Sunday 3 April 2022

The Joy of a Father

     Being a father to a 10 year old boy, it is always a source of joy for me to watch every single day the journey of my beloved. I know from the very start how crucial my role as a parent to him and this task is one of the most important roles I need to perform each day.

     As I recall back the moment that my boy was born until this day, how I stand in awe to realise my being so blessed (and of course to his mother as well) to have him in our life. I have heard heaps of stories from friends and also from reading everywhere, both offline and online, about kids growing up  and I know, the role of a parent is not an easy one. 

Image by kinkate from Pixabay 

     While I journey with my kid these days, I notice how he has changed in so many ways. Too many to mention yet I would single out his ability to grow in self confidence as one of his surprises to us parents. Recently he run for the role of captainship for their class and in spite of his being not able to attain it yet to me and to his mom, we acknowledged his efforts and confidence to aim for the role.

     Thus, I would say that we, as parents, should always stress it to ourselves to endow time every day in accompanying our children in their journey. By allowing this to happen, we are giving assurance to them that they can rely on us whatever will be their journey's outcome- to laugh and celebrate on their successes yet to comfort them when storms of life hit them. 

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