Tuesday 1 October 2013

The Impact of PHC (Primary Health Care) to the Community

          As I go on with my online course, I just want to share with you the relevance of our course to us all. It is a 5-week course with the main concern on the impact of PHC (primary health care) to people especially to those who are less privileged in terms of health issues. 

          Our recent chapter involved some resource videos. Among them, I was overwhelmed to discover the development of PHC along all those years. Enriching, moving and so powerful- those are the words that I can extend to describe the lecture of Dr. Carl Taylor in one video. Indeed, he noted the immense development in the field of primary health care along the years. What was touching in his sharing is that PHC becomes a tool to extend health care to those who are deprived and sufferings.

           Another resource person of the lecture was Dr. Abhay Bang-Shodhgram who in his video shared that "PHC is crucial to empower the people so as to save the poor and the unborn"1. If realized, this is a great development and help to those who need it. As I reviewed both of these resource speakers' videos, I found out that their point and emphasis is very much similar to each other.
          Another interesting contribution  which I got from the resources is that "women are trained to be local agents of positive health and social change"2. The proponent of this is Raj Panjabi who became a co-founder of TH (TIYATIEN HEALTH). By tapping the resources of women as agents to extend positive health care to others especially to their fellow women, the quality of the women's life will be promoted. 

          Further readings and quotation were given in the class and those mentioned above were personally the dominant ones when contributions to the upliftment of the life of the poor is based. However as I end this post, can we also ask ourselves this question, " Have we allowed ourselves to become agents of change for others?"


1.Video: Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health (SEARCH) by Dr. Abhay Bang-ShodhGram
2Video: Post- Conflict Health: by: Raj Panjabi

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