Saturday 24 August 2013


          Nowadays, people are making busy into various trends such as film making, mountain climbing, clothes, diving, and many more. And one of those trends which is popular today is blogging. Blogging actually is like maintaining an online diary. Moreover, there are different purposes why a certain person blogs and these could be for personal, pleasure or business reasons. 
        Blogging is a very interesting avenue for anyone to express all about himself/herself. As such, it is a very effective tool in reaching out to others in a sense that each one is so complex and full of experiences that one's life can be relative from the other. We learn to grow in so many factors and one of them is through interaction among others. 

          One interesting development nowadays is the evolution of the so-called web communication. So wide is this development that the world presently becomes a global village- we are seemed to be very close to one another yet in reality, we can be miles apart from one another. 
          With this perspective, blogging becomes one of those avenues wherein one person freely expresses himself/herself with others both near and far. It is such a great feeling to have our thoughts shared with others thinking that in whatever unique way we communicate with them known or unknown.

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  1. We only need to spend a few minutes each day to express ourselves- our inner thoughts, desires, anguish, contentment etc to others. That's one of the greatest gift tah we can have----the freedom to share with anybody out there our inner self. We always feel comfort and secure when we are freely expressing ourselves with others.

    Hence I am encouraging anyone to share with me and with others your thoughts here so as to enrich ourselves with the abundance of your life's experiences.


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