Sunday 24 February 2013

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I know that basically human beings are dealt into various types of relationships. There are those that involve husband and wife, others may fall into the category brother-sister, while some are into friend to another friends relationship. However the main ingredient among all these relationships is that every person interacts with others. And on these interactions so many varied feelings, reactions, actions and the like are produced. There are relationships that bear fruits of joy and there are those which result to sorrow. Others tend to imprint their treasured relationships in their hearts while some knowingly or unknowingly buried their own on the deepest part of themselves.

Moreover constant exchange of time with others result to a form of relationship that later on becomes a treasure or the other way around. Time therefore becomes an essential element to the building up of relationships. One needs to manifest to the person he/she cares that time is therefore allotted in the midst of the relationship. If there is a void in time, this results to its withering thus everything that has been started is gone. Another essential element to a relationship is space. It refers to the ability of any person to preserve the need of every person to provide a private space so as to retreat and positively look back on the succeeding events in his/her life.

Privacy does play a unique role in any form of relationship. Human beings need to savor the idea of being alone with oneself. Through this, one is given the opportunity to look deeper into one's heart and check what then are the pros and cons on this event in his/her life.

Everyday it is included in each news that certain relationships are wasted... are lost exactly because of some factors like selfishness, distrustful, envy, low self-esteem and many more. On the contrary there are also those which blossom and bear much fruits. Thus the success or failure of any relationship lies on all persons affected and participated on them.

Finally the enormous challenge for every human being is that any established relationship should be nurtured, shared, and keep on its highest place----inside the heart of each one. Let this be a constant reminder for each one that any form of relationship must be kept on a highest degree.

Hence it is my constant desire that every human person becomes a bearer of truth for others by means of direct in touch with his/her relationships.

Come and share your being a gift to others... let us do this by exchanging notes on our various levels of relationships

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