Friday 25 April 2014

Have You Been Deceived in Your Whole Life?

          One time, while I was reading the newspaper, I got a chance to scan about a story of a woman who pretended to be a disable person for such a long period of time so as to receive assistance from the government. As I discovered more details about her story, I later found out that she was so used to such situation that she survived years being in her modus. 

          Until one time that she came into a personal altercation with her neighbor. Consequently, this neighbor was so furious with her that she started to make a discreet spying on her everyday activities till she found out about her activity- that she received allowance for being a disable person when in fact, in reality she is very much fit and is able to apply for any job. 

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          Driven by her desire to get even with her neighbor, she recorded some of her activities and then the truth came out. In life, there comes a point wherein one makes a white lie so as to preserve a situation. However, making false accusations and claims to gain something in return is an irresponsible act and it denies the development of a true relationship with another person.

          For sure, one's inner person includes a sense of compassion and it only takes one's humility to realize that he/she needs another person to help him/her in that lonely or discouraging situation. Remember then why we are created unique from one another? One of those reasons is for us to realize that we need each other and that we don't need to deceive and exploit the other. The challenge therefore for you and me is how to be a positive contributor to the growth of the other person. Hence, we need to promote more compassion rather than exploitation.  


Sunday 13 April 2014

Down But Not Out

         In life, many events either make or break us. And I heard and listened to so many stories of friends, relatives and more about their struggles, trials, crosses, difficulties whatever you may term them. However, what is so enlightening among these experiences is the seemingly positive spirit that many of them were showing in the midst of those encounters.

          A friend of mine shared with me that he felt terribly wrong and lost in life....felt so betrayed and despised. Losing his partner whom he has loved and given all was for him the most painful experience he ever had. All his savings were gone....his everything even his meaning of life. What was most painful excruciating one...was the realization that the trust that he invested for those years was not returned back.

          Then he told me that he now finds it difficult to trust anymore any girl. What was done to him made him a bitter person. All throughout those years, I have known this friend and I have emphatized with him during that challenging time of his life. All I said to him was "learn to forgive the person and forget the past".....however knowingly, I know that if I am on his shoes, doing that is not an easy thing to fulfill. Since as we wake up everyday, there would always be times, situations, persons and others that will remind us of the pain.

          Hearing and recalling back this story, you can pick up various areas for growth like not giving up, learning to forgive and forget, moving on and many more. However, allow me to just focus on this element of acknowledging first the pain within us so that we will be able to move on from a painful experience.

          That's exactly the words that I shared with my friend. I told him learn to own your pain and don't ever put then bury it on the deepest part of your self since in so doing, it will stay there for a while maybe for months and years however, somehow a time will come that it will re- occur in a form of a negative behavior like you being terribly irritable or impatient with others and with oneself. Thus it is as if you unconsciously building a volcano inside of you then without your knowledge again, allowing it to erupt causing much havoc to others and to yourself. 

          Hence, first stage of self- healing will be the owning of the experience and of the pain. Allowing yourself to own that this experience has become a part of you furthermore realizing that this is not yet the end of everything for you. Moreover, what you all need is to hang on to life and move on. 

          P.S. Lately, I heard again from that friend and he expressed his gratitude to me for all those positive words I shared with him. At the moment, he is now happy moving on with his life with another girl. Congrats bro.....keep up the spirit...


Sunday 6 April 2014

Cherishing Wonderful Memories

       Memories allow us to re- live and look back all those past events in our life. Some tend just to occupy a skin- deep level of our consciousness that we easily forget and leave them behind. While others seem to linger the more in our minds and allow us to positively harbor every minute of the experience. 

          Every moment then becomes an important  chapter in our individual book of life. As I rekindle each chance of communicating with our little boy miles away from us, I can't help myself but recall to mind as well my childhood memories. Though I could hardly remember some events that I had exactly when I was in my boy's present stage, however, the feeling of being loved and given importance by my own parents continued to stay in my awakened state.

          On the other hand, when we transfered to another house recently, it allowed me to temporarily end that particular chapter of my book of life in that previous place then commence a new and fresh chapter in this new neighborhood. I say temporarily end since I know that on any event, I just can proceed that recently concluded chapter of my journey. Thus I am grateful to all those people who have accompanied me, my wife Yanyan and our most treasured gift, Kurt Kristoff, in that place. To name names, thanks a lot Charlie, Linda, Titing, Pepay, Dundee, Michelle, Jojo, their two lovely daughters, Dina, John, Gabriel, Santos and some other unmentioned names yet they similarly are merited with the same gratefulness.

          This book of life called life journey is such a wonderful one and it is made to evolve into a more meaningful event when we meet and cross paths with remarkable people as mentioned beforehand. Thank you guys and see you one of these days.


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