Sunday 11 August 2013


          In any relationship, what greatly counts is the trust and respect that partners endow to each other. However, it takes a while before genuine trust will blossom in the relationship. Challenging indeed is the criteria given to the manner of improving trust in the relationship. We all know that we have our highs and lows, yin and yang, strengths and weaknesses etc.  
          Oftentimes, what is easier for us is to show our good side and merely keep hidden our negative side. However there are also times that situations go wrong and come beyond our control. It is during such events that the "demons"- so to speak, come out of us. Why then are we afraid to show the real "US"? many reasons can come out of our minds yet one among them is our fear that we will not be accepted by others especially by people dear to us if we come out of our comfort zones.

          That situation then is the challenge for all of us- to show the real persons that we have in and out. If we are able to do so then we can say that we succeed in trusting ourselves and others and that we will be accepted and loved by being who we are.

          On the other hand, trust goes together with respect. Respect also means our ability to demonstrate understanding, acceptance, and loved to the other person nowithstanding who or what he/she is.  Real respect comes out of one's heart and this should be devoid of any terms and conditions. If somebody respects another just because of fear then that may not be "respect" at all but rather a plain "fear".

          Real respect happens when someone extends his/her hand to the other person for he/she feels and senses the other person's sense of dignity and being special. 
          Hence when we are able to show mutually trust and respect for each other, real relationships will also follow and blossom. Consequently, happiness and contentment will be treasured by all persons involved in the relationship. 

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