Saturday 12 October 2013

"Is Google's Intention to Digitize the World's Books a Good Thing or a Bad Thing, and For Whom?"

          As I keep  myself busy with my online course, the more knowledge that I received consequently by the resources and reading we have on this. We know how powerful the influence of the internet nowadays and that's exactly the focus of this university-level study as we discuss on the topic, "Understanding Media by Understanding Google" by Prof. Owen R. Youngman under Northwestern University. Hence, I would also like to share with you my reflection on our subject. 

          Quoting from the question itself, "Is Google's intention to digitize all the world's books a good thing or a bad thing, and for whom?, my answer would be both good and bad. On the first place, I would say that it is good. Why? As Google emerges as a leading contributor to the world becoming a global village, the more that relationships among people of different races become augmented since the distance among nations both near and far becomes a "mere" closer one due to innovations brought by Google like Gmail, Blogger etc. To cite another example, allow me to share with you this resource, 

          "Google will help ........and set up a €60m (£52m) fund to finance digital publishing innovation......"-

          Seeing the contribution of Google on this quoted news release, the recipients then of this act will benefit and reap the fruits of such a genuine contribution. 

          On the other hand, Google's intention to digitize all the world's books could also have some repercussions as I quoted it below:

           "If Google is the main source, what picture of reality does it give us? It is “sometimes harmful when people [..] trust a simple Google search as the first step towards the truth” (p. 78) because the results have already been filtered by your preferences, location and previous searches. You never know what Google doesn’t show you."- Book Review: The Googlization of EVerything (And Why We Should Worry) by Siva Vaidhyanathan By: Floris Spronk....

          Thus it could also be bad for anybody if he/she will just absorb everything what Google say without weighing first other resources. Yes it is true that Google has made enormous contributions yet we could not deny the fact that there are other possible resources of what could have been considered as TRUTH.


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