Saturday 27 December 2014

What is More Essential to Growing Children?: Modern Technology or Engaging on Outside Games

          The fast pace of technology nowadays changes the lifestyle of most youth. They tend to become more dependent on computers and other electronic entertainments. However, others argued that they should also spend more time playing outside sports and games rather than just spending their time on these latest technologies that we have. 


Siggy Nowak from Ormeau Near Brisbane, Australia

          The children need to grow in a positive way on their physical, social and other aspects. It is through engaging on physical activities such as playing basketball, football, tennis, and other sports activities that their bodies become more actively working as well as strong, athletic and healthy. FurthermoreI, it will also develop their social relationship towards other youth and eventually is essential as they are interacting with real human beings rather than just with virtual forms of entertainment. 

           Most common causes of disease for children today is obesity and from the research done by scientists, it was found out that these children are mostly engaged in sedentary lifestyle. They just spend their time playing video and computer games all day long.  Thus becoming active in sports will result them to balance their lifestyle. 

Contributing Writer: Myra Flor Jugan

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