Saturday 17 July 2021

The New Normal AMidst The Present Day Pandemic

     Whew...... how time flies and I just didn't realise that it has been a long time since I published my last writing here. However it is but with sadness that pandemic is still very much present in our society today. As a result we have the so called "new normal" nowadays and most significant among the list is the trend nowadays to work from home and also the remote learning of our kids. 

     If one needs to become relevant there is that challenge to learn how to cope with today's reality that we have. No one among us ever have that idea when will this pandemic ends but the concreteness of surviving each single day is present in the here and now moment.

     This trend of the so called new normal is not easy though personally I see them both on the positive and the negative sides of the matter. Like for example at work, there could be limitations that working remotely will bring and also that many are not appropriately designed to work remotely so they become part of the less privileged to discontinue working amidst this pandemic. 


     Meanwhile one of the positive elements would be the opportunity of the business. owners to save especially in the physical on its physical component. Indeed it directs to a greater chance to save like electricity and others in which if you total them all will also contribute to their huge savings.

     Thus I would say that this pandemic's challenges are tough but we also have to make ourselves relevant so as to proceed with the cadence of the times. 

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