Saturday 8 March 2014

Be Free! Be Firm!

          In life, there are different situations that would allow any person to interact with. There are circumstances that will make or unmake you to be the person that you want to be. Yet one of the most essential elements of you being human is that you are free. However this freedom does not allow you to do whatever you want to do- it has its own restrictions.

          If you would like to organize your life, initially be sure to discover what are your priorities in and out of the day. Then learn as well to put things first and be firm in whatever decision you take each day. As much as you like to, be aware of your addictions or bad habits. 

           Some of them could be your addiction to coffee, social networking, any other onlne activities, racing, cards, drinking, drugs, or any other exercise which can hinder you to  perform significant activities such as being together with your loved ones or being with yourself. You need to know what are those addictions and after recognition, your next step is to own them. Owning them means that you acknowledge that you have been committing them in the past and consequently, manage to look for actions to correct them. 

          Knowing that any of these addictions might have been in your system for a long time, the road then to self-transformation would not be easy. It solicits conviction and firmness in your behalf. To decide for whatever change needs consistency and you have to convince yourself that doing so is for your own betterment. 

         Others can journey with you on this affair yet every success relies on how much you invest to change for the better. Act urgently so that you can also savour its positive results sooner than expected.


Saturday 1 March 2014

How Much Time......

         As you welcome another month, you will surely be thinking now on your coming activities such as bonding with your loved ones, going out with friends, fulfilling commitments at work and many more. 

          As such, in spite of this frenzied life, let this be a part of your daily activity to reflect on these matters:

1. How much time do you spend with your loved ones?  
          You know well that the significant people who surround you every moment are the same people that give you strength to move on and hang on to life in spite of all trials and baggages along the way. However past experiences will tell you that for many occasions in your life, you might have sacrificed being with them for some other reasons. 

              Have you asked yourself this question, " Am I physically and emotionally present to my family?", " Am I filled with excitement and joy everytime I join my family on everyday activities?  As you proceed with your journey in life, you need to be true to yourself. Consequently make yourself available in all times to your loved ones and as outcome, you will receive from them their true love and affection;

2. How much time do you spend for yourself?
          Much have been said about you giving out to others, now let yourself be reminded that not at all in life is permanent. In fact, most of the things in life is mere temporary. They all come and go thus it is also crucial for you to spend time for yourself. Making it a habit to retreat once in a while so that you can have a private space to assess what is going on in your life. Amidst the noise of this life- its seemingly complicated facets- there lies that reality that you have to learn to comprehend your own "inner noise". 

           Many of us like to have so much fun, to be in a noisy crowd, to settle in a group with much food and drinks, and many more. But when you go back to your own self, you feel a certain uneasiness and discomfort since it is on this moment that you will be able to see this inner noise within you. However, when you go down in yourself and embrace your own noisiness, it is then that you allow yourself to truly own everything of you- in and out. You should learn to own everything of yourself. Do not celebrate life just because of your goodness but accept everything even your woundedness. 

3. How much time do you spend for your neighbors?
           Neighbors refer to people you come and interact with everyday. They include those persons whom you interact with in your workplace, in school, on any crowd and whatsoever. No matter how relative this reality could be yet what is important is that you learn how to treasure every moment that you spend with others. All your experiences with others enable you to be molded and to become the person that you are now. Relationship with others impact your life in varying degrees thus it is also fitting to express your gratefulness for those journeys you made with others.

           Hence, with these three essential components (loved ones, self and neighbours) of your life, much will be expected from you. Maintaining a harmonious as well as smooth relationship among them presents a great challenge nevertheless with dedication and determination, success will positively be at your door.

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