Saturday 23 February 2013

Earning Online The Right Way

With today's online marketing trend, I am also encouraged to try my luck on this present popular activity. Since I started writing posts online, I read lots of resources and authors and I am so pleased to have come up with a mentorship by Jomar HIlario.

Jomar has been so supportive in my blogging journey. He has taught me through various links insights and methods on improving my blogging activity. Moreover, he has already shared several resources to me. Indeed through his help, I would say that my way to further learning is consistently a lifelong process. There is such an enormous world to this idea of learning. Just to give everyone a background of who my guide is, here are some information about him. He is one of the Philippines' famous internet marketer and a workshop speaker.

He is also known as a version of Tim Ferris (of 4 hour workweek fame) of the Philippines. This is mainly due to his works on the present trend on internet marketing technologies. He is so generosus enough to share his expertise to assist those who have the passion to earn online. Furthermore, he is a writer for Didache/Gabay Catholic Devotionals as well as on Fish Magazine (Christian Music and Technology). Personally I would express to Jomar my sincerest gratitude for his assistance to me in my own journey towards the world of blogging.

Thus so as to share with you his works, I am inserting here a link to one of his topics. Hope you will also learn many things from him.

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