Sunday 1 September 2013


          We welcome this new month of September and we say goodbye to the month of August. Indeed we have so many reasons to say THANK YOU for all the good things we received and shared with our loved ones for last month. As we start this new month, we also welcome the season of spring and it indeed brings us a warmer weather as well as a brighter atmosphere around us. 

          Welcoming this new season, it helps us to be aware of so many opportunities for new growth of love and peace among us. Furthermore what makes this new day of the month a significant one is that we celebrate today Father's Day.
Thus we honor all fathers out there and even though our commercial world nowadays constantly insists us to acknowledge fathers with endless list of "perfect gifts"  on a mere material value yet in the real sense of the word, there is no perfect gift to bring honor to all these dads just on such level.

          Their examples display to their families every moment in their lives make it more meaningful to every child to recognize their contributions to every child's development. Instead everyone needs to understand on a more deeper level the relevance of all dads that they all deserve a heartfelt recognition and appreciation.

          Thus as anyone recognizes and acknowledges any father's love and sacrifice for the children, may we bear in our minds their constant welfare so that they can continue extending their genuine love to their families. After all, love begets love hence there is no greater love that every child could extend to his/her dad except by sharing one's real love in return.

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