Saturday 27 July 2013


          For Type 2 in the Enneagram, basically the idea of LOVING is such an essential issue. One's self worth plays a major role in this type. And as human as we are, this is one of our primary needs yet for those who belong to this type, if left unchecked and not processed, this could lead to distractions and unwillingness to go forward in one's journey.

Here then are some of the characteristics of this type:

"Healthy loop controlled by Basic Desire:
Need to be loved -> help others -> loved -> Need to be lovedIn the healthy state, the need to be loved induces Type Twos to help others which causes them to be loved. When Twos feel loved, the need is satisfied and a balance is reached.
In the average state, when Twos' are not helping others and are not loved, the need to be loved increases, which helps Twos to again reach out and help others. Thus the balancing loop can help Twos to recover.

Unhealthy loop controlled by Basic Fear:
Fear of being unloved -> resent and manipulate others -> loved -> Fear of being unlovedIn the unhealthy state, the basic fear of being unloved can cause Type Twos to feel resentful and try to manipulate others into loving them. This can cause people to love them even less, which further increases Twos' basic fear. The cycle continues to build up.
We can see from the diagram that a way to help break the control of the basic fear is to weaken the unhealthy loop. Twos can refrain from manipulating others but start to genuinely help others. This will cause Twos to be loved, and thus reduce the fear of being unloved." 

          Thus, the emphasis on LOVING is so essential to number 2's that at times, one's needs are set aside for the sake of extending and helping others first. Just like any other number on the Enneagram, what is beneficial for everyone is the knowledge on each number's positive and negative attributes.

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Wednesday 17 July 2013

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Tuesday 16 July 2013


          Enneagram is such a wide world of learnings especially to one's personality. As I mentioned in my previous post, MY PERSONALITY TYPE: THE ENNEAGRAM, any learning one can get from this study will become a tool in dealing positively with others. Interpersonal relationship plays a very essential role in one's life. 

          We need to interact with others and in all these interactions, there are highs and lows thus in whatever situation one is in, it is very vital that he/she has hold on his/her own self so as to be effective in dealing to any given situation.
Through resources, we will then enrich ourselves with information so that we will be acquainted with characteristics on the 9 numbers of Enneagram. Firstly, #1 will be discussed through some descriptions below:

Need to be right -; seek truth -; do the right thing -; Need to be right
In the healthy state, the need to be right induces Type Ones to seek truth and do the right thing. When Ones are doing the right thing, the need is satisfied and a balance is reached.
In the average state, when Ones' are not working hard to seek the truth and do the right thing, the need to be right increases, which helps Ones to again work hard to seek the truth. Thus the balancing loop can help Ones to recover.
Fear of being condemned -; correct others -; do the right thing -; Fear of being condemned
In the unhealthy state, the basic fear of being condemned can cause Type Ones to correct and condemn others first as a defense, which is often not the right thing to do, which further increases Ones' basic fear. The cycle continues to build up.

We can see from the diagram that a way to help break the control of the basic fear is to weaken the unhealthy loop. Ones can refrain from correcting others and start examining self for truth, which will help Ones to do the right thing, and reduce the fear of being condemned."
          As such, we will know that there would always be two parts of any number the healthy and the unhealthy sides. What is important is the knowledge about these two sides on any number. Though it is such a wide world to be well informed about those 9 numbers, yet gradually one can achieve it especially if he/she is determined to gain more of their backgrounds.

Friday 12 July 2013


          Each day that I wake up, I always reflect on what this day brings to me and on others.At times, we worry so much on life's trivialities such as material things, wants and the like. Amidst all of these, I realize that my Divine Creator has been so understanding and generous to me each day. Thus instead of focusing solely on what  I will attain this day, I change my focus instead to how could I express my gratitude to God for His unending generosity for me. Multiple blessings have come in my life everyday and they become concrete manifestations of His love for me.

         The present challenge is how to extend and share this great love from God to others especially to my family- my wife and my little boy. I could reflect of so many things to perform yet I believe that even simpler things would be as big as they are in His eyes. He never measures my deeds rather I know that what counts most for HIM is the genuineness of all my actions and kindness towards myself and others. Hence there is always this personal and constant invitation to be a living instrument of God for others and I know that this entails a lot of sacrifices for me.

          However, believing constantly that He is always here, there and everywhere to guide and give me strength, I am positive that I can always perform my deeds as a person- an instrument of peace and love for others.

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Friday 5 July 2013


          Have you heard about the ENNEAGRAM? I find it so interesting since it deals about one's personality. With one's knowledge about his/her personality type, it therefore becomes a tool for him/ her to have a deeper understanding of oneself. On the other hand, this will serve as a method for understanding and welcoming the similarities as well as differences from one person to the other.
imagecourtesy:Lalaine Obrino Songalia
          ENNEGRAM is defined as "a geometric figure that delineates the nine basic personality of human nature and their complex interrelationships. That is exactly what I meant in my statement above that when this is familiarized, strengthening human relationships will become a reality. 

          To quote one blogger's reflection on ENNEAGRAM, " What I like most about it, it can show you your stress point and growth point. With ENNEAGRAM you will know the areas that you must improve on so you can be a fully integrated person. "- NOVA CRUZ (

          In my own enneagram type, I am a type ONE which is typically a reformer with a wing on TWO -The Helper. As a ONE, I am inclined to observe and practice an orderly sense in life. Moreover what is advantageous to me presently is that I am not imposing this sense of order with others even though at times, I am affected when things become disorder however I always put into consideration the characteristics and traits of others. 

          My second type (wing) is number TWO which is defined as the HELPER. However as a precaution, when left unhealthy, TWOs tend to practice self-denial thus allowing a person to merely deny his own needs and just recognizing other people's needs. Further, it is telling others the sense that "I don't need you; it is you  who needs me in your life". 
imagecourtesy:Lalaine Obrino Songalia
          In my case, I firmly believe that I can both be of help to others and that I also need them in my life. I would never survive just by myself alone. Through the Enneagram, being able to befriend oneself on a deeper level results to a more healthy dealings with others. 

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Wednesday 3 July 2013


          What a beautiful day for me today----everything became a sort of a blessing.... From the moment I woke up, went to work and came back home, everything was on its proper place. My mates were mostly energetic as well hence I also received that positive vibes from them. Experience would tell me that when I and those people around me are  showing positive vibrations, tasks and relationships tend to become light.

          It's true that when we radiate positive aura to others, we will also receive positive aura in return. Moreover I believe that being positive goes along with one's ability to stay focus in all things to be fulfilled.

          Being constantly focus in everything we do is not an easy thing to fulfill. It entails such rich resources of patience and stability. Patience in the sense that as human as we are, we tend to overdo things- we like to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time. I'm not saying that it is wrong or it is not possible. Many gifted and trained people are able to accomplish such task yet  a large number also including myself are at times lost since the sense of being focus is absent. Can you recall concretely any event in your life wherein you are trying so hard to fulfill a certain task when suddenly a separate and unrelated thing popped up? Or you are at the verge of making it to the finish line of your work when suddenly your mind wanders so very far away? These are frustrating moments in our life yet they are also very true to you and me.
          Thus, it is with such gratitude that I thank my Divine Creator for allowing me to stay focus each day in my tasks and in my relationships. Somehow, somewhere the road towards the end of each of our journeys seems  so overwhelming, tricky, challenging yet certain factors like determination and focus can assist us to reach it at the peak. 

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