves if we ever extend our hands to them and say, "Thank you!"...  The act of being grateful is an act of humbling ourselves and acknowledging the good deeds of others in us. It is our humble way of expressing our heartfelt gratitude. Look around us and let us express to those people who have helped us in one way or the other our sincerest "Thank You!".

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Saturday 9 February 2013

Body Health

          As we grow older, we tend to be more prone to certain illnesses since our body's immune system is also starting to be more intolerant to them. We will start to realise that we no longer posses the same enthusiasm and vigour comparing to when we were still in our peak years. Thus I want to share with you this short information below on low food diet. I am doing this with the intention that it can generate help to all readers especially those who are strongly monitoring their day to day health. 

       The moment that we read this short knowledge,  may we also continue to research on information which are directly related to our constant monitoring of our body health. Our health is one of the most precious gifts that we can enjoy on this earth. Hence let us all take care of this gift.

What is a Low Fat Diet?
kerisatina: The basic structure of a low fat diet includes keeping fat intake at about 1/3 of the total daily calories one consumes, this means focusing on foods that are or contain whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This type of diet lends to weight loss and maintenance and the treatment of certain diseases.

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Pay It Forward (Pinoy Forum)

         Pay it Forward (Pinoy Forum)       Welcome to my new blog. As a start, I would like to share with you my forum on any kind of relationship. As I tried to figure out what kind of forum that I would venture into, it came into my mind my own belief and understanding that each one of us is into some kind of relationship everyday in our life. Part of our human journey is all those relationships that we create day in and out. Consequently, I am making this forum for us all to exchange experiences and thoughts on how then could we improve our various human relationships.

        You can find it here significant basic relationships that we treasure in our life. Whatever the form of this relationship is, what counts most at the end is the joy, satisfaction and memories that this brings into our life. Thus, sharing our thoughts on our relationships is a way of learning from each other.

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