Friday 1 March 2013


Another informative material regarding STRONG FUTURE INTERNATIONAL (SFI). When you read through this material, you will gain further understanding on the nature of SFI.

The SFI-TC Business Model

Strong Future International (SFI)  has more than 1.5 Million  members and increasing at a rate of 16 thousands per week. Members are earning online by doing real internet business of buying and selling more than 60 thousands products from almost 3,000 vendors from more than 200 countries.

As members, we earn commission from any product we sold outside of SFI and from the purchases of our affiliates. We also earn share from Executive Pool,  plus four other income  streams. Developing all streams of income at SFI can give us lucrative source of monthly income that builds up for years. Personally I look at SFI as my future full time income even in my retirement.

SFI utilizes two websites, and

In is where affiliate marketing is happening. As incentive, the company has put up 40% of its profit as Executive Pool where all qualified members get a share according to his rank and points (called Versa Points or VP). Simply put it, the more VP you earn the bigger share you have from this executive pool.

There are requirements to be able to share from this executive pool and one of those is the 1500 min./2000 max.VP you earned from buying items from Triple Clicks. So everyone who wants to get share from Executive Pool should also buy.

This makes the system  works and sustainable. If you don't have the money to buy you must sell some items from Triple Clicks so that you earn 45% of the commission value  and use part of it for your own strategic purchase. Your best customer of course is your affiliates who also want to have a share in the executive pool.

The second website of SFI is an online store where all members of SFI are also members automatically. This is where who wants to qualify for the executive pool can buy any item he likes. The best thing here is, SFI members can also sell his own products if he has, or products of other members. Even his used things  at home can also be sold at TripleClicks. Non-SFI members can also buy and sell in Triple Clicks by signing up at Triple Clicks website only.

All items in Triple Clicks are priced in three currencies, MRP, TC and in Dollars. You can earn or win MRP and TC within SFI and Triple Clicks, and you can use MRP,TC or Dollars to buy the product you like. 

Each item is also given a Commission Value (CV) in dollars. CV is the profit margin of the item where it is shared by qualified members and SFI comapny.

Each Item is also assigned Versa Points (VP) where members can earn when they buy the items. Members need this VP to qualify him to share in the executive pool.

The owner of the item of course, gets the price tag of the item and member gets 45% of the commission value (CV) of the products he sold, either to his affiliates or across the internet.

There are other exciting things inside these two websites. There are contest, draws where you can win money, TC, MRP and other valuable items as prizes. The are also games inside the Triple Clicks, and the most exciting part is the penny auction called Pricebendes where all members can participate and can buy items up to 99% off of its price.

A member has not to worry if he don't know anything. Once you signed up you can access the training materials and information worth thousands of dollars for you to learn FREE. There is also a forum where you can ask just anything about SFI.  So, the road to success is literally set-up already for anyone who is willing to learn and work towards it.

Thus if you are interested to join SFI, just click on this link:

(Thanks to Ronilo Saguit, my fellow SFI member, for sharing this material through SFI)

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