Sunday 27 March 2022

Life is All But Temporary

     Life- one of the greatest gifts that we have received on this earth. In fact this is the most treasured one yet somehow along this gift comes our responsibility to take care of it. No matter what then is at stake to us every single day, whether positive or negative, still we have the huge promise that we will make the best of what we can do to preserve and improve it. 

     On this time of pandemic brought by Covid-19 reality, we are challenged to strive further in spite of all the limitations that we encountered such as the numerous lockdowns plus all the restrictions as consequences of this pandemic. Life must go on as the popular saying tells us and with this, we continue to trek our separate ways thinking that with or without this pandemic, life must be continued.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay 

     On the other hand, we should believe that this gift of life is a temporary one. That sooner or later, one will end his journey. This may come as a surprise for others while maybe an expected one for those who are on its ending point like those who are presently terminally ill. With this awareness, the more that we should realise how essential t is for us to make its every minute a positive one. 

     Thus we are tasked not just to make ourselves happy, productive, cheerful everyday but also, we are invited to allow ourselves as instruments to enable others see a light over their dark realities (such as problems, sickness, limitations etc). 

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