Friday 2 June 2023

Life is Too Short

A Reflection:

     Life is indeed too short. I have been hearing and reading stories about life being too short. I have heard of somebody who has been diagnosed with a stage four cancer at such a young age......or that of a friend who is just on his thirties yet already suffering from a life threatening condition......or those cases we heard when Covid hit us so deep and hard where numbers of people were killed as a result of acquiring the dreaded disease.
    Personally I just had my own experience on how fragile life is. Though mine is one not as such a life threatening one yet with my present state, I still was able to reflect how vulnerable life is it. While at work last Tuesday afternoon, I began to feel pain on the lower part of my left leg. I finished work then went home and rested for the night. The next day, while at work, the pain on same spot was beginning to cause me uneasy and uncomfortable hence I decided to go home. The following day, I had check up with my doctor and he mentioned something about condition on my muscles plus some medical terms which for me are hard to digest. 


     Anyway, as I write this post, I am in medications and still experiencing the pain ( though not as intense anymore as of that Wednesday). My condition leads me to reflect how unpredictable life could be. We might be so healthy and strong today but the next day we don't exactly know how life would be for us. Thus, it is so notable for us to spend life to its fullest. We need to take care of ourselves ( I often heard this from a mate at work) and this is so true. We need to keep a constant positive checklist of our  body. Yet reality would tell us that somehow, out of our busyness, we tend to neglect and listen to our body. It's only when we are in a situation that the body tends to complain already through a sickness or any feeling of discomfort that we realise how fragile life is.  

     Being good to our body is a sacred obligation for us and it is done not just for our sake but also for those special people in our life- our family and for all people who loved us.  As I would always remind myself and others, when we hurt or experience pain in ourselves, directly or indirectly, our loved ones also feel the same. So let us constantly be good to our bodies. Be happy and always spread the positive vibes ( avoid any negative indeed).  

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