Saturday 21 June 2014

Dream Dreams.....

While on board on somewhat a floating cottage made of bamboo.....floating at the middle of the ocean....alone.....I was lying peacefully on the floor....with just a handful of food selection with me such as bread. salad made of vegetables which I am not really fond of, bottle of water, baked noodles placed on a plastic container, a bag of rice......on a small table beside me lies a diary, and a pendant I stare aimlessly on the blue sky above me, I say to 

                                              imagecredit: Michael Lane for

myself, " How wonderful this world could immense...limitless" .....after a while, I soon realise that I am left alone and at the middle of an ocean....yet deep inside, there is that feeling of serenity, of completeness (though I would never be a complete or should I say a perfect human being...nobody is).....I try to jot down on my diary what I observe on the surroundings....finally, I take a long and steady glance on my pendant with pictures of my two other precious gifts in life: that of my wife Yanyan and my little boy Kurt the day starts to come to an end..soon darkness will arrive......

Till then, I woke up and realised, "I've got a dream..."

         Whew..what indeed a splendid dream that I recently have. Well, all I can say in that dream is that it involves significant things and persons in my awakened life. Of course, it will take  me a long time to share with you the significance and impact of those dream elements. 

          In summing up, I would say that our dreams allow us to befriend further our inner "self" hence we need to listen and be attentive to them. In a single day, it is said that every one experiences not just once, twice, or thrice but multiple dreams yet due to our pre-occupations and priorities, we neglect to spend time to look at them and their impact on our waking life. However, if we start to mind them, we will gradually discover little by little their individual relevance to our life. 

                                     imagecredit:Sarah Klockars-Clauser for

          Just to cite one example with that dream above, the pendant with those pictures of my special possessions means to me as a reminder and a symbolism of their concrete presence in my life. That day by day, they make me more positive and determined in life. And no matter how things become so complicated in certain occasions, nonetheless with their inspirations, I will always be ready and willing to move one step at a time. 

           Accordingly, treasure every dream that comes to you for it reveals an essential part of you- continue therefore to dream dreams.


Monday 16 June 2014

Don't Be Afraid

          While thinking for something to write on, this statement dwelt on me, "Don't be afraid..." and it made me reflect for a while, at another time looked back on my life......tried to think of those times wherein this fear (whatever was it) lived inside of me.

          Yes, everything boils down to one's sense of owning all of him/her including those fears. How about you? Have you asked yourself what are those fears in your life? 

Don't be afraid of failures.....
Don't be afraid of attachments.....
Don't be afraid of becoming a parent....
Don't be afraid of commitments......
Don't be afraid of the unknown....


Don't be afraid of death......
Don't be afraid of fame.....
Don't be afraid of travelling....
Don't be afraid of another day, month, or year.....
Don't be afraid of rejections.....

          At times, our fears disable us and hinder us to unfold further ourselves-all our potentials, our capabilities, our giftedness, our aces.....

         At times, the fear of this feeling of being afraid moves us to resort to denial, suppression, regression etc.. Consequently, we are no longer interested to put one foot forward for what is reigning now in our mind is the fear of falling down.

          Yet this is not what this life is all about. Our life is such a wonderful gift that it deserves to be celebrated with others. This life is so special that genuine attention and extra care should be extended to it. Remove all those fears and exult in jubilation for we are fully alive. Share life and learn to tame any fear that comes along your journey. Don't be afraid. 


Saturday 14 June 2014

My World of Blogging

          Blogging started on the early 90's and since then, it has grown into a very popular activity for anyone. Much have been said about this writing on the net and elsewhere, it continues to evolve into a powerful platform for people to communicate online their thoughts on many matters. 

          If we look at it, we could say that blogging really is not that old in existence yet it has become so popular that even the powerful worlds of advertisements and consumerism are tremendously affected by it.  The rise in popularity started in 1999 especially with the arrival of self hosted blog tools. 

          As such, many users of the online world soon become members of the so-called blogosphere - the world of bloggers. Indeed, it is on this online world wherein bloggers come and share the joy and success of blogging. On the other hand, they tend to give and get support from one another. This kind of world that is devoid of any discrimination, boundaries, exclusivity and the like. And count me in as one of those people who make use of various platforms to express my thoughts. 


            Presently, I maintain a couple of blogs to express my thoughts and inspirations on certain topics and sharings. Enumerated below are examples of them- my sources of communicating my thoughts with you all. 

1. Every Day is a Gift- my blog which focuses on daily inspirations and human interests. On this blog, I share with the readers my thoughts on subjects that touch our daily lives and correspondingly affect our day to day journey;

2. Promoting Strong Future International- my online marketing business. Here, Strong Future International (SFI), being my first and foremost online marketing business since I have other sources as well, is constantly promoted and shared. Methods and updates on this company are displayed and extended to others most notably to those who would also be interested in putting up their own online marketing business;

3. My Life Journey- a blog on my life journey and on other people's lives inspiration. Beforehand, I am aware how my life is interwoven with other people's lives especially to the significant people in my life- my wife and my kiddo, Kurt Kristoff.  Conscious of the influence given by these special people as well as that coming from all others whom I encounter every now and then, I share my thoughts from those bonding moments with them through this blog;

4. Sports Diary- being a highly sports minded person,  I came up with this blog sharing with the readers news and updates on the sporing world. Sports plays a significant impact on people's lives since this field involves lots of facets such as discipline, consistency, moderation etc. to excel in such a way that I am also inspired by all those examples set by these sport characters.

5. Come and Share Our Fun (Jugan Clan)- a blogger who belongs to a big clan originally coming from Cebu Province, it is on this blog that I shared the history, developments, events, accomplishments and others as experienced by the members of our family. It is the intention of the writer to share our family members'  inspirations and hard work not only within the family yet to other readers also.

          Thus, with all those blogs and a couple of which I would still continue to develop, it is with joy and pleasure that I extend my thoughts and aspirations with all those who have encountered and who will be reading them.  A heartfelt gratitude for all my readers and a warm welcome for those who will one day encounter any of my blogs.

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Tuesday 3 June 2014

Goal in Working: Is It Earning or Satisfaction?

          People go to work not only because they want to earn income but somehow, they also seek  job satisfaction. Working the whole day is such a boring thing yet it could be the contrary when somebody treats the workplace as a second home. Henceforth, certain factors must be considered in order to stay long and sustain any whole day at work. A couple of these are the harmonious relationship between workers and employers as well as sufficient salary depending on one's contributions.

        Relationship is a fundamental factor that a workplace must have. Otherwise regardless of how high a salary can an employee is receiving but without the understanding and cooperation of everything, the job then is unfulfilling. There's no one who can be successful on his/her job without the cooperation of everybody. 

imagecredit: Jozh Tuballa

          Being an essential contributor in a company, an employee is entitled to receive enough salary. It is one thing that motivates him/her to work harder and to look forward from the company. In effect, everyone is happy and satisfied since he/she can provide for his/her needs.

co-writer: Myra Jugan


Sunday 1 June 2014

What is your Perception of the World?

 In life so frequently it is our own perspective that causes us pain or pleasure. As we go through life “feeling” the world with our fingers, if our finger is broken, naturally we will experience pain everywhere.
We make the mistake of blaming the external world for our ailments: “My job is over-taxing, my husband is too demanding, my wife nags, my children are disobedient, my in-laws don’t understand me, and so on.” Fr. Bel R. San Luis, SVD
          As I read this article by Fr. San Luis, I tried to recall back those times wherein I became like that of what he mentioned in his example. There were exactly times wherein I unceasingly complained about what was happening around me that I was blinded to see my own contributions to what has happened. Consequently, I joined others who have failed to remedy the situation. Think of the times that you focus your ire, dissatisfaction and upset  on outside factors except yourself.
imagecredit: Alex Vidal
          What is invited from me and you is a so-called paradigm shift- a change and a turn around from the way we perceive both things and  ourselves. That instead of complaining much on external forces and factors, we better check initially within us if what are those things that need to be changed for the better. Shifting gears especially an internal one entails a long process and it requires consistency as well as discipline so as to fully reap positive fruits. 
          One common denominator among us is our perception of the world being a complicated one yet at the end of the day, if we ever change this perspective then most probably, when we wake up the next day, we feel better and further dignified to get ready and to continue one's life journey. 
          Thus, let us allow ourselves to undergo self-transformation for the betterment of our future and for us to have a solid grasp yet joyful relationship with everything around us. Peace within will also eventually lead us into a tranquil world so worthy to live in.


Are You Ready for This New Month?

          June 2014- welcome to this new month and the last month for the first half of the year. Have you realised how quick those first five months go? What were the memorable events that have come into your life since we started this year? Have you done one extra ordinary thing to a neighbour or a friend or maybe even to a stranger? Or have you made one person's life miserable for those past months? 

imagecredit:hyena reality, published on 11 February 2014
Stock Image - image ID: 100235636
          Looking back and trying to re- assess our past activities is somehow one positive thing to practice since it gives us a right perspective on what particular way we should be trekking in life. At times, due to our hectic schedules, we tend to neglect in minding our daily actions and even our dealings with our loved ones. Quality time is one of those things which is very instrumental in promoting our relationship with them and with others. 

          Thus, as we begin this new month, can we ask ourselves, "Are we ready to engage in activities that are worth remembering and life promoting?" As often as we are, we consistently make priorities everyday. Aside from these priorities, we also constantly involve ourselves in a decision making activity. With all of these matters being noticed, we can expect a more favourable interactions with other people, both known and unknown to us. Apart from that, it is also wonderful if we learn to express gratefulness for each day's blessings.  

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