Sunday 10 February 2013

Being Grateful

              People come and go in our life. Everyday we meet people everywhere. Some just say hello, others make certain impressions while a few imprint insoluble marks in our hearts and in our minds. Many instances in our life's chapters, certain individuals have extended their hands to us in a gesture of goodness and compassion. They make conscious efforts to hold and assist us to get up when we fall down.  They sometimes over extend themselves up to the extent that they tend to forget their very own needs just to lead us the way.

              Thus in those instances in our life, have we question ourselves if we ever extend our hands to them and say, "Thank you!"...  The act of being grateful is an act of humbling ourselves and acknowledging the good deeds of others in us. It is our humble way of expressing our heartfelt gratitude. Look around us and let us express to those people who have helped us in one way or the other our sincerest "Thank You!".

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