Saturday 4 January 2014

How Do You Treasure Loved Ones In Your Life?

          Life is at times full of elations and sometimes that of misery. Each one has dreams that wanted to be realized. And in your everyday journey, it is also coupled with bountiful trials and crosses. Challenges which you might think that they have no end anymore. With this reality, you then realize that life is  not at all happiness. 

          At times, you tend to fall down but then when those moments come, you need to get up and continue the journey. Life's tests are accorded to you yet they are not given for you to lose hope. Moreover they are not showered in your life to destroy your dreams however they are present to enable you to become stronger and learn how to face life squarely.
          As you go on with your journey, your main inspiration is your family. When your loved ones are happy and contented in life, you also become enthusiastic. It is very inspiring for you to realize that your family is always with you in this journey. 

          Furthermore, your life is also colored positively by all friends who have been so thoughtful to you. Friends whom you can be so free to share everything of yourself in and out. People whom you can share life with not just during times of laughter but even during rough moments.

          After some storms and barriers in your life, your real friends will be the ones  to lift you up and give you fresh air to breath.  Your wounds then will heal and trials will end. Just like when those storms fade, you can watch a rainbow of hope- a spark of new light.

Guest writer: Emily C. Devilbiss


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