Monday 25 February 2013

How To Keep A Successful Marriage

          One of the most essential relationships that we can ever establish is that of marriage. It's the bonding together of two people in a relationship promising to make the other happy all throughout this union. It constantly remains a source of motivation and admiration when I witness any ceremony like golden wedding anniversary and the like. Awe and wonderment come into my mind merely to realize that these two persons, both husband and wife, have been together in a union for 50 long years.

          Meanwhile it is but true as well that there is the other side of the coin. This is the other aspect which at times, left so many anguished hearts. No one could ever deny the fact that there are many marriages that fail to last long. Confronted by these two conflicting realities, I am therefore asking myself this question, " What then are ingredients to a successful marriage?". And of course, bountiful inspirations come up into our minds.

          Thus I am so inspired to share with you some wonderful insights coming from an author named ELAINE GEORGE on her contribution to the site wherein she made mention of the following as some of the realities of a successful marriage:

By Sharron Goodyear, published on 18 January 2009

" FOR A GOOD RELATIONSHIP * Total commitment from both partners is essential * Marriage is hard work * Difficulties are inevitable and must be dealt with * Conflict is inevitable but healthy, and enables growth to occur, once resolved * It is essential to maintain emotional intimacy even if physical intimacy declines * By changing your behaviour in response to your partner, we heal our partner and ourselves"

Source: Elaine George (

          I suffice it to say that in marriage, it all boils down to the fair contribution of both couple to consistently share positive energy to dance even when there's no background music, when the going gets rough and tough. Indeed marriage is a give and take relationship. Allow me to share with you this quotation I got: Make the Other Happy (from: You're Stronger Now Than On Your Wedding Day by: Judy Serrano)..... this is a primary consideration of any marriage...think of the other partner's happiness more than that of your own. 

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  1. LOVE, I believe, is the most essential ingredient in any marriage. Remember that it is a life long commitment. It's no joke to enter into this kind of relationship. However if true love then exists between the two parties joined together in marriage, I reckon that no matter how difficult the road would be yet with LOVE between the two of them, adversities will become pathways to a more lasting relationship.

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    1. I am happy for you Anastasia....just continue to share your love with your special someone.....

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