Saturday 9 April 2022

The Ultimate Goal of Life

     As human beings, we may vary from our considered ultimate goal in life. One may say wealth is his ultimate goal while another individual would claim its his family. Others would pinpoint achievement as the decisive end of life. Somehow, for today's sharing, I would say happiness is the ultimate goal in life. We all strive to perfection so as to attain eternal happiness now and in the coming days. 

     Since we wake up each single day up to the time that we go to bed, all our actions are geared towards making ourselves happy. When one is devoid of any sense of happiness, life then becomes so boring and not worth living for. And it gives me heaps of inspiration to witness people around me who are seemingly deprived of life's abundance yet in the midst of that limitation, no one somehow could take away from them their being happy and determined in life. 

Image by kinkate from Pixabay 

     Personally I would consider my family as my source of daily happiness. Seeing my significant others in good health and in their sense of life direction, it becomes  my determinant of joy. On the other hand, if I witness any of them in pain or in agony then that also breaks my heart and it makes me so sad to feel such similar amount of negative emotion. Putting myself on the shoes of the other person-- that is constantly my motivation in my daily undertakings. And it is always my prayer to God to make me an instrument of happiness for my family and for others. 



  1. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing, much appreciated.

    1. Thanks a lot Arlene for the feedback appreciate it.


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