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Saturday 21 June 2014

Dream Dreams.....

While on board on somewhat a floating cottage made of bamboo.....floating at the middle of the ocean....alone.....I was lying peacefully on the floor....with just a handful of food selection with me such as bread. salad made of vegetables which I am not really fond of, bottle of water, baked noodles placed on a plastic container, a bag of rice......on a small table beside me lies a diary, and a pendant I stare aimlessly on the blue sky above me, I say to 

                                              imagecredit: Michael Lane for

myself, " How wonderful this world could immense...limitless" .....after a while, I soon realise that I am left alone and at the middle of an ocean....yet deep inside, there is that feeling of serenity, of completeness (though I would never be a complete or should I say a perfect human being...nobody is).....I try to jot down on my diary what I observe on the surroundings....finally, I take a long and steady glance on my pendant with pictures of my two other precious gifts in life: that of my wife Yanyan and my little boy Kurt the day starts to come to an end..soon darkness will arrive......

Till then, I woke up and realised, "I've got a dream..."

         Whew..what indeed a splendid dream that I recently have. Well, all I can say in that dream is that it involves significant things and persons in my awakened life. Of course, it will take  me a long time to share with you the significance and impact of those dream elements. 

          In summing up, I would say that our dreams allow us to befriend further our inner "self" hence we need to listen and be attentive to them. In a single day, it is said that every one experiences not just once, twice, or thrice but multiple dreams yet due to our pre-occupations and priorities, we neglect to spend time to look at them and their impact on our waking life. However, if we start to mind them, we will gradually discover little by little their individual relevance to our life. 

                                     imagecredit:Sarah Klockars-Clauser for

          Just to cite one example with that dream above, the pendant with those pictures of my special possessions means to me as a reminder and a symbolism of their concrete presence in my life. That day by day, they make me more positive and determined in life. And no matter how things become so complicated in certain occasions, nonetheless with their inspirations, I will always be ready and willing to move one step at a time. 

           Accordingly, treasure every dream that comes to you for it reveals an essential part of you- continue therefore to dream dreams.


Friday 19 April 2013

Every single second counts......

          Just to remind myself as well as others the value of life. First that it is a sacred gift from God and that it is ought to be shared with others. I have that responsibility---in fact-- a very serious one --to take care of my own self. I need not to create complicated ways to do it yet just by takin ggood care of this everyday makes it a very loving way of reciprocating this gift. 

          However, there are many factors in which I can begin with like taking care of my physical aspect and many more (emotional, spiritual, social etc.). There are so many do's and don'ts in my everyday living. Nevertheless, there could be times wherein I would fail in this daily undertaking. Yet at the end of the day, let this be a part of my daily perspective--to look back on all of my daily events and to express gratitude for all the good things I receive during the day and to feel sorry for all my wrongdoings. I may sound egoistic yet that is how the reality looks to me. 

          This is a primary duty to take care of my self growth. On the other hand, I also have that big responsibility to share this gift of life to others especially those who are deared to me. I need other people as well as others need me. That is the beauty of life---that I am able to realize that I am made unique from others so that I will come to know that there is a mutual need for each other. Others may not like me however I will focus on those who will assist me to grow deeper on myself. There is always be beauty in sharing myself with others. Hence, I will always strive for perpection as I am tasked to be and I will always extend this very self with others. There is no appropriate word also to describe when I feel the warmth of other people's care and love for me. 

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Friday 29 March 2013


          Many interpretations are discovered in any dream that we have. And in a day, we could have multiple dreams with varied characters and themes. Sometimes we dream out of fatigue, out of frustrations, out of joy or sadness and at times, dreams just get in the way out of our imaginations and control. Furthermore if we are able to learn how to befriend our dreams, then consequently we can digest multiple interesting realizations and meanings from them. Even those buried emotions are freed through our dreams since when in our waking life, we tend to set them aside and forget them. 

          However, when we go to sleep and have our dreams, these forgotten negative emotions have their way back to our waking life. Thus, no matter how we ignore them in our life yet they also have their own way of letting themselves go and one of those ways is through our dreams. 

          Here's one of the techniques in interpreting our dreams:

1. Try to recall everything in your dream.
2. Take note of all its details like persons, things, emotions (both bad and good), time etc.
3. Of all these details in your dream, focus your interest and energy on any one of them that is most striking to you now.
4. With this chosen one (for example a person), write down all significant things related to this in the dream.
5. Pertinent details will include facial expression, clothing worn in the dream, feeling emoted, variations of emotions, tone of voice so on and so forth.
6. After identifying them, check within yourself and assess their presence in your present life.
7. To do this, try to ask yourself questions such as:
           a) How could I be similar to this person in my waking life?
           b) When am I behaving like him/her in my life?
           c) Where could I identify such character in my self?
           d) Who are my dream partners?
8. When you are able to pinpoint answers to questions above, now try to identify this dream character in your life.
9. When you discover it, then you enable yourself to get hold one of its meanings.

          Just constantly remember to prepare a pen and a paper when you go to sleep. And it is very essential as well that upon waking up, write down everything that you can bring back to mind about your dream. Afterwards, go to the process of interpreting it as I enumerated above. Enjoy dreaming and learning beautiful things from your dreams. 

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Saturday 16 February 2013

Significance of Dreams in our LIFE

             I once had an opportunity to study dreams and their significance to our lives. There are numerous interpretations by the way from one dream to the other yet at the end, it always goes back to the dreamer himself/herself to check the dream's relevance to his/her present stage. Understanding dreams therefore varies from one perception to another.

           " Interpreting our dreams goes back to ancient times- to around 3000 BC. The Egyptians of that time saw the dream-world as an extension of their reality and sometimes recorded their dreams in hieroglyphics. Dreams were seen as prophetic, as signs of warning and advice. 

          The ancients looked on dreams as messages from God; they considered all dreams to be extremely  significant. Men and women who had vivid dreams were thought to be blessed. 

Many cultures believe that while we are dreaming your soul is wandering. If you are woken up too suddenly your soul may not return. Alarm clocks are feared instruments. "  (from The Dreamer's Dictionary through Pennon Publishing)

          Thus may we all nourish ourselves by knowing the relevance of our dreams to our waking life.

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