Tuesday 12 March 2013

My MOOMBA Festival 2013 Experience

"Event History

The first Moomba procession, March 1955
MOOMBA FESTIVAL was a 15 day festival officially opened on March 12, 1955 by Governor Sir Dallas Brooks.[4] The inaugural programme included a fireworks display, parade, vintage car display, Henley rowing regatta, river floats including a "Lord Mayor's houseboat", cycling race, tennis at Kooyong, concerts including performances by the Victorian Symphony Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic choir, crowning of the Queen of Moomba and riverside carnival. 25,000 turned out to watch the inaugural Moomba parade down Swanston Street. The first Moomba was heavily criticised by Melbourne's conservative establishment, including the Anglican church which at the time claimed it was hedonistic and embodying social decay.[5] Council responded to the criticism citing that Moomba was intended to be a festival for families and as such is reinforcing family values in society.
Moomba, also known as Moomba Festival, held annually in Melbourne, is Australia's longest free community festival.  And finally, the official translation of MOOMBA is "let's get together and have some fun" - Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

For this year's festival, I and my wife were lucky to have witnessed  the final day- the festival day itself. Most of the celebrations were held at river Bank, Federation Square and at the Yarra River itself.  Among the amusements were: carnival including Ferris Wheel, food stalls, various games, face painting, minute exhibit and many more. It was very evident to me that all really had a good time while participating in all events. The laughters, the shouts, the chasing of the children and the adults, everything I saw was a manifestation of the day's excitement. Moreover, I observed that everyone , old and the young alike, big and small, white and black, enjoyed the day's festivities. Therefore, Moomba united the people of Melbourne and it crossed any boundary or bias that anybody may bring within himself/herself.  

On the other hand, what I enjoyed the most was the water events in particular the Women's slalom final, the Men's slalom final, Men's long jump, and the Women's long jump. I was so delighted to witness world class performances from the finest athletes representing some parts of the world such as Florida, France, Canada and Russia.  I was in awe as I watched their breathtaking stunts and jumps. Hence putting all these positive experiences that I have for this year's Moomba festival, I could claim that I am eagerly looking forward to next year's festival. 
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