Saturday 9 February 2013

Pay It Forward (Pinoy Forum)

         Pay it Forward (Pinoy Forum)       Welcome to my new blog. As a start, I would like to share with you my forum on any kind of relationship. As I tried to figure out what kind of forum that I would venture into, it came into my mind my own belief and understanding that each one of us is into some kind of relationship everyday in our life. Part of our human journey is all those relationships that we create day in and out. Consequently, I am making this forum for us all to exchange experiences and thoughts on how then could we improve our various human relationships.

        You can find it here significant basic relationships that we treasure in our life. Whatever the form of this relationship is, what counts most at the end is the joy, satisfaction and memories that this brings into our life. Thus, sharing our thoughts on our relationships is a way of learning from each other.

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  1. Our growth as a person relies much on how we invest in our various relationship with others.Some may be just on a cliche level, others may be on a deeper level, and maybe there are those which don't last a day. However no matter how deep or shallow these built relationships yet at the onset, they have contributed much or less to our becoming who we are in the present time. Personally, I value all relationships that I have planted. I know that with them, my being who I am at this time is a by product of all my experiences, joy, pains, thoughts etc. ---everything that is embodied in them. Thus I am so grateful to all those who have contributed to this personal journey.


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