Saturday 7 February 2015

Generosity Shared

          When disasters strike a place, a community or a nation, I can't help myself but be filled with mixed emotions as I recall how the victims and their families suffer the consequences of such events. I could feel the relief and joy of my heart upon realising how generous hearts extend their resources to those helpless victims.

          In such tragedies such as typhoon, storms, fire, bushfire etc, such huge losses to life and properties are ever extended and befall to the victims. Consequently, I could feel the pain, hunger, meaningless, hopelessness in the faces of these people. 

          On the other hand, what then becomes consoling is when people of all races, status, denominations and colours join hands together to uplift the plight of the victims. And as the days go by, I am hoping that more people with kind and generous hearts will continue to aid the victims so as to make lighter their plights. 

          After all, we all know that inside yourself and my heart lies the goodness as well as kindness so that we can always think and bear in mind the future and harmony of these innocent people. 

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