Wednesday 1 January 2014

Life as a Gift

Think about it....2013 is over now. And as you welcome the new year, think about how you lived in the past. Think if you still has a purpose in life. Try to think how many eyes have tears because of you? How many hearts were broken because of you? Learn to say sorry if you made mistakes. Don't live a life that is full of hatred.

Learn to love and accept failures because no one in this world is perfect. Learn to forgive and forget as the Heavenly Father forgives us sinners. Don't be arrogant. Be thankful of what you have. All you have is a blessing. You may be lucky today but perhaps not tomorrow so learn to value what you have.

Be kind to people because you also need their kindness sometimes. Always remember that you are like anybody else who commit mistakes and fail. Learn to accept your weaknesses. For what you will grow and will learn by your mistakes. Don't compare yourself with others because no one is exactly alike with others. Each one is a unique individual. 

Each one on this world has his own battle so don't judge others unless you live the same life as he has. You probably could read his actions but never his inner thoughts and feelings. Life is too short in this world. Be good and learn to think of others. Don't focus too much on yourself and just on your own good. Learn to share with others and touch other people's lives.

Moreover think that your beauty and nice skin will fade soon or later especially when you grow old but the good things that you do for others will never fade. Be kind, helpful, thoughtful and learn to love genuinely for others. Learn to appreciate the little things in this world and learn to love GOD and live your life in His grace.

Guest writer: Emily C. Devilbiss

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