Wednesday 18 August 2021

Is It Good if Both Parents are Working?

    Before, it was typical for a family that the father is the one that works while the mother takes care of the kids and at the same time managing the house. But with the present set up that we have especially here in Australia and maybe in other countries, it is a common sight to have both working parents.  These two contrasting realities have their positive and negative effects. 

    One may perhaps think that the kids with both working parents naturally receive the material benefits. As such, the parents can afford to buy anything luxurious like toys, modern gadgets, and can even send the children to exclusive and popular institutions.  Moreover,  proponents of this view argues that due to the family's extra wealth, it will enable them to go overseas for holidays. 

imagecredit: Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

    On the other hand, one of the possible negative results when both parents are working  is the deprivation of guidance and moral support to the growing children. On certain situations like fulfilling school assignments, extra curricular activities and examinations, the children will direly need the after school support of the parents. Consequently, the children would not excellently perform at school and what is worst is when they get involved with friends of bad influence. This type of friends endow no good outcome except trouble especially when they  get involved with illegal drugs, excessive drinking and the like. 

    A friend of mine in high school had parents who were both working. Yes it was true that they indeed provided her all her needs. Yet she grew up in such a situation that she badly missed her parents' support on time of assignment making, accomplishing school projects and many other endeavours. Being on this reality, she felt envious with her peers who did perform well in school most notably due to their parents' support. Apparently most of them emerged as top of their class while she was not. Consequently she lost her self confidence, became inferior in the class and aimless in. life. 

    Thus if today's trend of having both working parents will continue, I personally believe that one thing that should be given value and utmost important is the constant giving of all out support to the kids towards their growth and development. The parents' positive role modelling plays a significant part in the children's life. 

Guest writer: Myra Jugan- my beloved wife
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