Wednesday 20 March 2013

How Could We Be Relevant To Each Other?

         When we talk about relevance, it is then essential to know how do we relate to each other. I mean there could be so many labels about relationships -some of these could just be cliche, others would be the skin- deep type and many could be so significant that we mark them deep inside ourselves. Hence, any story about human interest like when a client feels excitement upon trying a new brand or a story about a customer being so overwhelmed by the success of a brand launching is worth note taking. These are examples of basic human experiences that are entertaining and interesting to you and me. Another way could be by telling how somebody overwhelms the sting of being deprived, underprivileged or non privileged to emerge as triumphant at the end.
          When we discuss on human interests, I understand that we normally don't want facts but rather we are moved by the impact of a person's story and life on you and me. How we are affected by certain persons and events in our life is more of an imprint to us. We, human beings,   are more focused on the the experiential level--what is it that we can see, touch and feel--this then plays a significant part in our hearts and minds.

          That exactly was my experience some years back when I personally befriended somebody who lost his left arm due to an accident. When someone sees him in such a condition and who doesn't know him personally can get him wrong and would possibly conclude that he is living a desperate life. One cannot help but feel pity and remorse for his situation. In a very progressive society like Chicago, one can but feel wondering how such a handicapped person could live and survive.
         Ironically, the contrast was what I felt for him ever since the first time that I found him selling newspapers on the  side of a road. Being interested on people, I readily smiled at him and I was glad when he smiled back at me. That was the beginning of our friendship. He had a family of his own----had two sons and a wife. During the next days, he  was consistently present in his place  even during summer with its scorching heat as well as on winter when temperature dropped at times at below zero degrees. A couple of times, I chatted with him either on my way to or from our sessions. One time, I had the chance to invite him for some food and there, I learned more details of him.

         What was so striking to me in all his sharing was that he disregarded the sting of the weather whether it's winter or summer. He joyfully and consistently performed his duties  in the name of his love and concern for his family. Yes it was true that he received some assistance from  the government  yet he told me that he went on working since he was so inspired by his two sons who at that time were doing well in all their studies. Looking back on that experience, I came up with one realization that one's deprivation is not a hindrance for him/her to reach his/her dreams if he/she instills in his/her  mind and heart that everything is done in the name of love. Finally anybody who has the same positive story of winning is very much welcomed to share his/her story here.

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  1. Maintaining a productive and a positive relationship with others is a very essential to human beings. Basically human beings are expected to relate with one another. No one could ever live just by himself/herself alone. That is why we need to realize that others exist so as to let us recognize our need for others. It is basically a give and take relationship for you and me. We complement whatever is it that we lack in ourselves. We mutually need one another.


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