Friday 15 April 2022

The Fear of the Unknown

  Today marks another milestone in me and my beloved's life since she had her medical procedure in one of the hospitals here in Melbourne, Australia. Thus this day has become a waiting day for me- anxiously waiting as her ordeal goes on. 

     We started the day by bringing her to the hospital. So I drove her very early since the procedure was scheduled in the morning. Upon arriving at the hospital, me and  our son said and kissed her goodbye as well as good luck for her surgery. While I was driving home and on most part of the morning, I had that feeling of fear of the unknown. Being far away from her and unable to witness her proceedings, I was without hint at all how everything goes by. Of course, I trusted fully the capability of her surgeons yet as human as I am, I could not deny the fact that I also had that negative feeling like helplessness for I don't exactly know what will happen on her journey today.

Image by Brigitte JAUFFRINEAU from Pixabay 

     In the midst of such feeling of anxiety, what comforted me is the thought that there is God who is willing to embrace me in such a state. Moreover, I was also aware that our loved ones including friends are joining us in prayers to give my wife a positive surgery today. Anyway, I didn't wait that long for maybe at 10 am, I was able to speak to one of the hospital's staff and she shared with me the GOOD NEWS that my wife's surgery was successful (plus the bonus point of her ovary being saved). 

     Indeed, it is challenging to be in a situation wherein one doesn't know exactly what will happen and consequently, this will result to an awkward or negative feeling such as fear of the unknown. However, we only need to remember to put our whole trust in God and on people in charge of any procedure or whatever. What counts most is the awareness of such feeling and trying to dialogue with the self that everything will be alright. 

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