Sunday 24 April 2022

Share Your Blessings

     We all have our own considered essentials in life. And one common element among these is money. Count me in as one of those who believed money as important element to our day to day existence. 

     But what will happen if ever I possess heaps of money in the world? I can count plenty of things to happen and I want to share with you three of them:

1. Providing for my family's needs- at this stage of my life, my top priority is the welfare and bright future of my family hence I am constantly enthusiastic to go to my workplace to earn money to provide for their needs. Moreover if I have heaps of extra money with me then I will make it sure that not only their present needs that are provided but also the security of their future. One way of doing this is by saving a big chunk to prepare for the coming years. 

2. Sharing with others- if I have lots of extra money then one possible thing that I can do in my lifetime is sharing them with others especially those who are devoid of the chance to provide for themselves. Personally I believe money is but a temporal thing and what is precious is the positive things that it can provide such as food, clothing, education and shelter. My heart is pierced with pain whenever I see unprivileged members of our society most notably children and old people. 
Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay 

3. Travel to other places both in and out of Australia- travel for me is a means to understand the culture and uniqueness of other places and countries. Me and my wife Yanyan love to travel and if the situation will allow us, it is our earnest desire to spend time travelling both interstate and abroad.  Travel could be a tiresome activity yet for me, I believe that its positive fruits outweigh the negative ones. If I own heaps of money then I would love to explore those lovely destinations such as Europe and Asia.

Hence those are just examples of what will I do if I have heaps of extra money in my possession. What about you, how will you spend your money if ever you are gifted with heaps of extra financial abundance?


Friday 15 April 2022

The Fear of the Unknown

  Today marks another milestone in me and my beloved's life since she had her medical procedure in one of the hospitals here in Melbourne, Australia. Thus this day has become a waiting day for me- anxiously waiting as her ordeal goes on. 

     We started the day by bringing her to the hospital. So I drove her very early since the procedure was scheduled in the morning. Upon arriving at the hospital, me and  our son said and kissed her goodbye as well as good luck for her surgery. While I was driving home and on most part of the morning, I had that feeling of fear of the unknown. Being far away from her and unable to witness her proceedings, I was without hint at all how everything goes by. Of course, I trusted fully the capability of her surgeons yet as human as I am, I could not deny the fact that I also had that negative feeling like helplessness for I don't exactly know what will happen on her journey today.

Image by Brigitte JAUFFRINEAU from Pixabay 

     In the midst of such feeling of anxiety, what comforted me is the thought that there is God who is willing to embrace me in such a state. Moreover, I was also aware that our loved ones including friends are joining us in prayers to give my wife a positive surgery today. Anyway, I didn't wait that long for maybe at 10 am, I was able to speak to one of the hospital's staff and she shared with me the GOOD NEWS that my wife's surgery was successful (plus the bonus point of her ovary being saved). 

     Indeed, it is challenging to be in a situation wherein one doesn't know exactly what will happen and consequently, this will result to an awkward or negative feeling such as fear of the unknown. However, we only need to remember to put our whole trust in God and on people in charge of any procedure or whatever. What counts most is the awareness of such feeling and trying to dialogue with the self that everything will be alright. 

Saturday 9 April 2022

The Ultimate Goal of Life

     As human beings, we may vary from our considered ultimate goal in life. One may say wealth is his ultimate goal while another individual would claim its his family. Others would pinpoint achievement as the decisive end of life. Somehow, for today's sharing, I would say happiness is the ultimate goal in life. We all strive to perfection so as to attain eternal happiness now and in the coming days. 

     Since we wake up each single day up to the time that we go to bed, all our actions are geared towards making ourselves happy. When one is devoid of any sense of happiness, life then becomes so boring and not worth living for. And it gives me heaps of inspiration to witness people around me who are seemingly deprived of life's abundance yet in the midst of that limitation, no one somehow could take away from them their being happy and determined in life. 

Image by kinkate from Pixabay 

     Personally I would consider my family as my source of daily happiness. Seeing my significant others in good health and in their sense of life direction, it becomes  my determinant of joy. On the other hand, if I witness any of them in pain or in agony then that also breaks my heart and it makes me so sad to feel such similar amount of negative emotion. Putting myself on the shoes of the other person-- that is constantly my motivation in my daily undertakings. And it is always my prayer to God to make me an instrument of happiness for my family and for others. 


Sunday 3 April 2022

The Joy of a Father

     Being a father to a 10 year old boy, it is always a source of joy for me to watch every single day the journey of my beloved. I know from the very start how crucial my role as a parent to him and this task is one of the most important roles I need to perform each day.

     As I recall back the moment that my boy was born until this day, how I stand in awe to realise my being so blessed (and of course to his mother as well) to have him in our life. I have heard heaps of stories from friends and also from reading everywhere, both offline and online, about kids growing up  and I know, the role of a parent is not an easy one. 

Image by kinkate from Pixabay 

     While I journey with my kid these days, I notice how he has changed in so many ways. Too many to mention yet I would single out his ability to grow in self confidence as one of his surprises to us parents. Recently he run for the role of captainship for their class and in spite of his being not able to attain it yet to me and to his mom, we acknowledged his efforts and confidence to aim for the role.

     Thus, I would say that we, as parents, should always stress it to ourselves to endow time every day in accompanying our children in their journey. By allowing this to happen, we are giving assurance to them that they can rely on us whatever will be their journey's outcome- to laugh and celebrate on their successes yet to comfort them when storms of life hit them. 

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