Sunday 5 February 2023

Treasured Life's Every Moment

     While enjoying the start of this Sunday with a delicious coffee prepared by my beloved, it dawned on me to go back into writing since it has been a while that I did not have the luxury of the time to write something about life.  Hence I'm back now into one of my favourite past time which is blogging. And my inspiration for this day's writing is the idea of treasuring every moment of our life.

     For the past three years, life has been so challenging for all of us predominantly due to the pandemic (the Coronavirus event) and as a result, heaps among us resort to being pessimistic about life. There are those who tend to withdraw from it instead of facing it fair and square. We all have our individual reasons on our stance against the pandemic. Personally, what I am constantly practicing within myself is to savour every moment of my life. 


     I believe that each day, life has so much positive to give to me and it is always a blessing to be able to wake up each day in the presence of my loved ones- my beloved wife and our son. Just similar to others, I had my own share of this Covid thing and it was difficult for me and my wife since we were struck almost at the same time yet with our faith in God and with taking care of ourselves, we were cured from the Covid virus.  

     Life is so full of surprises yet with determination and positive outlook, I believe then that everything will be placed on its proper place. We have to. move on from any defeat whatsoever it is and we instead will focus on the sweet side of life--- could be given to us by others like loved ones, family, friends, even strangers and most of all, by our own affirmative attitude towards it. 

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