Friday 15 February 2013


             Life is made up of various chapters. As we move on from one chapter to another, we also encounter different situations that give us either of the two: growth or regression. As we gather experiences day by day, it is also part of the process that we face off with types of problems. Problems come in various forms, some are light while others are stress creating. Others may evolve as distractions while a few can change one's life significantly. On the other hand, we also vary in our own attitude towards problems. Others may think of them as negative while there are those who will take them as spices of life. Just like whatever favorite recipe that you and me would have in our life, this particular food is composed of spices that add flavor to its taste.

            Personally, I firmly believe that the most effective way of facing problems is by positively acknowledging them as spices of life. And as spices, they tend to make our life more colorful. Realistically, I know that it never come that easy especially when someone is confronted with huge problems. However, if considered as spices and overwhelmed, they will result to any of us being molded into a more healthy individual especially in terms of emotional wellbeing. It is also given that no one among us wants to be confronted by any huge problem yet if put into such a situation, treat such a problem as a spice of your life.

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