Sunday 1 June 2014

Are You Ready for This New Month?

          June 2014- welcome to this new month and the last month for the first half of the year. Have you realised how quick those first five months go? What were the memorable events that have come into your life since we started this year? Have you done one extra ordinary thing to a neighbour or a friend or maybe even to a stranger? Or have you made one person's life miserable for those past months? 

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          Looking back and trying to re- assess our past activities is somehow one positive thing to practice since it gives us a right perspective on what particular way we should be trekking in life. At times, due to our hectic schedules, we tend to neglect in minding our daily actions and even our dealings with our loved ones. Quality time is one of those things which is very instrumental in promoting our relationship with them and with others. 

          Thus, as we begin this new month, can we ask ourselves, "Are we ready to engage in activities that are worth remembering and life promoting?" As often as we are, we consistently make priorities everyday. Aside from these priorities, we also constantly involve ourselves in a decision making activity. With all of these matters being noticed, we can expect a more favourable interactions with other people, both known and unknown to us. Apart from that, it is also wonderful if we learn to express gratefulness for each day's blessings.  


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