Wednesday 27 February 2013


          One of my daily habits is to read the daily news and update myself with what's happening around me. Consequently doing this daily routine gives me various feelings such as awe, joy, sadness, compassion etc. My sharing with you today dwells on my attention to all children who are greatly affected by the sad plight of poverty. It is a plight which is beyond their control. I am moved with pity and compassion to reflect on this reality in life. 

            Yes indeed I am understanding the sufferings and limitations of these poor children. I am moved with compassion to hear these displaced children's condition. Being in contact with underprivileged children before when I was still a member of  the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, I understand it clearly that they are deprived of enough resources to attain efficient education. There are those who  are deprived of food and shelter thus they stay in a drop in center. Some of them are living on these city streets which at times tend too risky for them. 

         The craving of my heart is to constantly offer compassion to them- bringing them light and hope. I know that there are plenty of people who offer compassion to them like the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Yet it will continue to be my heart's desire that more people will learn to endow compassion to these underprivileged, poor and deprived children. Extension of heart to them could be in any form and some of these are as follows:
  • sponsoring them to school
  • offering prayers for them
  • guiding them the right direction to life through free counselling
  • accompanying and offering them food, school materials, etc
  • many more that you could ever think of.
          Hence may you and me unceasingly involve these children to our daily concern and at the same time, we will extend to them our own way of sharing our compassionate hearts to them.

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