Sunday 24 April 2022

Share Your Blessings

     We all have our own considered essentials in life. And one common element among these is money. Count me in as one of those who believed money as important element to our day to day existence. 

     But what will happen if ever I possess heaps of money in the world? I can count plenty of things to happen and I want to share with you three of them:

1. Providing for my family's needs- at this stage of my life, my top priority is the welfare and bright future of my family hence I am constantly enthusiastic to go to my workplace to earn money to provide for their needs. Moreover if I have heaps of extra money with me then I will make it sure that not only their present needs that are provided but also the security of their future. One way of doing this is by saving a big chunk to prepare for the coming years. 

2. Sharing with others- if I have lots of extra money then one possible thing that I can do in my lifetime is sharing them with others especially those who are devoid of the chance to provide for themselves. Personally I believe money is but a temporal thing and what is precious is the positive things that it can provide such as food, clothing, education and shelter. My heart is pierced with pain whenever I see unprivileged members of our society most notably children and old people. 
Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay 

3. Travel to other places both in and out of Australia- travel for me is a means to understand the culture and uniqueness of other places and countries. Me and my wife Yanyan love to travel and if the situation will allow us, it is our earnest desire to spend time travelling both interstate and abroad.  Travel could be a tiresome activity yet for me, I believe that its positive fruits outweigh the negative ones. If I own heaps of money then I would love to explore those lovely destinations such as Europe and Asia.

Hence those are just examples of what will I do if I have heaps of extra money in my possession. What about you, how will you spend your money if ever you are gifted with heaps of extra financial abundance?



  1. Thanks for sharing 😊

    1. I believe also that the important thing for us to do is to know what are our priorities in life.


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