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Saturday 14 September 2013

Share One's Talents

          Just today, me and my wife watched the Australian reality series Australia's Got Talent and I was struck by one of the participants who, in spite of her age, she still was able to perform on stage. She's 60 years old already yet at that age, she still is very much willing to share her gifts to others including us who were watching the said show. 

          The four judges were awed by her rendition of a song that they all gave her a thumbs up and she received four yes votes from them. Basically, each one of us is gifted with certain capabilities, skills, and other resources. We differ in our gifts and even for some, their skills and gifts are left unattended and just there inside of them waiting to be tapped. 

          One good response that we can give to these blessings that we have is by sharing them to others so in that way, we even can make ourselves instruments for others to be happy. On the other hand, the very least that we can do is just ignore and hide them instead inside of us. What is worst sometimes is that when envy of others' talents settles in our hearts and we begin to feel unworthy and unloved by people close to us. 

          Thus personally, I believe that we should be grateful for all these positive things in us (singing, speaking, creating skills etc.) and we should also be willing to extend them to others.

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