Sunday 23 February 2014

What The World Needs....

          Thinking on the condition of our world today, I can't help myself but be reflective on what's going on around me. Apparently, there is so much need for mankind to stop for a while from his/her busy life and seriously think about the state of our world. From one to the next then to the rest of the corners of the world, great plea for assistance is urgently heard. Natural and man made calamities (war, famine, hunger, inequality, environmental deterioration etc) abound and on its midst, I came up with this shortlist of things that might make a difference to this greatly treasured world.

- paradigm shift- we need to retreat once in a while so as to have a wider picture to what's going on in our life and the world. Consequently, we will discover things that are productive for us and on the other hand, we might discover things such as values, lifestyle, traits that could have been unhelpful thus it needs us to make a radical shift in our life. We need to change for the better; 

- consistency- in relation to making this paradigm shift, we also need to practice consistency in our life. We can't change for a while and back to our negative thing the next day since that would never produce us long term positive results. Whatever change we adopt in ourselves, we shall practice and live it every single day;

 -determination- such a life journey would never be easy for us. Along the way, trials and challenges in varying degrees will come and go. When they impact our lives, let us all be determined to hurdle them. Yes, it is true that others will journey with us however, we take note as well that others will also have their own crosses to carry. Self- determination therefore will be our most efficient tool in facing squarely these barriers in life;

-genuine love- with this, other positive traits such as honesty, trust etc will come. With true love, we will live each day with joy and contentment. When we endow real love to others, first and foremost with our family, what we will constantly consider is our loved ones' welfare. Such a true statement since when we truly love, we can't afford to hurt our loved ones for in doing so, it's similar to hurting our very own selves. Thus, let us all learn how to love without expecting something in return- without any condition at all.

          Henceforth, these are but a few of what I believe the world needs so as to heal many of its wounds. And I know that you also have your own set of ways to help the world restore its old peace and harmony. Let us all share them for both us and the world's greater glory.


Saturday 15 February 2014

Dreams Big

          The ongoing XXII Winter Olympics showcased to the whole world how heroes are made. Staging various events fo such a world caliber standards is such an amazing feat and for all those who have successfully topped their events, the glory are cherished not just by them but by their wellwishers as well.

          We all know how demanding the training of these athletes of such quality. Being away from their respective homes and families, the sacrifice they offer are so great that just by being able to represent their countries in the prestigious event is so overwhelming.

          As the events continue to unfold day by day, the glory of all those who triumphed in their events were so infectious and great. On the other hand, the agony of defeat was also felt by those who failed to land a decent performance. However in the eyes of everyone, being able to compete and emerge as a real sport in its truest sense is all that matters now. 

          A true champion signifies not just the weight and color of each medal receive but by the virtue also of his/her performance. At the end of the day, a winner will always be a winner yet a loser will still emerge as a winner in the hearts and eyes of  others consequently upon displaying a positive attitude in performance and the right approach to acceptance in defeat.


Friday 7 February 2014

What A Wonderful Blogging Year!

           By February 9 of this year, I will recall the first entry that I had on this blog. After such initial entry, I came up with several posts on various human interests topics. As the days and months passed by, I didn't notice that I will soon, in fact, two days from now, be celebrating one year of blogging.

          As this meaningful event for me arrives, I will express my extreme joy and sincere gratefulness to the following:

- to you readers, for sharing your time in reading my posts. It is my pleasure to impart with you my posts enabling me to share with you my thoughts, inspirations, journey, fears, aspirations, learnings as I continue with my treasured life;

- to my family, my wife Yanyan and my son Kurt Kristoff, for they are the very source of my strength and patience to come up with all those posts and for my coming ones;

-to my fellow bloggers who have helped me in my endeavor as a blogger, for sharing me insights and innovations so as to be more effective in relaying those stories in this blog;

- and finally, to God for enlightening my mind and heart to come up with my posts. Recognizing you, my ever dearest friend, as the sole source of this borrowed life, I returned back to you all this goodness by means of all my posts here. Through them, I believe that I am able to share with others this gift of life that You have entrusted to me.

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