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Saturday 14 June 2014

My World of Blogging

          Blogging started on the early 90's and since then, it has grown into a very popular activity for anyone. Much have been said about this writing on the net and elsewhere, it continues to evolve into a powerful platform for people to communicate online their thoughts on many matters. 

          If we look at it, we could say that blogging really is not that old in existence yet it has become so popular that even the powerful worlds of advertisements and consumerism are tremendously affected by it.  The rise in popularity started in 1999 especially with the arrival of self hosted blog tools. 

          As such, many users of the online world soon become members of the so-called blogosphere - the world of bloggers. Indeed, it is on this online world wherein bloggers come and share the joy and success of blogging. On the other hand, they tend to give and get support from one another. This kind of world that is devoid of any discrimination, boundaries, exclusivity and the like. And count me in as one of those people who make use of various platforms to express my thoughts. 


            Presently, I maintain a couple of blogs to express my thoughts and inspirations on certain topics and sharings. Enumerated below are examples of them- my sources of communicating my thoughts with you all. 

1. Every Day is a Gift- my blog which focuses on daily inspirations and human interests. On this blog, I share with the readers my thoughts on subjects that touch our daily lives and correspondingly affect our day to day journey;

2. Promoting Strong Future International- my online marketing business. Here, Strong Future International (SFI), being my first and foremost online marketing business since I have other sources as well, is constantly promoted and shared. Methods and updates on this company are displayed and extended to others most notably to those who would also be interested in putting up their own online marketing business;

3. My Life Journey- a blog on my life journey and on other people's lives inspiration. Beforehand, I am aware how my life is interwoven with other people's lives especially to the significant people in my life- my wife and my kiddo, Kurt Kristoff.  Conscious of the influence given by these special people as well as that coming from all others whom I encounter every now and then, I share my thoughts from those bonding moments with them through this blog;

4. Sports Diary- being a highly sports minded person,  I came up with this blog sharing with the readers news and updates on the sporing world. Sports plays a significant impact on people's lives since this field involves lots of facets such as discipline, consistency, moderation etc. to excel in such a way that I am also inspired by all those examples set by these sport characters.

5. Come and Share Our Fun (Jugan Clan)- a blogger who belongs to a big clan originally coming from Cebu Province, it is on this blog that I shared the history, developments, events, accomplishments and others as experienced by the members of our family. It is the intention of the writer to share our family members'  inspirations and hard work not only within the family yet to other readers also.

          Thus, with all those blogs and a couple of which I would still continue to develop, it is with joy and pleasure that I extend my thoughts and aspirations with all those who have encountered and who will be reading them.  A heartfelt gratitude for all my readers and a warm welcome for those who will one day encounter any of my blogs.

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Saturday 24 August 2013


          Nowadays, people are making busy into various trends such as film making, mountain climbing, clothes, diving, and many more. And one of those trends which is popular today is blogging. Blogging actually is like maintaining an online diary. Moreover, there are different purposes why a certain person blogs and these could be for personal, pleasure or business reasons. 
        Blogging is a very interesting avenue for anyone to express all about himself/herself. As such, it is a very effective tool in reaching out to others in a sense that each one is so complex and full of experiences that one's life can be relative from the other. We learn to grow in so many factors and one of them is through interaction among others. 

          One interesting development nowadays is the evolution of the so-called web communication. So wide is this development that the world presently becomes a global village- we are seemed to be very close to one another yet in reality, we can be miles apart from one another. 
          With this perspective, blogging becomes one of those avenues wherein one person freely expresses himself/herself with others both near and far. It is such a great feeling to have our thoughts shared with others thinking that in whatever unique way we communicate with them known or unknown.

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Tuesday 6 August 2013


          If you want to join  a profitable business from the comfort of your homes, the Strong Future International Inc. is the place to be. Thus I am sharing with you my blog on my affiliate marketing business. Just feel free to read my different information shared on this blog.

          Here then is my SFI blog:    Feel free and enjoy reading various resources there on SFI. Here below also is the link to register as a member of SFI Gateway Website.

          Thus be sure to make your spare time a profitable one by spending your time with SFI. Be productive rather than just sitting idly.

Friday 17 May 2013

Are you determined in LIFE?

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” Og Mandino

          For many occasions in life, our dreams have been stifled and tested by distractions, failures, and limitations. Yet our hold on our dreams pave the way for us to recover from them. Further, emerging triumphant over them showers us with some light that everything will be smooth sailing. Consequently, we then become inspired, renewed and determined by those challenging  moments in our life. 

          As my favorite inspirational author said, " Failure will never overtake me if my determination to suceed is strong enough"- Og Mandino. We have known many  life changing as well as success stories and they extend to us a reality that life is such a wonderful gift.  

          What is common among all these names? Guy Laliberte, John Paul DeJoria, Ursula Burns, Howard Schultz, LI Ka-shing, Francois Pinault,  Leonardo Del Vecchio, Kirk Kerkorian, Sheldon Aseldon among others? They are just some of the rags-to-riches stories so familiar in the business world. They all grew up in a similarly difficult and deprived situations yet on the later part of their lives, they succeed in turning their fate into a wealth and put their names on top of those successful people in the world.  

          Presently they join the list of the world's billionaires. Their stories just showed to us that in life,  no matter how deprived a person is yet if he is determined enough then sooner or later, he will also fulfill his dreams. Life's toughest challenges come to us in various forms and to be able to overcome them, we need to be determined and persistent. Indeed, we may falter and fall down a thousand times however what counts the most is our desire to rise up and to try again. 

          On the other hand, I would like to share another favorite quotation of mine, " There's comes a time when our personal calling is so deeply buried in our soul as to be invisible. But know that it's still there"- (Paulo Coelho).   This just shows to us that for those times wherein we seem to lose our goals and sense of direction, what will help us grab a sense of light is our awareness that deep inside of us lies our deepest ideals and aspirations.

          Life is like that of a spinning wheel as what others would claim. During times of self- evaluation, we can then identify those challenging moments however looking it on a positive point of view, it becomes noteworthy to mark those events in our life wherein we learn to embrace life's crosses- those difficult moments that tested our strength and determination in life. 

          Moreover at the end of the day, we may   recall back those trying moments and smile at the way we emerge triumphant over them. Let us all  move forward and turn every challenge that comes our way into an opportunity for growth and self fulfillment. Be determined in life.

Saturday 2 March 2013


          Communication is very essential to me. I would rather say that this world evolves and continue to develop by means of the vast world of communication. Basically, this is true for all may it be for human beings like us, for animals etc, there is such a mysterious world when it comes to communication. 
          Personally, one of my ways to express myself including my thoughts, my beliefs, fears, excitement, and many more is by means of my personal website done specifically through blogging. As i did research on the wide variety of the meanings of a website, I come up with the one below to share with you. 
"Personal web pages are World Wide Web pages created by an individual to contain content of a personal nature rather than on behalf of a company, organization or institution. Personal web pages are often used solely for informative or entertainment purposes.
Also often used interchangeably with the term "personal web page" are the terms; "personal web site," "personal home page," or most commonly just "home page." On technical terms, a site's actual home page (index page) often only contains sparse content with some interesting or catchy introductory material and serves mostly as a pointer or table of contents to the content-rich pages inside, such as résumés, family, hobbies, family genealogy, a blog, opinions, online journals and diaries or other writing, work, sound clips, movies, photos, or other interests.[1] Many personal pages only include information of interest to friends and family of the author."
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Industrial Control
1. ^ "People's Personal Web Sites - People Tell About Themselves" ..."some great personal Web sites" --
          Thus, blogging is my own personal expression of myself. This is my means of establishing relationship with you and others. As such, I devote a part of my everyday schedule to update my blogs. Consequently, this brings me sources of joy, fulfillment, inner peace and bonding when I succeed in coming up with new posts to be shared with all my readers. The desire to be in contact with those whom I know and those who are not yet familiar to me is that intense that spending time therefore with my personal website becomes a positive part of my day. We all have distinctive priorities in life and I would say, mine does include this desire to maintain as well as improve a constant interaction with others through various ways like blogging. 

Friday 1 March 2013


Another informative material regarding STRONG FUTURE INTERNATIONAL (SFI). When you read through this material, you will gain further understanding on the nature of SFI.

The SFI-TC Business Model

Strong Future International (SFI)  has more than 1.5 Million  members and increasing at a rate of 16 thousands per week. Members are earning online by doing real internet business of buying and selling more than 60 thousands products from almost 3,000 vendors from more than 200 countries.

As members, we earn commission from any product we sold outside of SFI and from the purchases of our affiliates. We also earn share from Executive Pool,  plus four other income  streams. Developing all streams of income at SFI can give us lucrative source of monthly income that builds up for years. Personally I look at SFI as my future full time income even in my retirement.

SFI utilizes two websites, and

In is where affiliate marketing is happening. As incentive, the company has put up 40% of its profit as Executive Pool where all qualified members get a share according to his rank and points (called Versa Points or VP). Simply put it, the more VP you earn the bigger share you have from this executive pool.

There are requirements to be able to share from this executive pool and one of those is the 1500 min./2000 max.VP you earned from buying items from Triple Clicks. So everyone who wants to get share from Executive Pool should also buy.

This makes the system  works and sustainable. If you don't have the money to buy you must sell some items from Triple Clicks so that you earn 45% of the commission value  and use part of it for your own strategic purchase. Your best customer of course is your affiliates who also want to have a share in the executive pool.

The second website of SFI is an online store where all members of SFI are also members automatically. This is where who wants to qualify for the executive pool can buy any item he likes. The best thing here is, SFI members can also sell his own products if he has, or products of other members. Even his used things  at home can also be sold at TripleClicks. Non-SFI members can also buy and sell in Triple Clicks by signing up at Triple Clicks website only.

All items in Triple Clicks are priced in three currencies, MRP, TC and in Dollars. You can earn or win MRP and TC within SFI and Triple Clicks, and you can use MRP,TC or Dollars to buy the product you like. 

Each item is also given a Commission Value (CV) in dollars. CV is the profit margin of the item where it is shared by qualified members and SFI comapny.

Each Item is also assigned Versa Points (VP) where members can earn when they buy the items. Members need this VP to qualify him to share in the executive pool.

The owner of the item of course, gets the price tag of the item and member gets 45% of the commission value (CV) of the products he sold, either to his affiliates or across the internet.

There are other exciting things inside these two websites. There are contest, draws where you can win money, TC, MRP and other valuable items as prizes. The are also games inside the Triple Clicks, and the most exciting part is the penny auction called Pricebendes where all members can participate and can buy items up to 99% off of its price.

A member has not to worry if he don't know anything. Once you signed up you can access the training materials and information worth thousands of dollars for you to learn FREE. There is also a forum where you can ask just anything about SFI.  So, the road to success is literally set-up already for anyone who is willing to learn and work towards it.

Thus if you are interested to join SFI, just click on this link:

(Thanks to Ronilo Saguit, my fellow SFI member, for sharing this material through SFI)

Sunday 24 February 2013

My Forum Discussing Relationships

I know that basically human beings are dealt into various types of relationships. There are those that involve husband and wife, others may fall into the category brother-sister, while some are into friend to another friends relationship. However the main ingredient among all these relationships is that every person interacts with others. And on these interactions so many varied feelings, reactions, actions and the like are produced. There are relationships that bear fruits of joy and there are those which result to sorrow. Others tend to imprint their treasured relationships in their hearts while some knowingly or unknowingly buried their own on the deepest part of themselves.

Moreover constant exchange of time with others result to a form of relationship that later on becomes a treasure or the other way around. Time therefore becomes an essential element to the building up of relationships. One needs to manifest to the person he/she cares that time is therefore allotted in the midst of the relationship. If there is a void in time, this results to its withering thus everything that has been started is gone. Another essential element to a relationship is space. It refers to the ability of any person to preserve the need of every person to provide a private space so as to retreat and positively look back on the succeeding events in his/her life.

Privacy does play a unique role in any form of relationship. Human beings need to savor the idea of being alone with oneself. Through this, one is given the opportunity to look deeper into one's heart and check what then are the pros and cons on this event in his/her life.

Everyday it is included in each news that certain relationships are wasted... are lost exactly because of some factors like selfishness, distrustful, envy, low self-esteem and many more. On the contrary there are also those which blossom and bear much fruits. Thus the success or failure of any relationship lies on all persons affected and participated on them.

Finally the enormous challenge for every human being is that any established relationship should be nurtured, shared, and keep on its highest place----inside the heart of each one. Let this be a constant reminder for each one that any form of relationship must be kept on a highest degree.

Hence it is my constant desire that every human person becomes a bearer of truth for others by means of direct in touch with his/her relationships.

Come and share your being a gift to others... let us do this by exchanging notes on our various levels of relationships

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