Sunday 1 June 2014

What is your Perception of the World?

 In life so frequently it is our own perspective that causes us pain or pleasure. As we go through life “feeling” the world with our fingers, if our finger is broken, naturally we will experience pain everywhere.
We make the mistake of blaming the external world for our ailments: “My job is over-taxing, my husband is too demanding, my wife nags, my children are disobedient, my in-laws don’t understand me, and so on.” Fr. Bel R. San Luis, SVD
          As I read this article by Fr. San Luis, I tried to recall back those times wherein I became like that of what he mentioned in his example. There were exactly times wherein I unceasingly complained about what was happening around me that I was blinded to see my own contributions to what has happened. Consequently, I joined others who have failed to remedy the situation. Think of the times that you focus your ire, dissatisfaction and upset  on outside factors except yourself.
imagecredit: Alex Vidal
          What is invited from me and you is a so-called paradigm shift- a change and a turn around from the way we perceive both things and  ourselves. That instead of complaining much on external forces and factors, we better check initially within us if what are those things that need to be changed for the better. Shifting gears especially an internal one entails a long process and it requires consistency as well as discipline so as to fully reap positive fruits. 
          One common denominator among us is our perception of the world being a complicated one yet at the end of the day, if we ever change this perspective then most probably, when we wake up the next day, we feel better and further dignified to get ready and to continue one's life journey. 
          Thus, let us allow ourselves to undergo self-transformation for the betterment of our future and for us to have a solid grasp yet joyful relationship with everything around us. Peace within will also eventually lead us into a tranquil world so worthy to live in.


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