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Saturday 17 October 2015

Celebration of LIFE

          In life, we have numerous occasions that we termed as milestones. What makes them deep-coloured is when we have the chance to celebrate them with good friends and special people in our life. We have gatherings such as work anniversary, golden wedding anniversary, retirement, birth of a new baby, birthdays etc.. 

          As I celebrate one highlight of my life, my birthday, I am grateful to all people who have come and made it colourful. At the outset, I am thankful to God for the gift of life that He has entrusted to me. And although I know that it is but a borrowed one and that sooner or later, I am going to return it to its Creator, I am but extremely joyful that I embrace this life. Consequently, I recognise that I have a great responsibility to take care of it thus allowing it to grow into the kind of life that will make its owner happy. On the other hand, knowing that I have both yin and yang of this life (light and dark shadows), I also have the accountability to grow into a more mature person and to share this life with others.

          I am also thankful to God for showering my life with wonderful people, first and foremost, my two treasured gifts- my wife Yanyan and our beloved kid, Kurt Kristoff. Being light bringers, they both radiate a constant positive energy to me to get up and face squarely whatever is at stake on every single day. As a social being, I am also indebted to other people who have  shared both my pains and joys. People come and go in our life and I am forever thankful to those who have helped me achieve the person that I am  now and would still be willing to journey with me to the rest of my life. 

         No matter how simple or challenging this life journey could be but with the presence of all these significant others in my life, I know that I could acquire the positive energy each day to continue with this journey. 



Friday 11 July 2014

The Joy Of Travelling

          Are you one of those people who love to travel from one place to the other? What are positive and negative points that we then can get from travelling? In this post, I will share with you my thoughts regarding the idea of travelling since this activity is so loved by many among us.

          For the downside of this activity, one of the important considerations when somebody is thinking of visiting a place especially if it is abroad is its accompanying expenses like the cost of the plane tickets,  accommodation, food, etc. What if you are travelling alongside other members of the family or any group? That adds to the total amount of the budget of the whole travel. Another impediment is what they termed as the "culture shock" and this happens when you submerge yourself in the culture of another country or nationality. Have you heard before of different misfortunes that happened to certain travellers due to this reason? 

                                         imagecreditMichael Jastremski for

          Enough for those downside elements of travelling, now let us know what are the benefits that this activity can endow to you and me. And with these reasons, those downside elements mentioned beforehand will be delegated to the sidelines. If one's way of life is geared towards his/her fulfilment of all the potentialities as a human being, then let all resources be scrutinised so that more positive things can be realised.

          First, on budget- this could be prepared smoothly if proper procedures would be implemented like making a run down of all accompanied expenses of the trip then afterwards, setting aside extra money from the pocket so that within the desired goal (a year or two), the budget for the aimed travel will be achieved. When it comes to mingling with other cultures, ye it is understandable that frictions can possibly happen. However, if we will take a positive look, this is also the possibility that frictions can be avoided. 

          Instead, the traveling opportunity will allow for those involved the chance to meet new friends and connections. Alongside with it is the richness of the interactions when two or more cultures meet and evolve as one. Thus, I believe that there are more positive points that we can acquire when we allow ourselves to go to other foreign places therefore broadening our horizons and our connectivity with people as well as culture.


Sunday 1 June 2014

What is your Perception of the World?

 In life so frequently it is our own perspective that causes us pain or pleasure. As we go through life “feeling” the world with our fingers, if our finger is broken, naturally we will experience pain everywhere.
We make the mistake of blaming the external world for our ailments: “My job is over-taxing, my husband is too demanding, my wife nags, my children are disobedient, my in-laws don’t understand me, and so on.” Fr. Bel R. San Luis, SVD
          As I read this article by Fr. San Luis, I tried to recall back those times wherein I became like that of what he mentioned in his example. There were exactly times wherein I unceasingly complained about what was happening around me that I was blinded to see my own contributions to what has happened. Consequently, I joined others who have failed to remedy the situation. Think of the times that you focus your ire, dissatisfaction and upset  on outside factors except yourself.
imagecredit: Alex Vidal
          What is invited from me and you is a so-called paradigm shift- a change and a turn around from the way we perceive both things and  ourselves. That instead of complaining much on external forces and factors, we better check initially within us if what are those things that need to be changed for the better. Shifting gears especially an internal one entails a long process and it requires consistency as well as discipline so as to fully reap positive fruits. 
          One common denominator among us is our perception of the world being a complicated one yet at the end of the day, if we ever change this perspective then most probably, when we wake up the next day, we feel better and further dignified to get ready and to continue one's life journey. 
          Thus, let us allow ourselves to undergo self-transformation for the betterment of our future and for us to have a solid grasp yet joyful relationship with everything around us. Peace within will also eventually lead us into a tranquil world so worthy to live in.


Are You Ready for This New Month?

          June 2014- welcome to this new month and the last month for the first half of the year. Have you realised how quick those first five months go? What were the memorable events that have come into your life since we started this year? Have you done one extra ordinary thing to a neighbour or a friend or maybe even to a stranger? Or have you made one person's life miserable for those past months? 

imagecredit:hyena reality, published on 11 February 2014
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          Looking back and trying to re- assess our past activities is somehow one positive thing to practice since it gives us a right perspective on what particular way we should be trekking in life. At times, due to our hectic schedules, we tend to neglect in minding our daily actions and even our dealings with our loved ones. Quality time is one of those things which is very instrumental in promoting our relationship with them and with others. 

          Thus, as we begin this new month, can we ask ourselves, "Are we ready to engage in activities that are worth remembering and life promoting?" As often as we are, we consistently make priorities everyday. Aside from these priorities, we also constantly involve ourselves in a decision making activity. With all of these matters being noticed, we can expect a more favourable interactions with other people, both known and unknown to us. Apart from that, it is also wonderful if we learn to express gratefulness for each day's blessings.  


Monday 26 May 2014

Dreams are Sources of Strength and Motivation

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

           So powerful....moving......challenging....these are but some of the words that came out of my mind when I read this quotation by Eleanor Roosevelt. In this world, what holds us firmly is unending search for the future. The future that would lead us into a more meaningful state of living...a future that will bring us and all our loved ones in a state of closeness, bonding, happiness, strength, satisfaction and peace.


          Yet we also need to believe that reaching this future is something that we can do and accomplish. Day by day, we experience no two exactly similar things. All of these experiences, big and small, will enable us to gradually mould our dreams---- those dreams that will give us strength to wake up each day and face life squarely. These dreams may vary from me and you yet they all have one thing in common----these dreams will lead us into self fulfilment.

          Happy are we who have embraced our dreams and live them day by day since they will guide us into becoming self directed individuals. Accept wisely those times of falling and learn from them yet never do them twice or thrice since that will result to one's stupidity. As each day comes to its end, let us all be grateful for all the realisations and the opportunities that will move us closer to our dreams. 


Saturday 1 March 2014

How Much Time......

         As you welcome another month, you will surely be thinking now on your coming activities such as bonding with your loved ones, going out with friends, fulfilling commitments at work and many more. 

          As such, in spite of this frenzied life, let this be a part of your daily activity to reflect on these matters:

1. How much time do you spend with your loved ones?  
          You know well that the significant people who surround you every moment are the same people that give you strength to move on and hang on to life in spite of all trials and baggages along the way. However past experiences will tell you that for many occasions in your life, you might have sacrificed being with them for some other reasons. 

              Have you asked yourself this question, " Am I physically and emotionally present to my family?", " Am I filled with excitement and joy everytime I join my family on everyday activities?  As you proceed with your journey in life, you need to be true to yourself. Consequently make yourself available in all times to your loved ones and as outcome, you will receive from them their true love and affection;

2. How much time do you spend for yourself?
          Much have been said about you giving out to others, now let yourself be reminded that not at all in life is permanent. In fact, most of the things in life is mere temporary. They all come and go thus it is also crucial for you to spend time for yourself. Making it a habit to retreat once in a while so that you can have a private space to assess what is going on in your life. Amidst the noise of this life- its seemingly complicated facets- there lies that reality that you have to learn to comprehend your own "inner noise". 

           Many of us like to have so much fun, to be in a noisy crowd, to settle in a group with much food and drinks, and many more. But when you go back to your own self, you feel a certain uneasiness and discomfort since it is on this moment that you will be able to see this inner noise within you. However, when you go down in yourself and embrace your own noisiness, it is then that you allow yourself to truly own everything of you- in and out. You should learn to own everything of yourself. Do not celebrate life just because of your goodness but accept everything even your woundedness. 

3. How much time do you spend for your neighbors?
           Neighbors refer to people you come and interact with everyday. They include those persons whom you interact with in your workplace, in school, on any crowd and whatsoever. No matter how relative this reality could be yet what is important is that you learn how to treasure every moment that you spend with others. All your experiences with others enable you to be molded and to become the person that you are now. Relationship with others impact your life in varying degrees thus it is also fitting to express your gratefulness for those journeys you made with others.

           Hence, with these three essential components (loved ones, self and neighbours) of your life, much will be expected from you. Maintaining a harmonious as well as smooth relationship among them presents a great challenge nevertheless with dedication and determination, success will positively be at your door.


Friday 7 February 2014

What A Wonderful Blogging Year!

           By February 9 of this year, I will recall the first entry that I had on this blog. After such initial entry, I came up with several posts on various human interests topics. As the days and months passed by, I didn't notice that I will soon, in fact, two days from now, be celebrating one year of blogging.

          As this meaningful event for me arrives, I will express my extreme joy and sincere gratefulness to the following:

- to you readers, for sharing your time in reading my posts. It is my pleasure to impart with you my posts enabling me to share with you my thoughts, inspirations, journey, fears, aspirations, learnings as I continue with my treasured life;

- to my family, my wife Yanyan and my son Kurt Kristoff, for they are the very source of my strength and patience to come up with all those posts and for my coming ones;

-to my fellow bloggers who have helped me in my endeavor as a blogger, for sharing me insights and innovations so as to be more effective in relaying those stories in this blog;

- and finally, to God for enlightening my mind and heart to come up with my posts. Recognizing you, my ever dearest friend, as the sole source of this borrowed life, I returned back to you all this goodness by means of all my posts here. Through them, I believe that I am able to share with others this gift of life that You have entrusted to me.


Saturday 4 January 2014

How Do You Treasure Loved Ones In Your Life?

          Life is at times full of elations and sometimes that of misery. Each one has dreams that wanted to be realized. And in your everyday journey, it is also coupled with bountiful trials and crosses. Challenges which you might think that they have no end anymore. With this reality, you then realize that life is  not at all happiness. 

          At times, you tend to fall down but then when those moments come, you need to get up and continue the journey. Life's tests are accorded to you yet they are not given for you to lose hope. Moreover they are not showered in your life to destroy your dreams however they are present to enable you to become stronger and learn how to face life squarely.
          As you go on with your journey, your main inspiration is your family. When your loved ones are happy and contented in life, you also become enthusiastic. It is very inspiring for you to realize that your family is always with you in this journey. 

          Furthermore, your life is also colored positively by all friends who have been so thoughtful to you. Friends whom you can be so free to share everything of yourself in and out. People whom you can share life with not just during times of laughter but even during rough moments.

          After some storms and barriers in your life, your real friends will be the ones  to lift you up and give you fresh air to breath.  Your wounds then will heal and trials will end. Just like when those storms fade, you can watch a rainbow of hope- a spark of new light.

Guest writer: Emily C. Devilbiss


Wednesday 1 January 2014

Life as a Gift

Think about it....2013 is over now. And as you welcome the new year, think about how you lived in the past. Think if you still has a purpose in life. Try to think how many eyes have tears because of you? How many hearts were broken because of you? Learn to say sorry if you made mistakes. Don't live a life that is full of hatred.

Learn to love and accept failures because no one in this world is perfect. Learn to forgive and forget as the Heavenly Father forgives us sinners. Don't be arrogant. Be thankful of what you have. All you have is a blessing. You may be lucky today but perhaps not tomorrow so learn to value what you have.

Be kind to people because you also need their kindness sometimes. Always remember that you are like anybody else who commit mistakes and fail. Learn to accept your weaknesses. For what you will grow and will learn by your mistakes. Don't compare yourself with others because no one is exactly alike with others. Each one is a unique individual. 

Each one on this world has his own battle so don't judge others unless you live the same life as he has. You probably could read his actions but never his inner thoughts and feelings. Life is too short in this world. Be good and learn to think of others. Don't focus too much on yourself and just on your own good. Learn to share with others and touch other people's lives.

Moreover think that your beauty and nice skin will fade soon or later especially when you grow old but the good things that you do for others will never fade. Be kind, helpful, thoughtful and learn to love genuinely for others. Learn to appreciate the little things in this world and learn to love GOD and live your life in His grace.

Guest writer: Emily C. Devilbiss

Saturday 16 November 2013

Where Do We Go From Here?

          One could not hold back tears and emotions while watching the current news on the recent catastrophe that struck the Philippines. Amidst the chaos brought along by Typhoon Haiyan, one could simply ask himself/herself, " Where will I go from here?". Perhaps this may even end up as a very vague question for much uncertainty is what lies ahead as an aftermath of Haiyan.

          However, you could also find the resiliency and firmness in the hearts of the Filipino people that in the midst of this disaster which claimed thousands of lives and left a large score of homeless people, many still chose to continue with their journey in spite of this seemingly dark chapter of their life.

imagecredit: By tungphoto, published on 08 February 2011
          The Philippine government through its president, Pres. Benigno Aquino Jr. is trying its very best to restore order and hope on the situation. On the other hand, local governments are extending various ways to provide assistance. One among the many local governments that responded to the situation is Taguig City which initiated the movement " Bayanihan Ro-ro Mission" that aims in bringing immediate relief supplies. As reported on Philippine Inquirer News, the Taguig local government hired ro-ro vessels to deliver goods to the much affected areas in Leyte such as Guian, Mercedes, Quinapondan and others.

          On the other hand, you could also laud the huge amount of efforts put up by the international community to rush aid to the victims. Countries like US, UK, Australia, China, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, and many more have contributed huge amounts of money, food, shelter kits, medicine to augment the worsening conditions of the victims. 

          With a disaster of such an unprecedented scale hitting badly most especially the cities of Tacloban and Ormoc, you could see the distress call for help everywhere. Dead bodies are still left unattended in some areas while scores of children, women and old people are seen moving around aimlessly. You could just feel the sense of helplessness around  the hardest hit areas. 

          What has been giving a consolation to all the victims is the kindness and love extended and shared by people coming from all walks of life, races, denominations, status, lifestyle etc. and it just manifests that in one's heart, there is that innate kindness as well as love that resides deep within.

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Friday 12 July 2013


          Each day that I wake up, I always reflect on what this day brings to me and on others.At times, we worry so much on life's trivialities such as material things, wants and the like. Amidst all of these, I realize that my Divine Creator has been so understanding and generous to me each day. Thus instead of focusing solely on what  I will attain this day, I change my focus instead to how could I express my gratitude to God for His unending generosity for me. Multiple blessings have come in my life everyday and they become concrete manifestations of His love for me.

         The present challenge is how to extend and share this great love from God to others especially to my family- my wife and my little boy. I could reflect of so many things to perform yet I believe that even simpler things would be as big as they are in His eyes. He never measures my deeds rather I know that what counts most for HIM is the genuineness of all my actions and kindness towards myself and others. Hence there is always this personal and constant invitation to be a living instrument of God for others and I know that this entails a lot of sacrifices for me.

          However, believing constantly that He is always here, there and everywhere to guide and give me strength, I am positive that I can always perform my deeds as a person- an instrument of peace and love for others.

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