Tuesday 3 June 2014

Goal in Working: Is It Earning or Satisfaction?

          People go to work not only because they want to earn income but somehow, they also seek  job satisfaction. Working the whole day is such a boring thing yet it could be the contrary when somebody treats the workplace as a second home. Henceforth, certain factors must be considered in order to stay long and sustain any whole day at work. A couple of these are the harmonious relationship between workers and employers as well as sufficient salary depending on one's contributions.

        Relationship is a fundamental factor that a workplace must have. Otherwise regardless of how high a salary can an employee is receiving but without the understanding and cooperation of everything, the job then is unfulfilling. There's no one who can be successful on his/her job without the cooperation of everybody. 

imagecredit: Jozh Tuballa

          Being an essential contributor in a company, an employee is entitled to receive enough salary. It is one thing that motivates him/her to work harder and to look forward from the company. In effect, everyone is happy and satisfied since he/she can provide for his/her needs.

co-writer: Myra Jugan


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