Thursday 21 February 2013

Daily Decision Making

Everyday, we find ourselves in situations in which we need to make a decision. Commencing from the moment that we wake up from sleep up to the last waking moment we have on each day, we are already in a decision making state. " What will I wear today?" "Shall I attend the meeting or not?" "Will I go to the concert tonight?" so on and so forth.

In fact, one famous blogger, Jocelyn K. Glei, mentioned in one of her works that " We make hundreds, if not millions, of micro-decisions every day – from what to focus our energy on, to how to respond to an email, to what to eat for lunch. You could easily argue that becoming a better (and swifter) decision-maker would be the fastest route to improving your daily productivity."

Thus, we exercise our capacity to reach any decision, no matter how trivial or significant that could be, in any moment in our life. Some of these conditions could even make a remarkable impact on others' life while some may just affect the person himself/herself. However, I would say that a significant part of decision making is the owning of the consequence of that decision, no matter what will it be. It's either that there could be victory in a particular decision such as when we earn successes when we decide to put up a business or it could be the other way around like when we stumble in our goal to succeed.

To emphasize further, let us not "cry over spilled milk" and may we never put any blame on anybody if a decision outcome comes out negatively. Hence, I would also solicit from anybody any comment or ideas on how you perform any decision making everyday as well as how you face the consequence to whatever decision you have made.

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  1. What is essential is that we take responsibility for every decision that we take in our lives. There's no sense of blaming anybody if something wrong happens on a particular decision since there would always be two parts of it: good and the bad, right or wrong, yin and yang, black and white. Thus, may we all be strong enough to accept the outcome of any decision we take.


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