Sunday, 17 March 2013


          Nowadays, it is but a very common sight that children are exposed to all the latest gadgets that we have. Latest models of cell phones.formation helicopters, parrot ER Drone, etc are just some of the latest gadgets that we presently have. Personally, I believe that modern innovations have both good and bad effects on them however, today's parents as well as adults possess a very significant role in accompanying these children to present to them both the positive and negative effects of technology to our lives.

                   Moreover, no one could ever separate the present technologies with the development of our children. We as parents should be the primary contributors and models to them. As the years will go by, technology will be more advanced. If it therefore presents a very significant impact on the lives of the children, both parents and adults should also perform  their roles in a very positive way. Thus, a great challenge is thrown on them to face off squarely any negative influence of modern technology.
          As conclusion, ask yourself this question, " Have I played my role as an effective parent/adult to my children so as to positively guide them on how to use today's modern gadgets/technology?" 

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