Saturday 16 February 2013

My Relationship Marketing Strategy

         Creating a forum is my relationship building strategy. Being a newbie on this endeavor, enthusiasm still engulfed me and makes me think that sooner or later, I will succeed in building up relationships through interactions with my forum participants. Consequently, it was sometime last year that I created one entitled "Convergence of Hearts"  and basically, I subdivided it into various categories which I believe are attractive to my readers like "Husband and Wife Tandem"- a place where both husband and wife are accorded with the chance to express their feelins, joys and pain of being in such a role, "Secret of a Successful Marriage"- sharing positive ingredients in a successful marriage, "A Wife Talks"- an avenue for wives to share their own journey  as a full time wife, career oriented wife etc. The colors and shapes of basic relationships are my main concerns here. Its web address is
          Thus to enable me to market my forum, my own strategy is to allow myself to become a participant in some other forum so as to establish varying relationships with participants. It is by way of exchanging views and soliciting ideas that I strive to attract more contributors to my forum. I firmly believe that whatsoever topic that caters on a relationship is an efficient tool in building my forum market. Through our numerous relationships, the readers can contribute incredibly ideas, opinions, insights and even criticisms to add to its flavor . Everyday we continue to improve our day to day relationship no matter what form does it take.

         Finally it is with enthusiasm that I invite all those readers who come through with this blog to check out my mentioned forum beforehand. May we continue to nourish each other by exchanging our resources and gifts as persons.

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