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Saturday 13 June 2015

To Be or Not to Be?

          Dreams have always been a part of our life. And they also drive us into more determination even at the steepest road we trek in life. Yet at the end of the day, it constantly goes back to us the answer whether we really want to realise those dreams or just leave them behind as such. 

          As one anonymous author said, " The tragedy of life is that many people have ambition and so few have ability." Agreeing to what he said, I would say that uniquely, we are gifted with resources such as abilities, talents, skills and others that would become our weapons to make true those dreams. 

          Regrettable as it could be, some of us fail to utilise those tools so that we will reach our goal of success. Don't ever focus on those negative points in your life instead give your full attention to what lies ahead and what is present to you. And the most important of all, learn to express gratitude to those gifts you own since through them, you are and will going to achieve those dreams treasured inside of yourself. 

        Thus, ask constantly oneself, "To be or not to be?" and be ready to embrace the consequence of your choice. 


Saturday 1 March 2014

How Much Time......

         As you welcome another month, you will surely be thinking now on your coming activities such as bonding with your loved ones, going out with friends, fulfilling commitments at work and many more. 

          As such, in spite of this frenzied life, let this be a part of your daily activity to reflect on these matters:

1. How much time do you spend with your loved ones?  
          You know well that the significant people who surround you every moment are the same people that give you strength to move on and hang on to life in spite of all trials and baggages along the way. However past experiences will tell you that for many occasions in your life, you might have sacrificed being with them for some other reasons. 

              Have you asked yourself this question, " Am I physically and emotionally present to my family?", " Am I filled with excitement and joy everytime I join my family on everyday activities?  As you proceed with your journey in life, you need to be true to yourself. Consequently make yourself available in all times to your loved ones and as outcome, you will receive from them their true love and affection;

2. How much time do you spend for yourself?
          Much have been said about you giving out to others, now let yourself be reminded that not at all in life is permanent. In fact, most of the things in life is mere temporary. They all come and go thus it is also crucial for you to spend time for yourself. Making it a habit to retreat once in a while so that you can have a private space to assess what is going on in your life. Amidst the noise of this life- its seemingly complicated facets- there lies that reality that you have to learn to comprehend your own "inner noise". 

           Many of us like to have so much fun, to be in a noisy crowd, to settle in a group with much food and drinks, and many more. But when you go back to your own self, you feel a certain uneasiness and discomfort since it is on this moment that you will be able to see this inner noise within you. However, when you go down in yourself and embrace your own noisiness, it is then that you allow yourself to truly own everything of you- in and out. You should learn to own everything of yourself. Do not celebrate life just because of your goodness but accept everything even your woundedness. 

3. How much time do you spend for your neighbors?
           Neighbors refer to people you come and interact with everyday. They include those persons whom you interact with in your workplace, in school, on any crowd and whatsoever. No matter how relative this reality could be yet what is important is that you learn how to treasure every moment that you spend with others. All your experiences with others enable you to be molded and to become the person that you are now. Relationship with others impact your life in varying degrees thus it is also fitting to express your gratefulness for those journeys you made with others.

           Hence, with these three essential components (loved ones, self and neighbours) of your life, much will be expected from you. Maintaining a harmonious as well as smooth relationship among them presents a great challenge nevertheless with dedication and determination, success will positively be at your door.


Saturday 26 October 2013

Be Responsible of One's Action

          "Shall I go to work today or not?", "Will I marry this girl/boy or not?", " To whom will I entrust my career?", "What will I do with my life?"......

          These are but just some of the questions that we may encounter in life. As we continue with our life journey, we also proceed making choices and decisions for its betterment. As one famous philosopher said, " Man is condemned to be free; because once he thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give LIFE a meaning."-  Jean-Paul Sartre

          What Sartre shares here is something which I deeply treasured in life. Every now and then, we take responsibility on decisions that we make either good or bad. Yet while we are free, we nevertheless are constantly guided by the basic reality that everything aims for goodness. Consequently, for every bad decision that we make, we take full responsibility of that. We are endowed with the will, wisdom and the intellect to weigh actions whether good or bad.  

By graur codrin, published on 13 October 2010
          Experience will tell us that sometimes in life, we come up with decisions that are against our norms and values, or standards and beliefs. Instances wherein we really are not at ease and glad to be involved to. Somehow, in all those occasions, what counts most for us is that we are able to stand on our own and that we own total responsibility of such decisions and situations. 

          Regardless of its outcome, we are never in the position to put the blame on others. As Sartre said, we are the ones who will give meaning to this life so that then it will become worth living. We are created unique from one another and this allows us to appreciate each other's uniqueness. Further, being different enables us to realize that we need each other ---that we don't really have to exploit and downgrade each other to reign supreme in our life. 

          On the other hand, we are constantly invited to utilize our resources to progress peace and harmony among us. Sad to say that in this world's present reality, this is far from what's going on in some places around us. However, I still firmly believe that inside our hearts, there is still lies our innate goodness. With this, a world that is colored by love and meaning is still reachable. 

          Thus, what will help us reaching that world is by being responsible to every action that we will take with the consistent consideration to a life that is aimed for goodness.    

          Anyway, are we responsible enough in life?

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Friday 6 September 2013


          Everyday we encounter #dreams in our sleep. And each of them plays various interpretations. Hence in my post today, I will share with you insights coming from friend's dreams. Actually, I could not help myself but be amused by her sharings on her dreams. What was touching in her dreams was their resemblance to her waking life. Below are some of her dreams as she shared them with me:

* Dream 1: 
          "I see in my dream a guy whom I haven't met in my life. One time, he is bringing a soccer ball with him. Then he brings me to his house which I notice that it is not lighted enough. We go through the kitchen door. Their house's style is  extremely different from houses way back home. When we enter the kitchen, there's an old man sitting on a chair in the dining area. Then as we come into the living room, there is this old woman sitting calmly on a sofa". 
 -----relevance of this dream to the dreamer: when she was married to her husband,  she remembered that he looks very much alike with that guy in her dream. Then asking him about soccer game, he said he was previously playing the game and in fact, he was once a winner of the "Best Player" award. Further, she recalled that when they went to her husband's house, she recognized it as that in her dream. It was there that she also met his mother and step dad. 

* Dream  2:
          "In my dream, my boyfriend goes away one night. He wears a back pack and what he gestures to me as we part ways is that as he walks away, he just turns his back then gone".   

-----dream's relevance: It was a dream before she separated from her daughter's father. The next day after she had this dream, her boyfriend's uncle informed her that he went away just bringing his back up with him. 
* Dream 3:
         " In my dream, I hear somebody knocking my bedroom door and when I open it, there is this lady standing then she hands over to me a baby". 

-----dream's relevance: After a few months, she and her family learned that her sister was pregnant and later, delivered  a baby girl during her (dreamer) birthday.

          Moreover, our sharer has other dreams which she claimed that later in her life, they became realities. In her case, I would say that there is that sense of connectedness between her life and her dreams. Were they all coincidences or not? I could never tell - perhaps they were or it could also be that she has the gift of foretelling certain events in her life through dreams. 

          As I remember back our study on dreams in one of the schools in Chicago, USA, we dwelt on several interpretations of dreams. In my friend's case, I  invited her to focus her energy on those parts  that she considered relevant to her waking life. A dream is composed of various important parts and it is the dreamer's option to pick out those which are most touching to him.

          After all, it is the dreamer who can evaluate a dream's impact on her/his life. On the other hand, my role lies on being a facilitator in identifying connections of any dream to one's waking life. This is done by allowing the dreamer to undergo certain accompaniment so that he will see his dream's impact. 

p.s. I thank my friend, EMILY C. DEVILBISS of Maryland, USA for sharing her story.

Wednesday 3 July 2013


          What a beautiful day for me today----everything became a sort of a blessing.... From the moment I woke up, went to work and came back home, everything was on its proper place. My mates were mostly energetic as well hence I also received that positive vibes from them. Experience would tell me that when I and those people around me are  showing positive vibrations, tasks and relationships tend to become light.

          It's true that when we radiate positive aura to others, we will also receive positive aura in return. Moreover I believe that being positive goes along with one's ability to stay focus in all things to be fulfilled.

          Being constantly focus in everything we do is not an easy thing to fulfill. It entails such rich resources of patience and stability. Patience in the sense that as human as we are, we tend to overdo things- we like to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time. I'm not saying that it is wrong or it is not possible. Many gifted and trained people are able to accomplish such task yet  a large number also including myself are at times lost since the sense of being focus is absent. Can you recall concretely any event in your life wherein you are trying so hard to fulfill a certain task when suddenly a separate and unrelated thing popped up? Or you are at the verge of making it to the finish line of your work when suddenly your mind wanders so very far away? These are frustrating moments in our life yet they are also very true to you and me.
          Thus, it is with such gratitude that I thank my Divine Creator for allowing me to stay focus each day in my tasks and in my relationships. Somehow, somewhere the road towards the end of each of our journeys seems  so overwhelming, tricky, challenging yet certain factors like determination and focus can assist us to reach it at the peak. 

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Sunday 23 June 2013


          Significant people are ones who can give us comfort and strength when things are getting rough and tough...when everything seems so blurred, they come to our rescue and offer us a sense of perspective. Thus, it is but fitting to remember them always in our hearts including those who are away from us anymore-our faithful departed.

          Their memories and legacy will constantly remind us of their presence. They are merely physically absent from us yet their examples and good deeds guide us in choosing what is best for us. We always have 24 hours in a day and how great it is when we appropriate a part of these 24 hours to offer our prayers for these significant people for they would always be present in our life.
          Physically absent yet their love would always be our source of inspiration. I remember concretely  my mother who died many years ago. Ever since I  was  a kid, she was my mentor in my prayer life. She everyday initiated us into good deeds especially to prayer by reciting the holy rosary. Every Sunday is always a day of obligation. When everybody seemed to be enjoying their rest on Sundays, she constantly became the first person to wake us all up and prepared ourselves for mass.

          Hence, I offer my daily prayers for my beloved Mama and for other faithful departed and this allows me to continue my connections with them. Do you also keep in your hearts and prayers your own departed loved ones?...


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