Sunday, 10 February 2013

Every Day is a GIFT

          Actually, this is the title of my blog. Gift is something that is freely given. And that's exactly the point which I would like to share with everybody else. Consider each day a gift and since this is a  gift, this is best remembered as something that is also pass on to others. We have so much to celebrate each day. 

          Varied experiences, new chapters of our life, ups and downs etc. -----name it and it is there in our everyday life. However, it's a sad reality that many people tend to let each day pass without even thinking of all that transpires that day. We grow as human beings for many reasons and one of them, I believe, is through the daily events in life. 

imagecreditBy Worakit Sirijinda, published on 16 March 2011

          We are formed by them and by those people we constantly interact with. A cousin named Wilmie once said that "....waking up everyday is surely a gift for it gives me the opportunity to see all creations and appreciate them." 

          Yes, it is so true. We only need to see and be present on every event so that we will also learn to appreciate each one of them. Share today's blessings and be blessed. 

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