Tuesday 14 May 2024

How Do You Face Personal Adversity in Life?

          Amidst the challenging times that we are facing nowadays (I mean it is a universal thing presently that mankind is facing such a tested phase with all these negative situations like inflations, low wages, high cost of living, poverty, housing crisis, conflicts and war in places etc. it is but natural for us to panic and be uneasy in the midst of all these hindrances. 

          And how about you, how do you engage and immerse yourself in the middle of this chaotic situation? Personally I would say that there are elements that we should all possess so that we can overcome this test. And these are the spirit of being resilient, extending our support system and self care. 

Imagecredit: 🌸♡💙♡🌸 Julita 🌸♡💙♡🌸 from Pixabay

          First, resilience will allow us to bounce back from adversities. No matter how difficult the situation is, we should stay calm and never to allow our emotions to take over our heart and head. If we are able to do it, our self confidence will be boosted. In addition, this is essential for us to be able to maintain our mental health. Here in Australia, heaps of cases of people with depression exist since it goes by with the difficult times that we have now.  Of course, I know of some people also who were strong enough to get up in the experience of depression. At the end of the day, it boils down on how a person behave in the face of a difficult situation. 

          Second, extending our support system is very crucial for I constantly believe that we are born to help each other. No one among us could ever survive in such a complicated world just by him alone. We should always acknowledge the presence of others especially those significant people in our life. It is always a give and take situation. Can you feel the security when you think that you are not alone in this life journey? Thus it is beneficial to establish and strengthen our relationships with others. 

          Finally, overcoming today's situation can also be made possible by taking care of ourselves. Self care is very important for it is said that we can only be able to help others if initially, we are healed and in contact of our own reality and dynamics. We will only be capable of extending love to others if on the first place, we are convinced that we are also loved by others. Remember always, learn to go easy with yourself then everything will be on its proper place. 


Wednesday 31 January 2024

My Son's First Day in High School

          Yesterday marked another milestone for me and my son since he started his first day in High School on that day. Me and my wife were both excited and nervous as well since it was his first time to ride the public transport by himself. What made us a little bit relax though was by reminding our son to make sure that everything is prepared the night before. This included his school supplies, bag, and uniforms. 

          Knowing that it will be his first time to ride the bus by himself, we tried to orient him where then is the route of the bus and also its point of stop. Thus the day of reckoning came in yesterday as he had his first day in school. We were excited waiting for him in the afternoon. And when he came in, we eagerly asked him how then was the day for him. 

Image by Thomas G. from Pixabay

          As parents, we were also monitoring the school's update through their website and indeed, we were so elated to read those news coming from the school's staff especially from the principal letting us know the developments/ updates for all students' first day in school. At the end of the day, I was telling myself that I need to give patience for my son in his period of transition. 

Saturday 11 November 2023

How to Be a Positive Member of a Community.

         Here in Australia, I am proud to share that I and my family are members of Cloverton Estate in the Northside of Melbourne. And it is always my dream of living in a community that is such a vibrant, fun and a loving one. And I would say that being a good member of a community includes  contributing positively and helping to create a supportive and harmonious environment. Here are tips to follow so as to be one: 

1. Respect Others: We must learn to treat all community members with respect regardless of their backgrounds, opinions, and beliefs. Respect differences and be open- minded.

2. Actively listen: Be a good listner. We should learn to give attention to what others are saying and show empathy towards their concerns and ideas. Engage in constructive and meaningful conversations. 

3. Communicate effectively: Communicate clearly and honestly. Express your thoughts and opinions respectfully and avoid aggressive or confrontational language. Effective communication is crucial for resolving conflicts and misundersatinding. 

imagecredit: Анита Морган from Pixabay

4. Contribute positively: Create a positive impact on the community through your action whether it is through volunteering, sharing knowledge or helping others. Be a prt of the solution and not a problem. 

5. Cooperate and collaborate: Work collaboratively, extend your resources with others to achive common goals. Teamwork and cooperation are essential in any community setting. Extending oneself for the growth of thew community is a very noteworthy action and if each member of the community will do this then most ;probably the community will grow tremendously. 

6. Offer support: Be present to your  fellow members in times of need. Offer help, support or comfort to those who require it. Acts of kindless go a long way.

7. Lead by example: Set a positive example through your behavior and actions. Demonstrating good counduct can inspire others to follow suit.

          These are but just a few tips on how to be a good member of any community. Remember always, no one amonbg us can live alone rather we always need each other. 

Friday 2 June 2023

Life is Too Short

A Reflection:

     Life is indeed too short. I have been hearing and reading stories about life being too short. I have heard of somebody who has been diagnosed with a stage four cancer at such a young age......or that of a friend who is just on his thirties yet already suffering from a life threatening condition......or those cases we heard when Covid hit us so deep and hard where numbers of people were killed as a result of acquiring the dreaded disease.
    Personally I just had my own experience on how fragile life is. Though mine is one not as such a life threatening one yet with my present state, I still was able to reflect how vulnerable life is it. While at work last Tuesday afternoon, I began to feel pain on the lower part of my left leg. I finished work then went home and rested for the night. The next day, while at work, the pain on same spot was beginning to cause me uneasy and uncomfortable hence I decided to go home. The following day, I had check up with my doctor and he mentioned something about condition on my muscles plus some medical terms which for me are hard to digest. 

imagecredit: https://pixabay.com/users/kseniyaegor-8514713/

     Anyway, as I write this post, I am in medications and still experiencing the pain ( though not as intense anymore as of that Wednesday). My condition leads me to reflect how unpredictable life could be. We might be so healthy and strong today but the next day we don't exactly know how life would be for us. Thus, it is so notable for us to spend life to its fullest. We need to take care of ourselves ( I often heard this from a mate at work) and this is so true. We need to keep a constant positive checklist of our  body. Yet reality would tell us that somehow, out of our busyness, we tend to neglect and listen to our body. It's only when we are in a situation that the body tends to complain already through a sickness or any feeling of discomfort that we realise how fragile life is.  

     Being good to our body is a sacred obligation for us and it is done not just for our sake but also for those special people in our life- our family and for all people who loved us.  As I would always remind myself and others, when we hurt or experience pain in ourselves, directly or indirectly, our loved ones also feel the same. So let us constantly be good to our bodies. Be happy and always spread the positive vibes ( avoid any negative indeed).  

Sunday 28 May 2023

" Nothing on My Head"

     While at work yesterday, out of nowhere, I asked a colleague what could be a possible topic for this blog and she told me, "Nothing on my head as of the moment". Then I replied her, that's exactly would be my subject. Hence I am here now writing something about it. Personally I perceived her honest reply to my query as a consequence of her being so occupied with our job yesterday.

     Yet as I reflected on her phrase after work, I told myself that indeed, it is a reality that in many occasions in our life, we tend to wonder to nowhere. "Nothing on my head" could mean that momentarily, life seems to be so boring and vague....or that nothing spectacular or splendid is happening in life. Mountains of reasons could play in such situations like losing a special someone in life or getting sick or being rejected from a job interview etc. However looking on the opposite side of the coin, is it so wonderful to wake up every single day in life?

imagecredit: Image by Kohji Asakawa from Pixabay

     In our lifetime, heaps of reasons can be our motivations to make this life as such a wonderful place to be. One thing then that can help us reach such state is by constantly being present to our "NOW" moment. Let us not be imprisoned by things done in the past nor lazily dwell on things of the future. Rather let us learn to savour life's every moment. Remember always, life's journey is a passing one and   we could be helped by our previous experiences even the negative ones by embracing them and facilitate them as a guide to trek positively today's journey. 

     Yes there could be thousands of reasons for others to live a miserable and empty life but  there are also millions of reasons for us to look forward and smile  to each coming new day. We should learn to be grateful for all that has been as well as thankful for everything that is coming. 

Special thanks to my friend, Dream 
for the suggestion


Sunday 7 May 2023

Qualities of a Good Worker

     While working as in charge of personnel in a manufacturing company in Cebu, Philippiness and here as a worker of a big company based in Melbourne, Australia, I consistently noticed essential traits or qualities that any worker should have so as to be a positive contributor to the growth of the company.

     The workers, no matter how simple or ordinary their contributions to the company, play huge roles in its success. So it is but important to have people who are equipped with the following qualities so that the company can reach its full potential and productivity.

1. Optimistic- the company needs people who are full of optimism in their work that in spite of all hindrances or distractions that come to work, they still continue to perform 100% their roles thinking first and foremost the success of the company;


2. Communication- this sometimes plays a challenge on the part of the company and basing on my personal experience here in Melbourne, Australia having the privilege of working on various industries for years, I noticed that sometimes, the inability to properly communicate an issue, situation or a problem becomes the reason then that no immediate remedy is accorded to the issue at hand. Workers in Melbourne is very rich in multiculturalism and this is somewhat very good as well as encouraging. However, the company needs to be adept and ready to listen and digest all forms of communication to properly assist them;

3. Self- motivated- this refers to the ability of any worker to go beyond his usual hours if needed by the company. He is ready to extend his working hours to in order to complete a task thinking and considering the welfare of the company before his own;

4. Cooperative- this area amazes me at my present workplace since I personally noticed that workers in our area as well as in others are displaying enough cooperation and consequently, this makes the task at hand an easy one and devoid of any stress. I always believe that workers should engage in a consistent  give and take process with the company. The latter rewards the workers with proper compensation as outcome of their contribution to the success of the former.

     These are but a few of those qualities and on my next post, I will share further additional qualities that a company should have from its workers.  


Tuesday 25 April 2023

Family Bonding: Treasuring Memories with Significant Others

          Time is precious. Quality time creates special memories in our hearts. Thus last Saturday and Sunday, me and my whole family spent an overnight stay at Myrtleford Hotel right at the middle part of Myrtleford,  a popular tourist destination situated between Wangaratta and Bright. 


          For two days, we spent precious time exploring the similarly popular tourist destinations like Bright, Lake Buffalo, and Mount Beauty. While on our trip going to our destination, we already observed the breathtaking surroundings on both sides of the road most notably the Great Alpine Road. 

          When we were at Buffalo River Road which is more or less 21 kilometers away from Myrtleford, the serenity of the water attracted much of my attention. Further the cool breeze of the air penetrated the deepest part of me and gave me heaps of relief to free from stresses.


          Meanwhile, the town proper of Myrtleford was already filled with visitors when we arrived at 11 am. Both visitors and local folks were gratifying themselves with their delightful coffees while others were having fun strolling in the parka and chatting. Me and my family spent esteemed memories at the very clean park situated near the busy town centre. Night came and we had our dinner at the hotel and while we enjoyed our delicious food like my favourite salmon filet, we were at the same time delighted to listen to the live band featuring Tahlia Gibson, a very talented young girl who rendered both new and previous hits.

          Over all, the opportunity to bond together as a family allowed me and my wife plus our kiddo, Kurt to share wonderful moments.  

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