Saturday 26 October 2013

Be Responsible of One's Action

          "Shall I go to work today or not?", "Will I marry this girl/boy or not?", " To whom will I entrust my career?", "What will I do with my life?"......

          These are but just some of the questions that we may encounter in life. As we continue with our life journey, we also proceed making choices and decisions for its betterment. As one famous philosopher said, " Man is condemned to be free; because once he thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give LIFE a meaning."-  Jean-Paul Sartre

          What Sartre shares here is something which I deeply treasured in life. Every now and then, we take responsibility on decisions that we make either good or bad. Yet while we are free, we nevertheless are constantly guided by the basic reality that everything aims for goodness. Consequently, for every bad decision that we make, we take full responsibility of that. We are endowed with the will, wisdom and the intellect to weigh actions whether good or bad.  

By graur codrin, published on 13 October 2010
          Experience will tell us that sometimes in life, we come up with decisions that are against our norms and values, or standards and beliefs. Instances wherein we really are not at ease and glad to be involved to. Somehow, in all those occasions, what counts most for us is that we are able to stand on our own and that we own total responsibility of such decisions and situations. 

          Regardless of its outcome, we are never in the position to put the blame on others. As Sartre said, we are the ones who will give meaning to this life so that then it will become worth living. We are created unique from one another and this allows us to appreciate each other's uniqueness. Further, being different enables us to realize that we need each other ---that we don't really have to exploit and downgrade each other to reign supreme in our life. 

          On the other hand, we are constantly invited to utilize our resources to progress peace and harmony among us. Sad to say that in this world's present reality, this is far from what's going on in some places around us. However, I still firmly believe that inside our hearts, there is still lies our innate goodness. With this, a world that is colored by love and meaning is still reachable. 

          Thus, what will help us reaching that world is by being responsible to every action that we will take with the consistent consideration to a life that is aimed for goodness.    

          Anyway, are we responsible enough in life?

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Sunday 20 October 2013

Life: A Wonderful Gift

          LIFE- what is it anyway? There have been so many meanings and attributions to it yet personally, I claim it as a gift --a very precious gift from somebody up there. Hence for being as such, I am also called to positively extend it with others. Every single day, countless world events unfold, both good and bad, and as I take notice of them, I could not help myself but be reflective on them specifically with the negative events that struck our great world nowadays.

imagecredit:By Matt Banks, published on 13 March 2010
While I could not contain myself from feeling pity to all those helpless victims above, the more that I become appreciative to my own life that I have the privilege to wake up everyday. The unfolding of each new day bears personal memories so worthy to cherish. This day is parallel to a great day- the outstanding weather, such fresh air, clean environment, the serenity of the place-they usher me to treasure any day. 

          On the other hand, this day further develops into another occasion for me to exchange laughters and joy with people, both significant and ordinary, in my life. As it is, I am aware that life would never be the same from one person to the other and I can fully understand that there might be people out there who are not that enthusiastic about today due to illness, problems, stress, poverty, disillusionment and other reasons like natural calamities.

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           With this reality in hand, my heart goes along with them on their plight and on their struggles in their journey. Thus far, what is noteworthy in all of these, both for them and for me, is the sensibility that we are still alive this day---that is one great reason for us to be grateful each day.

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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Where Do You Get Your Inner Strength?

          Recently, I had the opportunity to join our household community in one of its regular meetings. And the gathering allowed me to gain further strength in the midst of my own life's struggles. Hearing from the prayers and sharings of my brothers and sisters in our group, I realized how marvelous life is. Being with loved ones and with friends are favorable circumstances that enable me to go deeper of myself and look back if where am I leading to in my own journey.

          Having said that, I know beforehand that my time is not wasted unlike when I will allow it to just stay idle thus allowing me to just dumb myself with nonsense things. Moreover, I admire the candidness of my brothers and sisters in our sharing for this openness allowed me to have an outstanding sense of themselves and of myself.

imagecredit:By Christian Meyn, published on 08 April 2009
          Treasured moments like this are nevertheless imprinted in my heart and when I go back to my own self, this will serve as one experience that I can recall and extract strength. "I gain my strength from my husband and he does the same. Yet at one time, I realized that it is actually from God whom I am getting this real strength to face this life's struggles and trials"- Thus came one of the realizations of our sister in the group. While listening to this, I continued closing my eyes and inaudibly murmured to myself, "she is not alone in that predicament for that is exactly what I'm doing in my own trial stages". 

          Yes, everything lies in my God. He is my  main source of strength aside from my family (wife and little boy). Knowingly or unknowingly, He consistently guides me into the right path. To boot, He draws everything in me. Without His guidance, I am nothing.  "In Jesus, and through the relationship He offers me, I find my hope…He is my strength — my peace, my purpose and my power.:-Sylene Mack- president-Transformed by Grace community.  Thus, I offer to Him everything in my life-my joys, my treasures, pains, aspirations etc. Going back to our community, I am so grateful to have encountered the bond of friendship with these people. And as we proceed with our respective journeys in life, may the guiding hand of our Divine Creator continue to inspire and mold us into persons whom He wanted us to be.

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Sunday 13 October 2013

How Does You Tube Affecting a Country's Politics, Culture and News?

          Since its foundation in 2005, Youtube has gained enormous amount of influences to viewers like me. And citing as an example the situation of my beloved country, the Philippines, I would claim that Yuotube has much impacted the world of politics while culturally also, it has emerged as one of the top influences when it comes to promoting the Filipino culture. Then next the area of the news reporting which for me, came as least affected among those areas (politics, culture) 

          Though I am now presently living abroad yet I keep myself updated everyday with what is going on in the country.Youtube videos showed how the Philippines emerged as the top economy in Asia this year.To put a further meat on the said comment, more Yuotube videos explcitly showed why the Philippines through the initiative of the president, Benigno Aquino Jr., was able to outgrow other performing economies in Asia. And it is such a source of joy to learn such accomplishment when I am far away from home that it is performing positively amidst the present crisis in other Asian countries. It is then my prayer that this positive growth will also benefit the lowest members of the society. (reference 1)  

          With regard to the Philippine culture, Youtube also brings a lot of help in its promotion since through this site, one can view and comprehend the various cultures of the Philippines which makes it a unique country. Eversince its occupation by the Americans, Japanese and finally by the Spaniards, it has made efforts to free itself from all those influences. The country did not stop to regain its freedom and continued with its own development. Thus today's social media becomes such an effective tool in spreading the vastness and richness of the Filipino culture.  (reference 2)

imagecredit: By digitalart, published on 03 August 2011
Stock Image - image ID: 10052038
          And going now to the least affected by Youtube in my country, I would still claim that Youtube's news reporting contributions are relevant for they enable viewers to own updates on the daily events all over the country. What made Youtube news relays more atractive to the viewers comparing to print media are the accompanying videos and footages that happen during the actual event. Thus just by acquiring access to the internet and viewing Youtube, any Filipino or even non-Filipino then becomes aware of today's happenings in the country. (reference 3)

          To end, I would say that since the beginning of Youtube in the early months of 2005 up to this time, much has been evolving in the world of the internet video. As Robert Kynel puts it, "There's a lot of work to be done....."- 

(Reference 4)  (( with his words, we can expect for more surprises and developments in the internet tv world-Youtube.

1. Philippine Politics
2. Philippine Culture
3. News
4.  “It’s certainly not going to be easy,” Kyncl said of the new venture. “There’s a lot of work to be done, to make sure this works. But, as a friend who just landed a job at one of the networks said, ‘At least you guys are swinging for the fences. There are a lot of other people who are just sitting around and watching things happen.’ ” ♦- Robert Kynel- senior officer of Youtube.(

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Saturday 12 October 2013

"Is Google's Intention to Digitize the World's Books a Good Thing or a Bad Thing, and For Whom?"

          As I keep  myself busy with my online course, the more knowledge that I received consequently by the resources and reading we have on this. We know how powerful the influence of the internet nowadays and that's exactly the focus of this university-level study as we discuss on the topic, "Understanding Media by Understanding Google" by Prof. Owen R. Youngman under Northwestern University. Hence, I would also like to share with you my reflection on our subject. 

          Quoting from the question itself, "Is Google's intention to digitize all the world's books a good thing or a bad thing, and for whom?, my answer would be both good and bad. On the first place, I would say that it is good. Why? As Google emerges as a leading contributor to the world becoming a global village, the more that relationships among people of different races become augmented since the distance among nations both near and far becomes a "mere" closer one due to innovations brought by Google like Gmail, Blogger etc. To cite another example, allow me to share with you this resource, 

          "Google will help ........and set up a €60m (£52m) fund to finance digital publishing innovation......"-

          Seeing the contribution of Google on this quoted news release, the recipients then of this act will benefit and reap the fruits of such a genuine contribution. 

          On the other hand, Google's intention to digitize all the world's books could also have some repercussions as I quoted it below:

           "If Google is the main source, what picture of reality does it give us? It is “sometimes harmful when people [..] trust a simple Google search as the first step towards the truth” (p. 78) because the results have already been filtered by your preferences, location and previous searches. You never know what Google doesn’t show you."- Book Review: The Googlization of EVerything (And Why We Should Worry) by Siva Vaidhyanathan By: Floris Spronk....

          Thus it could also be bad for anybody if he/she will just absorb everything what Google say without weighing first other resources. Yes it is true that Google has made enormous contributions yet we could not deny the fact that there are other possible resources of what could have been considered as TRUTH.


Tuesday 1 October 2013

The Impact of PHC (Primary Health Care) to the Community

          As I go on with my online course, I just want to share with you the relevance of our course to us all. It is a 5-week course with the main concern on the impact of PHC (primary health care) to people especially to those who are less privileged in terms of health issues. 

          Our recent chapter involved some resource videos. Among them, I was overwhelmed to discover the development of PHC along all those years. Enriching, moving and so powerful- those are the words that I can extend to describe the lecture of Dr. Carl Taylor in one video. Indeed, he noted the immense development in the field of primary health care along the years. What was touching in his sharing is that PHC becomes a tool to extend health care to those who are deprived and sufferings.

           Another resource person of the lecture was Dr. Abhay Bang-Shodhgram who in his video shared that "PHC is crucial to empower the people so as to save the poor and the unborn"1. If realized, this is a great development and help to those who need it. As I reviewed both of these resource speakers' videos, I found out that their point and emphasis is very much similar to each other.
          Another interesting contribution  which I got from the resources is that "women are trained to be local agents of positive health and social change"2. The proponent of this is Raj Panjabi who became a co-founder of TH (TIYATIEN HEALTH). By tapping the resources of women as agents to extend positive health care to others especially to their fellow women, the quality of the women's life will be promoted. 

          Further readings and quotation were given in the class and those mentioned above were personally the dominant ones when contributions to the upliftment of the life of the poor is based. However as I end this post, can we also ask ourselves this question, " Have we allowed ourselves to become agents of change for others?"


1.Video: Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health (SEARCH) by Dr. Abhay Bang-ShodhGram
2Video: Post- Conflict Health: by: Raj Panjabi

Saturday 28 September 2013

On Primary Health Care

          As I proceed with my online course nowadays, I'm glad to share with you the subject of our study, " Health for All Through Primary Health Care". This is a five-week online course and my intention to join the class was significantly to educate myself about the concept and impact of primary health care to people especially to children, mothers and the underprivileged members our society.

To quote one of the active movers of the movement, John Wyon, he said, 

          "There are three kinds of public health: disease-oriented, service oriented and community oriented. Each complements the other like the legs of a three-legged stool. "- John Wyon, 1990
          Among the most urgent needs nowadays of the world most notably to the third world developing countries is on health issues. And what was stated by Professor John Wyon as a collaboration among those three kinds of public health, there has to be a consistent co-relation among them. The process of extending health assessment and assistance to recipients should be mutual and positive. Focus on three aspects consequently leads to a more progressive impact of public health to people. 

          This issue on primary health care is a huge one and certain causes can be attributed to this such as "multi sectoral which may include education, nutrition, water and sanitation"- As such, it is very important to know them (causes of diseases) so that proper actions through health care can be prepared and performed.

           Meanwhile, I would say that this study impacts strongly to every individual regardless of sex, color, race, practices etc. since one's health is everybody's concern. Such a very constructive as well as a productive approach to health care issues-that's exactly what this study brings to everyone since it allows each participant to have a grasp on the evolution, advances and implications brought about by primary health care to people.

Saturday 14 September 2013

Share One's Talents

          Just today, me and my wife watched the Australian reality series Australia's Got Talent and I was struck by one of the participants who, in spite of her age, she still was able to perform on stage. She's 60 years old already yet at that age, she still is very much willing to share her gifts to others including us who were watching the said show. 

          The four judges were awed by her rendition of a song that they all gave her a thumbs up and she received four yes votes from them. Basically, each one of us is gifted with certain capabilities, skills, and other resources. We differ in our gifts and even for some, their skills and gifts are left unattended and just there inside of them waiting to be tapped. 

          One good response that we can give to these blessings that we have is by sharing them to others so in that way, we even can make ourselves instruments for others to be happy. On the other hand, the very least that we can do is just ignore and hide them instead inside of us. What is worst sometimes is that when envy of others' talents settles in our hearts and we begin to feel unworthy and unloved by people close to us. 

          Thus personally, I believe that we should be grateful for all these positive things in us (singing, speaking, creating skills etc.) and we should also be willing to extend them to others.

Friday 13 September 2013


          It has been several days since I posted my last entry on this blog. Anyway, my week though it is not yet over has been another wonderful one for me. All my rich blessings and colorful experiences enabled me to deepen further my disposition that life is such a great treasure. All the events that touched my life within this week added meaning to my life's chapter. No matter how monotonous some were yet personally,  each single experience extends a unique role to my continuing self discovery. Indeed this journey called life is a never ending one. It goes beyond time. No two experiences are exactly alike  from each other.

          For all those reasons, I could say that I am so thankful for all the
experiences this week that allowed me to nurture more this gift called life. Meanwhile, even all the activities that I had at work were deeply appreciated for they allow me to survive day by day. Without the blessing of my job, it could have been so difficult for me to provide food for my family.  

          Consequently giving my best in anything that I do is a consistent daily goal. I always bear it in my mind that the quality and elegance of my work will always be my task's goal. Committing any error in my daily performance has no room since in the whole production process, I serve as the starting point. If I don't do it perfectly, then the rest of our production will suffer. 

          On the other hand, everything that I experienced this week was all noteworthy and special as well.  Those moments of togetherness with my dearest wife were extremely delightful moments. Both my wife and my little kid are my main reasons why this life becomes so meaningful everyday. All my efforts and dreams are geared towards their welfare and happiness. Watching them happy everyday accorded me great satisfaction and meaning for they are my source of strength.

          Meanwhile, all the people that I interacted this week also enabled me to share myself and everything with others. After all, I believe that life is sharing and extending my self with others is my joy. That becomes another reason for my sense of self- fulfillment---- knowing that everyday,  I become a positive instrument for others to realize that life is such a wonderful journey. 

Sunday 8 September 2013

GOOD GOVERNANCE: How Relevant is this to our EVERDAY LIFE?

          While I was busy the other day checking out my blogs and trying to compose some posts, my wife Yanyan was also preoccupied with her activity on good corporate governance. She tried to ask my opinion on her topic hence I tried to educate myself on how good corporate governance affect any company.

          Actually, based on her data, she noted that there were cases of companies being involved in irregularities thus for some, resulting to their collapse. And even if authorities in charge of monitoring such companies' performance and to check as well as act on these undesired activities, there are still companies that continue to involve with such irregularities.What was pointed out in her resources as a reason for those collapsed companies was the failure to diligently practice good company governance. 

          Thus, is good company governance really effective in providing a productive and a prosperous company?  In relation to this, one of the factors solicited from company leaders especially from the board of directors is their value on honesty, is honesty fulfilled by being efficient to one's role in behalf of the company or is it contributing gains to the company yet still doing unguarded undesirable acts while contributing positively to the company?

          Relating to our personal life, are we practicing good personal governance in our basic and primary relationships like family and friends? How honest we are to our loved ones? Are we consistently acting and performing our roles as husbands/wives/friends in behalf of the interest of the other party or the other way around?

          This is indeed very challenging to us yet if we just think and enliven within our hearts the love that we have for our loved ones, I believe that realizing good governance in our relationships will just come out naturally and without stress. LOVE for our family and vice versa will be the guiding force that will inspire us to be consistently honest and contented everyday.

P.S. thanks to my wife, Yanyan  and our little boy Kurt, for their inspirations in this post

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Friday 6 September 2013


          Everyday we encounter #dreams in our sleep. And each of them plays various interpretations. Hence in my post today, I will share with you insights coming from friend's dreams. Actually, I could not help myself but be amused by her sharings on her dreams. What was touching in her dreams was their resemblance to her waking life. Below are some of her dreams as she shared them with me:

* Dream 1: 
          "I see in my dream a guy whom I haven't met in my life. One time, he is bringing a soccer ball with him. Then he brings me to his house which I notice that it is not lighted enough. We go through the kitchen door. Their house's style is  extremely different from houses way back home. When we enter the kitchen, there's an old man sitting on a chair in the dining area. Then as we come into the living room, there is this old woman sitting calmly on a sofa". 
 -----relevance of this dream to the dreamer: when she was married to her husband,  she remembered that he looks very much alike with that guy in her dream. Then asking him about soccer game, he said he was previously playing the game and in fact, he was once a winner of the "Best Player" award. Further, she recalled that when they went to her husband's house, she recognized it as that in her dream. It was there that she also met his mother and step dad. 

* Dream  2:
          "In my dream, my boyfriend goes away one night. He wears a back pack and what he gestures to me as we part ways is that as he walks away, he just turns his back then gone".   

-----dream's relevance: It was a dream before she separated from her daughter's father. The next day after she had this dream, her boyfriend's uncle informed her that he went away just bringing his back up with him. 
* Dream 3:
         " In my dream, I hear somebody knocking my bedroom door and when I open it, there is this lady standing then she hands over to me a baby". 

-----dream's relevance: After a few months, she and her family learned that her sister was pregnant and later, delivered  a baby girl during her (dreamer) birthday.

          Moreover, our sharer has other dreams which she claimed that later in her life, they became realities. In her case, I would say that there is that sense of connectedness between her life and her dreams. Were they all coincidences or not? I could never tell - perhaps they were or it could also be that she has the gift of foretelling certain events in her life through dreams. 

          As I remember back our study on dreams in one of the schools in Chicago, USA, we dwelt on several interpretations of dreams. In my friend's case, I  invited her to focus her energy on those parts  that she considered relevant to her waking life. A dream is composed of various important parts and it is the dreamer's option to pick out those which are most touching to him.

          After all, it is the dreamer who can evaluate a dream's impact on her/his life. On the other hand, my role lies on being a facilitator in identifying connections of any dream to one's waking life. This is done by allowing the dreamer to undergo certain accompaniment so that he will see his dream's impact. 

p.s. I thank my friend, EMILY C. DEVILBISS of Maryland, USA for sharing her story.

Sunday 1 September 2013


          We welcome this new month of September and we say goodbye to the month of August. Indeed we have so many reasons to say THANK YOU for all the good things we received and shared with our loved ones for last month. As we start this new month, we also welcome the season of spring and it indeed brings us a warmer weather as well as a brighter atmosphere around us. 

          Welcoming this new season, it helps us to be aware of so many opportunities for new growth of love and peace among us. Furthermore what makes this new day of the month a significant one is that we celebrate today Father's Day.
Thus we honor all fathers out there and even though our commercial world nowadays constantly insists us to acknowledge fathers with endless list of "perfect gifts"  on a mere material value yet in the real sense of the word, there is no perfect gift to bring honor to all these dads just on such level.

          Their examples display to their families every moment in their lives make it more meaningful to every child to recognize their contributions to every child's development. Instead everyone needs to understand on a more deeper level the relevance of all dads that they all deserve a heartfelt recognition and appreciation.

          Thus as anyone recognizes and acknowledges any father's love and sacrifice for the children, may we bear in our minds their constant welfare so that they can continue extending their genuine love to their families. After all, love begets love hence there is no greater love that every child could extend to his/her dad except by sharing one's real love in return.

Saturday 24 August 2013


          Nowadays, people are making busy into various trends such as film making, mountain climbing, clothes, diving, and many more. And one of those trends which is popular today is blogging. Blogging actually is like maintaining an online diary. Moreover, there are different purposes why a certain person blogs and these could be for personal, pleasure or business reasons. 
        Blogging is a very interesting avenue for anyone to express all about himself/herself. As such, it is a very effective tool in reaching out to others in a sense that each one is so complex and full of experiences that one's life can be relative from the other. We learn to grow in so many factors and one of them is through interaction among others. 

          One interesting development nowadays is the evolution of the so-called web communication. So wide is this development that the world presently becomes a global village- we are seemed to be very close to one another yet in reality, we can be miles apart from one another. 
          With this perspective, blogging becomes one of those avenues wherein one person freely expresses himself/herself with others both near and far. It is such a great feeling to have our thoughts shared with others thinking that in whatever unique way we communicate with them known or unknown.

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Saturday 17 August 2013


          Life is such a wonderful gift and a great treasure yet once in a while it also becomes complicated. As we go along with it and develop different relationships, challenging situations also comes in. 

"As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed." - Vincent Van Gogh (
          As expressed by the famous Dutch impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh above, the more that we spend time on this world, the more that our journey then also becomes complex. Everyday we encounter various experiences that will help or unhelp the development of our wholebeing. Even if at times, there could be instances that it is hard for us to cope with the situation. We may differ in terms of our reactions to difficult situations. 

          While some may be strong enough to face them, others may wilt and softened after encountering a problem. May we always remember that problems are part and parcel of life. What counts most for us is the will to survive. 

          The will to hang on plays a significant role in this arena of life. As human as we are, it could be possible that we will be upset with any big problem. On the other hand, if and foremost we know what really the problem is, then we might as well know soon or later how to deal with it.

          One of life's treasures is the presence of other significant people thus in the midst all trivialities and tough situations, we will humble ourselves and acknowledge their presence, ask for comfort as well as assistance.
Pride makes it hard for us to do such gesture however, we need to lower our ego and recognize the special presence of others in our life. 

          May we never fail to constantly recognize that life is such a wonderful gift and let us then savor its every moment.

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Sunday 11 August 2013


          In any relationship, what greatly counts is the trust and respect that partners endow to each other. However, it takes a while before genuine trust will blossom in the relationship. Challenging indeed is the criteria given to the manner of improving trust in the relationship. We all know that we have our highs and lows, yin and yang, strengths and weaknesses etc.  
          Oftentimes, what is easier for us is to show our good side and merely keep hidden our negative side. However there are also times that situations go wrong and come beyond our control. It is during such events that the "demons"- so to speak, come out of us. Why then are we afraid to show the real "US"? many reasons can come out of our minds yet one among them is our fear that we will not be accepted by others especially by people dear to us if we come out of our comfort zones.

          That situation then is the challenge for all of us- to show the real persons that we have in and out. If we are able to do so then we can say that we succeed in trusting ourselves and others and that we will be accepted and loved by being who we are.

          On the other hand, trust goes together with respect. Respect also means our ability to demonstrate understanding, acceptance, and loved to the other person nowithstanding who or what he/she is.  Real respect comes out of one's heart and this should be devoid of any terms and conditions. If somebody respects another just because of fear then that may not be "respect" at all but rather a plain "fear".

          Real respect happens when someone extends his/her hand to the other person for he/she feels and senses the other person's sense of dignity and being special. 
          Hence when we are able to show mutually trust and respect for each other, real relationships will also follow and blossom. Consequently, happiness and contentment will be treasured by all persons involved in the relationship. 

Tuesday 6 August 2013


          If you want to join  a profitable business from the comfort of your homes, the Strong Future International Inc. is the place to be. Thus I am sharing with you my blog on my affiliate marketing business. Just feel free to read my different information shared on this blog.

          Here then is my SFI blog:    Feel free and enjoy reading various resources there on SFI. Here below also is the link to register as a member of SFI Gateway Website.

          Thus be sure to make your spare time a profitable one by spending your time with SFI. Be productive rather than just sitting idly.

Sunday 4 August 2013


          How would you perceive the image of the cross? Is it a sign of a victory or a defeat? Is it a sign of hope or a sign of failure? These are but some of the questions we can raise in our mind in relation to today's complex world.

          Personally, I would claim that we should always be grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for His preparedness to sacrifice even His own life to merit our salvation. With this in mind and in heart, I unceasingly put my prayer that may our minds be enlightened by the power of the Holy Spirit, the source of truth, so that any decision that we will make about other people may be all honest and sincere. if we can live by the principles of truth the we will contribute to the peace and harmony in our society no matter where we are in. 

          Consequently the image of the cross for me is a paradox of what it meant to be for others. The cross where Jesus died is a complete manifestation of His triumph over our sins. When humanity suffers insults and rejection because of the desire to follow Christ, there comes the influence of Mary in our life being the spiritual mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, who while witnessing the humiliation of her son, pleaded to God the Father for the forgiveness of His executioners and also for our conversion as sinners. 

          Thus, the cross at this time wherein our world is so overwhelmed at times by sufferings, humiliations, corruptions, becomes a symbol of good being triumphant over evil. May we then continue to imitate all these examples in our life in spite of all the odds out there, witnessing and believing in the concrete sacrificial act done by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Saturday 27 July 2013


          For Type 2 in the Enneagram, basically the idea of LOVING is such an essential issue. One's self worth plays a major role in this type. And as human as we are, this is one of our primary needs yet for those who belong to this type, if left unchecked and not processed, this could lead to distractions and unwillingness to go forward in one's journey.

Here then are some of the characteristics of this type:

"Healthy loop controlled by Basic Desire:
Need to be loved -> help others -> loved -> Need to be lovedIn the healthy state, the need to be loved induces Type Twos to help others which causes them to be loved. When Twos feel loved, the need is satisfied and a balance is reached.
In the average state, when Twos' are not helping others and are not loved, the need to be loved increases, which helps Twos to again reach out and help others. Thus the balancing loop can help Twos to recover.

Unhealthy loop controlled by Basic Fear:
Fear of being unloved -> resent and manipulate others -> loved -> Fear of being unlovedIn the unhealthy state, the basic fear of being unloved can cause Type Twos to feel resentful and try to manipulate others into loving them. This can cause people to love them even less, which further increases Twos' basic fear. The cycle continues to build up.
We can see from the diagram that a way to help break the control of the basic fear is to weaken the unhealthy loop. Twos can refrain from manipulating others but start to genuinely help others. This will cause Twos to be loved, and thus reduce the fear of being unloved." 

          Thus, the emphasis on LOVING is so essential to number 2's that at times, one's needs are set aside for the sake of extending and helping others first. Just like any other number on the Enneagram, what is beneficial for everyone is the knowledge on each number's positive and negative attributes.

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Wednesday 17 July 2013

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Tuesday 16 July 2013


          Enneagram is such a wide world of learnings especially to one's personality. As I mentioned in my previous post, MY PERSONALITY TYPE: THE ENNEAGRAM, any learning one can get from this study will become a tool in dealing positively with others. Interpersonal relationship plays a very essential role in one's life. 

          We need to interact with others and in all these interactions, there are highs and lows thus in whatever situation one is in, it is very vital that he/she has hold on his/her own self so as to be effective in dealing to any given situation.
Through resources, we will then enrich ourselves with information so that we will be acquainted with characteristics on the 9 numbers of Enneagram. Firstly, #1 will be discussed through some descriptions below:

Need to be right -; seek truth -; do the right thing -; Need to be right
In the healthy state, the need to be right induces Type Ones to seek truth and do the right thing. When Ones are doing the right thing, the need is satisfied and a balance is reached.
In the average state, when Ones' are not working hard to seek the truth and do the right thing, the need to be right increases, which helps Ones to again work hard to seek the truth. Thus the balancing loop can help Ones to recover.
Fear of being condemned -; correct others -; do the right thing -; Fear of being condemned
In the unhealthy state, the basic fear of being condemned can cause Type Ones to correct and condemn others first as a defense, which is often not the right thing to do, which further increases Ones' basic fear. The cycle continues to build up.

We can see from the diagram that a way to help break the control of the basic fear is to weaken the unhealthy loop. Ones can refrain from correcting others and start examining self for truth, which will help Ones to do the right thing, and reduce the fear of being condemned."
          As such, we will know that there would always be two parts of any number the healthy and the unhealthy sides. What is important is the knowledge about these two sides on any number. Though it is such a wide world to be well informed about those 9 numbers, yet gradually one can achieve it especially if he/she is determined to gain more of their backgrounds.

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