Saturday 24 August 2013


          Nowadays, people are making busy into various trends such as film making, mountain climbing, clothes, diving, and many more. And one of those trends which is popular today is blogging. Blogging actually is like maintaining an online diary. Moreover, there are different purposes why a certain person blogs and these could be for personal, pleasure or business reasons. 
        Blogging is a very interesting avenue for anyone to express all about himself/herself. As such, it is a very effective tool in reaching out to others in a sense that each one is so complex and full of experiences that one's life can be relative from the other. We learn to grow in so many factors and one of them is through interaction among others. 

          One interesting development nowadays is the evolution of the so-called web communication. So wide is this development that the world presently becomes a global village- we are seemed to be very close to one another yet in reality, we can be miles apart from one another. 
          With this perspective, blogging becomes one of those avenues wherein one person freely expresses himself/herself with others both near and far. It is such a great feeling to have our thoughts shared with others thinking that in whatever unique way we communicate with them known or unknown.

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Saturday 17 August 2013


          Life is such a wonderful gift and a great treasure yet once in a while it also becomes complicated. As we go along with it and develop different relationships, challenging situations also comes in. 

"As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed." - Vincent Van Gogh (
          As expressed by the famous Dutch impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh above, the more that we spend time on this world, the more that our journey then also becomes complex. Everyday we encounter various experiences that will help or unhelp the development of our wholebeing. Even if at times, there could be instances that it is hard for us to cope with the situation. We may differ in terms of our reactions to difficult situations. 

          While some may be strong enough to face them, others may wilt and softened after encountering a problem. May we always remember that problems are part and parcel of life. What counts most for us is the will to survive. 

          The will to hang on plays a significant role in this arena of life. As human as we are, it could be possible that we will be upset with any big problem. On the other hand, if and foremost we know what really the problem is, then we might as well know soon or later how to deal with it.

          One of life's treasures is the presence of other significant people thus in the midst all trivialities and tough situations, we will humble ourselves and acknowledge their presence, ask for comfort as well as assistance.
Pride makes it hard for us to do such gesture however, we need to lower our ego and recognize the special presence of others in our life. 

          May we never fail to constantly recognize that life is such a wonderful gift and let us then savor its every moment.

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Sunday 11 August 2013


          In any relationship, what greatly counts is the trust and respect that partners endow to each other. However, it takes a while before genuine trust will blossom in the relationship. Challenging indeed is the criteria given to the manner of improving trust in the relationship. We all know that we have our highs and lows, yin and yang, strengths and weaknesses etc.  
          Oftentimes, what is easier for us is to show our good side and merely keep hidden our negative side. However there are also times that situations go wrong and come beyond our control. It is during such events that the "demons"- so to speak, come out of us. Why then are we afraid to show the real "US"? many reasons can come out of our minds yet one among them is our fear that we will not be accepted by others especially by people dear to us if we come out of our comfort zones.

          That situation then is the challenge for all of us- to show the real persons that we have in and out. If we are able to do so then we can say that we succeed in trusting ourselves and others and that we will be accepted and loved by being who we are.

          On the other hand, trust goes together with respect. Respect also means our ability to demonstrate understanding, acceptance, and loved to the other person nowithstanding who or what he/she is.  Real respect comes out of one's heart and this should be devoid of any terms and conditions. If somebody respects another just because of fear then that may not be "respect" at all but rather a plain "fear".

          Real respect happens when someone extends his/her hand to the other person for he/she feels and senses the other person's sense of dignity and being special. 
          Hence when we are able to show mutually trust and respect for each other, real relationships will also follow and blossom. Consequently, happiness and contentment will be treasured by all persons involved in the relationship. 

Tuesday 6 August 2013


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Sunday 4 August 2013


          How would you perceive the image of the cross? Is it a sign of a victory or a defeat? Is it a sign of hope or a sign of failure? These are but some of the questions we can raise in our mind in relation to today's complex world.

          Personally, I would claim that we should always be grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for His preparedness to sacrifice even His own life to merit our salvation. With this in mind and in heart, I unceasingly put my prayer that may our minds be enlightened by the power of the Holy Spirit, the source of truth, so that any decision that we will make about other people may be all honest and sincere. if we can live by the principles of truth the we will contribute to the peace and harmony in our society no matter where we are in. 

          Consequently the image of the cross for me is a paradox of what it meant to be for others. The cross where Jesus died is a complete manifestation of His triumph over our sins. When humanity suffers insults and rejection because of the desire to follow Christ, there comes the influence of Mary in our life being the spiritual mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, who while witnessing the humiliation of her son, pleaded to God the Father for the forgiveness of His executioners and also for our conversion as sinners. 

          Thus, the cross at this time wherein our world is so overwhelmed at times by sufferings, humiliations, corruptions, becomes a symbol of good being triumphant over evil. May we then continue to imitate all these examples in our life in spite of all the odds out there, witnessing and believing in the concrete sacrificial act done by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Saturday 27 July 2013


          For Type 2 in the Enneagram, basically the idea of LOVING is such an essential issue. One's self worth plays a major role in this type. And as human as we are, this is one of our primary needs yet for those who belong to this type, if left unchecked and not processed, this could lead to distractions and unwillingness to go forward in one's journey.

Here then are some of the characteristics of this type:

"Healthy loop controlled by Basic Desire:
Need to be loved -> help others -> loved -> Need to be lovedIn the healthy state, the need to be loved induces Type Twos to help others which causes them to be loved. When Twos feel loved, the need is satisfied and a balance is reached.
In the average state, when Twos' are not helping others and are not loved, the need to be loved increases, which helps Twos to again reach out and help others. Thus the balancing loop can help Twos to recover.

Unhealthy loop controlled by Basic Fear:
Fear of being unloved -> resent and manipulate others -> loved -> Fear of being unlovedIn the unhealthy state, the basic fear of being unloved can cause Type Twos to feel resentful and try to manipulate others into loving them. This can cause people to love them even less, which further increases Twos' basic fear. The cycle continues to build up.
We can see from the diagram that a way to help break the control of the basic fear is to weaken the unhealthy loop. Twos can refrain from manipulating others but start to genuinely help others. This will cause Twos to be loved, and thus reduce the fear of being unloved." 

          Thus, the emphasis on LOVING is so essential to number 2's that at times, one's needs are set aside for the sake of extending and helping others first. Just like any other number on the Enneagram, what is beneficial for everyone is the knowledge on each number's positive and negative attributes.

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Wednesday 17 July 2013

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Tuesday 16 July 2013


          Enneagram is such a wide world of learnings especially to one's personality. As I mentioned in my previous post, MY PERSONALITY TYPE: THE ENNEAGRAM, any learning one can get from this study will become a tool in dealing positively with others. Interpersonal relationship plays a very essential role in one's life. 

          We need to interact with others and in all these interactions, there are highs and lows thus in whatever situation one is in, it is very vital that he/she has hold on his/her own self so as to be effective in dealing to any given situation.
Through resources, we will then enrich ourselves with information so that we will be acquainted with characteristics on the 9 numbers of Enneagram. Firstly, #1 will be discussed through some descriptions below:

Need to be right -; seek truth -; do the right thing -; Need to be right
In the healthy state, the need to be right induces Type Ones to seek truth and do the right thing. When Ones are doing the right thing, the need is satisfied and a balance is reached.
In the average state, when Ones' are not working hard to seek the truth and do the right thing, the need to be right increases, which helps Ones to again work hard to seek the truth. Thus the balancing loop can help Ones to recover.
Fear of being condemned -; correct others -; do the right thing -; Fear of being condemned
In the unhealthy state, the basic fear of being condemned can cause Type Ones to correct and condemn others first as a defense, which is often not the right thing to do, which further increases Ones' basic fear. The cycle continues to build up.

We can see from the diagram that a way to help break the control of the basic fear is to weaken the unhealthy loop. Ones can refrain from correcting others and start examining self for truth, which will help Ones to do the right thing, and reduce the fear of being condemned."
          As such, we will know that there would always be two parts of any number the healthy and the unhealthy sides. What is important is the knowledge about these two sides on any number. Though it is such a wide world to be well informed about those 9 numbers, yet gradually one can achieve it especially if he/she is determined to gain more of their backgrounds.

Friday 12 July 2013


          Each day that I wake up, I always reflect on what this day brings to me and on others.At times, we worry so much on life's trivialities such as material things, wants and the like. Amidst all of these, I realize that my Divine Creator has been so understanding and generous to me each day. Thus instead of focusing solely on what  I will attain this day, I change my focus instead to how could I express my gratitude to God for His unending generosity for me. Multiple blessings have come in my life everyday and they become concrete manifestations of His love for me.

         The present challenge is how to extend and share this great love from God to others especially to my family- my wife and my little boy. I could reflect of so many things to perform yet I believe that even simpler things would be as big as they are in His eyes. He never measures my deeds rather I know that what counts most for HIM is the genuineness of all my actions and kindness towards myself and others. Hence there is always this personal and constant invitation to be a living instrument of God for others and I know that this entails a lot of sacrifices for me.

          However, believing constantly that He is always here, there and everywhere to guide and give me strength, I am positive that I can always perform my deeds as a person- an instrument of peace and love for others.

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Friday 5 July 2013


          Have you heard about the ENNEAGRAM? I find it so interesting since it deals about one's personality. With one's knowledge about his/her personality type, it therefore becomes a tool for him/ her to have a deeper understanding of oneself. On the other hand, this will serve as a method for understanding and welcoming the similarities as well as differences from one person to the other.
imagecourtesy:Lalaine Obrino Songalia
          ENNEGRAM is defined as "a geometric figure that delineates the nine basic personality of human nature and their complex interrelationships. That is exactly what I meant in my statement above that when this is familiarized, strengthening human relationships will become a reality. 

          To quote one blogger's reflection on ENNEAGRAM, " What I like most about it, it can show you your stress point and growth point. With ENNEAGRAM you will know the areas that you must improve on so you can be a fully integrated person. "- NOVA CRUZ (

          In my own enneagram type, I am a type ONE which is typically a reformer with a wing on TWO -The Helper. As a ONE, I am inclined to observe and practice an orderly sense in life. Moreover what is advantageous to me presently is that I am not imposing this sense of order with others even though at times, I am affected when things become disorder however I always put into consideration the characteristics and traits of others. 

          My second type (wing) is number TWO which is defined as the HELPER. However as a precaution, when left unhealthy, TWOs tend to practice self-denial thus allowing a person to merely deny his own needs and just recognizing other people's needs. Further, it is telling others the sense that "I don't need you; it is you  who needs me in your life". 
imagecourtesy:Lalaine Obrino Songalia
          In my case, I firmly believe that I can both be of help to others and that I also need them in my life. I would never survive just by myself alone. Through the Enneagram, being able to befriend oneself on a deeper level results to a more healthy dealings with others. 

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Wednesday 3 July 2013


          What a beautiful day for me today----everything became a sort of a blessing.... From the moment I woke up, went to work and came back home, everything was on its proper place. My mates were mostly energetic as well hence I also received that positive vibes from them. Experience would tell me that when I and those people around me are  showing positive vibrations, tasks and relationships tend to become light.

          It's true that when we radiate positive aura to others, we will also receive positive aura in return. Moreover I believe that being positive goes along with one's ability to stay focus in all things to be fulfilled.

          Being constantly focus in everything we do is not an easy thing to fulfill. It entails such rich resources of patience and stability. Patience in the sense that as human as we are, we tend to overdo things- we like to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time. I'm not saying that it is wrong or it is not possible. Many gifted and trained people are able to accomplish such task yet  a large number also including myself are at times lost since the sense of being focus is absent. Can you recall concretely any event in your life wherein you are trying so hard to fulfill a certain task when suddenly a separate and unrelated thing popped up? Or you are at the verge of making it to the finish line of your work when suddenly your mind wanders so very far away? These are frustrating moments in our life yet they are also very true to you and me.
          Thus, it is with such gratitude that I thank my Divine Creator for allowing me to stay focus each day in my tasks and in my relationships. Somehow, somewhere the road towards the end of each of our journeys seems  so overwhelming, tricky, challenging yet certain factors like determination and focus can assist us to reach it at the peak. 

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Sunday 30 June 2013


Thanks for the art of life!
Have you ever thought of the first sound, word, phrase, or sentence that you've made?
We can't really tell the things that we have been doing when we were still at the womb of our dearest mother..

They would probably tell us..we could create gurgling sounds, kicking sounds, so and so...
Well, those sounds weigh more than a thousand word, It's the sound of life!

It signifies that we are ready to face the world...
Have you ever count the number of sounds that you've made from the moment you were born?
Try to imagine the sound of breathing, the sound of your heartbeat...

Have you thank God for that?
Life is a journey that we have to survive step by step...
Let me share some sounds in my life that you can reflect with my next blogs.
Let us all be grateful that God has given all these opportunities to live with and discover the purpose of LIFE...
I'm blessed to have a friend who invited me to express my journey on this page that he has made.

This is such a great opportunity to create a sound, shout, word, phrase, sentence and blog that is worthful; by spreading the word of God.
...And realize that everything starts with GOD.
So let's continue our journey with HIM...

by: Sweetumz16
A guest blogger

Sunday 23 June 2013


                              Video courtesy of: Profe Teia    


          JOURNEY- a travel.....that's exactly what this life is. We are all in a journey. And on this journey, we are all companions. Whatever our destinations and routes are, at the end we could still say, "It's so great to finish the journey with you. Thank you for being there all throughout my journey."

          Moreover, this journey called LIFE starts with a single step. There could be times wherein we need to stop and take a rest for a while. At a certain point, we might fall down but let us all be sure that we are strong enough to stand up. At times, we might feel that we are alone.......yet we need to open our eyes and appreciate the presence of others who are just there somewhere guiding us along the way.  And certainly, we will feel great to realize that we are in a company in this journey. 

          At the end, it is not a  matter on how we start the journey, rather what counts most is how we end it. 

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          Significant people are ones who can give us comfort and strength when things are getting rough and tough...when everything seems so blurred, they come to our rescue and offer us a sense of perspective. Thus, it is but fitting to remember them always in our hearts including those who are away from us anymore-our faithful departed.

          Their memories and legacy will constantly remind us of their presence. They are merely physically absent from us yet their examples and good deeds guide us in choosing what is best for us. We always have 24 hours in a day and how great it is when we appropriate a part of these 24 hours to offer our prayers for these significant people for they would always be present in our life.
          Physically absent yet their love would always be our source of inspiration. I remember concretely  my mother who died many years ago. Ever since I  was  a kid, she was my mentor in my prayer life. She everyday initiated us into good deeds especially to prayer by reciting the holy rosary. Every Sunday is always a day of obligation. When everybody seemed to be enjoying their rest on Sundays, she constantly became the first person to wake us all up and prepared ourselves for mass.

          Hence, I offer my daily prayers for my beloved Mama and for other faithful departed and this allows me to continue my connections with them. Do you also keep in your hearts and prayers your own departed loved ones?...


Saturday 22 June 2013


It's SATURDAY and almost at the end of the week. I wake up with so much energy thinking that this day is a complete manifestation of God's undying love  for me- another new day, another new gift, another new blessing from HIM above. I have so many reasons to be grateful to HIM since I am blessed with a family of wonderful and loving people- my wife Yanyan and my son Kurt. They are the main reasons why everyday is such a wonderful and a fresh beginning for me.

           They are my main motivations that give me strength to face squarely every day's challenges and trials. Like any ordinary human being, I come face to face as well with life's trivialities- at times, my conviction to life is tested, at times my goal in life which is to be a constant God fearing individual is put into test by plenty difficult situations YET with my own faith and the LOVE that I receive from these two significant persons in my life, everything seems to be so light.

          Thus, I am very thankful to God above for giving me these gifts in life- my family. How about you, have you learned to embrace deep in your heart the presence of the other people in your life?

Saturday 15 June 2013


          Life as it is encompasses so many chapters. There were those which ended and there will be those that are still coming. Yet I personally believe that to be able to cherish life as it is, man should learn how to live life to its present reality- the here and now chapter of our life.

          I love to read quotations in life and oneof those which I treasure the most is this one from Buddha:" The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."- Buddha
           What I love in Buddha's words is its invitation for us all not to mourn whatever our past brought to us and not to worry as well to what will happen in our future. Rather we better invest our energy on living in the present for it is there that we can accomplish more in life. 

          Sad to say, there are several instances in a day that we lose our focus on the present moment rather we allow our minds to linger so much on the past and on the future. It is not bad after all to engage ourselves in those two realities yet if it then becomes too much that it greatly consumes our time in a day, then our here and now activities will surely be missed. 

          Just to emphasize my point, like when we are eating together with our family in a meal then instead of savoring the food and cherishing the presence of each one, our minds linger on the report that we will present the following day. Consequently, we deny ourselves the treasure of hearing the stories of those who are with us in the table aside from missing the delicious taste of the food.
          Aside from this situation, we can pinpoint several situations in a day wherein we stay out of focus on our here and now reality. We only need to accept what has been part of our history and we need to be open to what the  future will bring us. Being able to constantly be conscious to our present reality brings us into a deeper understanding of ourselves. We will then learn to embrace who we really are and at the same time, welcome both our positive and negative qualities. 

          After all, life is a constant journey and while we have others as our companions in this lifelong trip, the role of being the primary trekkers on this is left to ourselves.   

Monday 10 June 2013


          This is the second part of my post discussing about the importance of practicing and maintaining quality time with others especially with our loved ones. What is another striking element for me in what I quoted from my research, it is the part that says, "Usually time management is a necessity in any project development as it determines the project completion time and scope".

          Personally I consider each one's life journey as a personal endeavor and a project. We are the primary movers and doers in this personal project and whatever we attribute to this will make or break us.   The scope of this personal project (life journey) differs from one person to the other. What we therefore need individually is the self awareness that will enable us to plan and set directions to realize the project- our life.
          At times, the road ahead us in life is seemingly daunting. Yet when we have a hold of ourselves including our dreams, the road ahead will become visible and reachable. If we assess our past days, we can easily recognize those passed times that were spent unproductively, void and wasted. We have 24 hours in a day yet we can always ask ourselves, " How then we divide those 24 hours in one day?", " How much do we spend out of this number (24) in a positive way?" "Where there instances that we failed to reach out to others in a span of a day?" These are but just some of the basic questions that we can ask ourselves everyday.

          The project completion of our life depends much on our personal investment. Thus, we are challenged each day to consciously align our actions to the objectives that we laid down as part of our way towards the realization of our dream- a life we can claim as a fulfilled one.

Tuesday 4 June 2013


          Time is one of our treasures in life. Therefore it is always a daily routine for us to plan ahead what we have to do with our time. Thus, time management is very essential in our life journey. But how much do we really invest in time? How much time do we spend for our family, our loved ones or friends? What percentage of our daily time do we spend for our leisure? These are but some of the questions we can ask ourselves in relation to time. 

          One of the sources that I researched regarding time is shared below:

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Time management may be aided by a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals complying with a due date.

 This set encompasses a wide scope of activities, and these include planning,allocatingsetting goals, delegation, analysis of time spent, monitoring, organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing. Initially, time management referred to just business or work activities, but eventually the term broadened to include personal activities as well. A time management system is a designed combination of processes, tools, techniques, and methods. Usually time management is a necessity in any project development as it determines the project completion time and scope. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

          From this source, several components are being discussed and I would like to single out the element of "being able to consciously control our time" for whatever we want to do. We therefore  are the main protagonists each day on how we take control of our time from the time that we wake up then perform our different daily activities up to the time that we go to bed. No one could ever dictate us on what we are going to do with our time. However, it should always be a part of our consideration that our time should be shared and be spent in spreading love and concern for others.

          At times, relationships are being destroyed by the failure of each one to accord the other a quality time. Sometimes we think of any other excuses so as not to extend precious time with our loved ones. In some cases, we tend to enjoy and spend more time with officemates and friends rather than spending it with our family. What is being sacrificed is the guidance that our children specifically need from us. Consequently, there is this risk of soliciting this time and attention from other sources such as friends who can be bad influence, drugs, and vices.
          Hence, to rest assured our loved ones especially our children that they will experience quality time with us, we should always make it a conscious effort on our part to initiate interaction with them.  
  (part 1)

Saturday 1 June 2013


          Just recently, I did watch a movie entitled " SEVEN POUNDS" with Will Smith on the lead role. Just to give you a gist of the story, it all revolves on Tim Thomas (Will Smith). As a flashback, two years earlier, he was involved in a fatal car accident in which seven people were dead including his fiancee and six strangers. 

          Being at fault, he was so remorseful of this tragedy. He was texting while driving his car thus resulting to his failure to control the steering wheel and eventually hits an approaching van. To make atonement for such mistake, he decided that he will select seven people to save their lives.

         Hence he planned to donate his body parts to the following: lung lobe to his brother, a part of his liver to a child services worker named Holly, his kidney to George, a Junior hockey coach, his bone marrow to a young boy named Nicholas,  his beach house to Connie, who lives with an abusive boyfriend, his eyes to Ezra Turner, a blind meat salesman who plays the piano and lastly his heart to Emily Posa, who is suffering with a heart disease and has a rare blood type.

          There is a complication with the last one, Emily, since he falls in love with her. After spending some solitary moments with her, he goes back to his motel and fills the bathtub with ice to preserve his vital organs. He then releases his boxed jelly fish and commits suicide. (Source:

          With this as background, can we identify events in our life that we became like a "TIM THOMAS" to our neighbors? Have we asked ourselves such question, "How many times in our past life that we became self giving to others?" Or are we just solely focus on our own welfare and we tend to neglect our duty of care for others. Personally, this moral of the story is very relevant to my life. In fact, it is always an invitation for me and for others to share the very precious gift of life. 
         Nevertheless, accepting this challenge doesn't necessarily be in such a huge thing and manner. Being self giving can be expressed in so many ways like giving full attention and care to others most especially to those who belong to our household. Being busy with multiple things most notably with those trivial ones is never an excuse to deprive others of our attention and care.

          Basically as human beings, those two are stand out among our primary needs. If we value receiving them from others then we might as well be generous in extending them. Becoming deprived in any stage of life is such a lonely fate hence may we all become agents of joy for our neighbors, near and far, so as to avoid this tragedy.

Monday 27 May 2013


          While at work, I received a call from a loved one excitedly sharing with me her recent success. It was a sweet one for her since many were attempting to be in that opportunity and she triumphed over the odds of claiming it. 
          In life, there are the so-called spices to it like trials, challenges, tears of joy and that of sadness, ups and downs. And we all need to be determined enough to overcome those negatives ones and generous to share with others the positive ones. 

          At this time, I will focus on the element of sharing in a relationship. Anyway, what makes a relationship stronger is the bond of sharing between parties involved.
 As the relationship progresses day by day, the sense of connectedness is further strengthened  by those triumphant moments shared by both individuals. Day in and day out, we encounter various life episodes that brought laughters and joys to our hearts.

          Such triumphs as performing well in work or in class, accomplishing assigned tasks for the day, being on time for work/studies, and many more are sources of joy for any of us. When I received that call from a loved one, her joy was automatically radiated to my self as well.

          Hearing her voice, it was so vivid to me her sense of excitement and extreme joy as she narrated her triumph. On my part, I believe that it is but natural to feel the same way as my loved one felt when she told me her good news. Afterwards, the more that I became energized and motivated in performing my work tasks. Such joy is so wonderful when it is shared. 

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